That Selfish 1%…a reminder.

I found this photo and story on Facebook. As I have had politics on my mind lately, I’ll dare to make another controversial statement. Actually, I want this to be food for thought when you hear any comment started with “That 1%…”.

Denzel Washington recently visited the Brooks Army Medical Center (BAMC) in Antonio, Texas. He was introduced to recovering soldiers and made aware of what is called Fisher Houses. They are the military equivalent of Ronald Mac Donald Houses, housing families of the injured soldiers for little or no cost while they recover from wounds in the battlefields. He asked how much a Fisher House cost and made out a check for the full amount right on the spot.

Not only does the rich 1% reinvest in America and pay the largest portion of our tax bill, they donate on the side.(I don’t care if donations can become deductions.) I fear that they are becoming vilified in the recent political climate. Wonder why the TV media did not report this? Hmmmmmm.

Way to go Mr. Washington! I salute you. We all thank-you.