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Living in the Moment

Daily writing prompt
Do you have a quote you live your life by or think of often?

The quote that resonates with me is, “We do not remember days, we remember moments.”
Making memorable moments is important to me. Another way to describe it is “being present”.
The number of people distracted from ‘moments’ these days has dramatically increased with cellphones.

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Stream of Consciousness Saturday 2-25-23 Love’s a Gift but Peace is a Prize

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “prize.” Use it as a noun or a verb; use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

To me, the ultimate ‘prize‘ is ‘peace’.
Some might say it should be ‘love’ and not ‘peace’.
Since I believe the ability to ‘love’ comes from God, I ‘see’ that as a precious ‘gift’ not a ‘prize’. But peace is not guaranteed in our world. The feeling of peace can happen when we least expect it. Some who are overwhelmed with troubles would likely even notice moments of peace more readily than those of us who have come to expect it in our everyday lives.
I believe animals not only offer us moments of warmth, but they actually are more in-touch with peace. Peace is the absence (however brief) of their struggles for survival. It can present itself in moments of safety or, in the case of domesticated animals, as an impression of a life in safe surroundings.
IMHO…Peace is often overlooked and under appreciated by human beings until we lose it. (Not unlike freedom.)
I prize peace more than all other things.

Happy Saturday everyone! May peace be with you today.

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Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #158- Living in Focus

from Josh Rose @

Spending time with her daughter was precious to Dana. Even when Jackie wasn’t nearby, Dana’s memories of “their moments” were vivid because she had been blessed with the ability to “see” memories by replaying them in her mind. Now that her eyesight was failing her, with a diagnosis that it would never improve, Dana valued her ‘memory catalog’ even more.
As Jackie sat across the table on their Mother/Daughter brunch date, Dana snapped a photo of her. This way she could see her daughter clearly once she could get home and enlarge it on her computer. It seemed an odd new ritual but her exceptional memory, after all, was triggered by visual clues and the real world was getting fuzzy.
When Dana got home, she delighted in staring at her lovely girl. As she drank in the joy of the day, Dana had a thought she’d never before had… “If all people took time to focus more clearly on moments, there would be far more joy experienced in this world.”

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Six Sentence Story- Antique Moments


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Carol had been on the island for only two hours before strange things started to happen.

It had been a dare by her college friends for her to stay alone on the known-to-be haunted island for twenty-four hours in complete solitude, which was a thoroughly terrifying scenario to most modern teens.

There was a strong, warm, sea breeze and a peaceful dusky sky so she found an outcropping of rocks and perched, facing the ocean, with her own thoughts drifting casually through her mind, like clouds, as she began to feel weightless.

In her mind’s eye, she saw a little girl playing hopscotch -alone -, with pigtails bouncing in rhythm with her untied shoelaces, and upon reaching the end -she spun around-revealing an innocent cherubic face that Carol shockingly recognized as her own!

Instantly, a car pulled to the curb and out stepped her grandmother with outstretched arms offering her unforgettable ‘grandma snuggle’ so Carol raced, and gleefully leapt, but simultaneously, her Grandma turned to smoke leaving her to fall to the sidewalk scraping her knees.

Carol gasped, and snapped awake from stinging knees, at that seaside paradise where she now realized that the only ‘ghosts’ were antique moments- vying to be noticed in a chaotic, noisy, world- stashed away, far too long, inside of those who visited.

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Okay, I have never used hallucinogens. That made clear, do you have flashback moments? I do.

These are not the kind inspired by songs or aromas. They are very insignificant. One moment of time from a life filled with gazillions of moments.

I have one that came to mind as I started to type…

My eyes are down at my creative writing piece as I listen to someone read, their piece, to my 12th grade class. It must have been a gloomy day because the fluorescent lights seem extra bright on my “sight” perimeter. That’s it. Why that moment? I know that same “vision” has visited me before. So many moments and my mind chose to file that one. I wonder why?

I woke up with a flashback this morning. I cannot even recall it now, but it was equally insignificant, yet familiar. I’m certain, I had visited it before.

If I actively try to conjure these images, they are elusive. Instead, my library of memories jumps in. The stuff I’ve remembered because it has a clear meaning to me.

Well, I’m going to keep tract of these puzzles. I’ve really never given them any notice before.

As for the creative writing flashback, I’m sure it was tucked into my “writing” cloud and chose to pop in on this post.

Have a nice day 🙂 and please don’t send the men in white coats!

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The Game of Favorites

I just don’t like the word favorite. It is an exclusive term that means nothing to me. My favorite things are harder to pin down than an accurate weather forecast.

There are too many wonderful feelings, colors, people, and ideas to play favorites. Gosh, I enjoy the rummaging that takes place when I’m ask about my favorite. The flashes from one delightful image to another, makes me smile, but I never was good at decision-making and really don’t care to choose.

Favorite choosing is a waste of time and subject to time also. At any given moment your favorite can easily be “up for grabs”, don’t you think?

I dearly love my dog. He is one of many “dog loves” of my life. To say he is my all-time favorite diminishes the love I’ve had for others and the love I hope to have for others too.

I will be blessed with a new granddaughter in September. It’s hard for me to image any grandchild as precious as Katherine, yet I know there is room for more. Evelyn will be my favorite Evelyn. That is all I can proclaim. She may be Katherine’s favorite sister if her mom’s design of her being the “final” child holds true. Only exclusive things can really, truly, hold the title of favorite and, in my world and yours, so few life experiences are exclusive enough to qualify.

Next time someone asks for your favorite, hold up your hand and say, “There’s no such thing.”

Doesn’t this all sound picky?

I think labeling favorites is the more picky endeavor. Count me out, please.