Haibun Wednesday- Go Dog Go Cafe- Cracking Up

Prompt: crack or cracks

I find so much humor in everyday life. So, when I was about to make a humorous observation during a most serious family discussion, I started “cracking up”. I became breathless, almost hysterical, from my bizarre observation unable to verbalize it. The faces and atmosphere around the table brightened. The weighty ‘stone’ of our dismay developed immediate cracks.
While I convulsed with laughter attempting to convey my thought, my sister started laughing uncontrollably too, as the rest grinned patiently waiting for my punchline.
Whatever it was on that specific occasion, good things resulted. Spirits were lifted and I started getting far fewer invitations to examine dark family topics.

Dark clouds impose themselves
Before a downpour
Light pauses unencumbered


Random word Story # 9 ~Sausages at the Road Kill Cafe’

Random words generated by creativitygames.net

Rules for this exercise:

  • create a story from 5 random words in one sitting
  • use the words generated-no substitutions


Here’s my story:

The grease spattered as it danced on the hot griddle. Earl used to spit on the grill, to test it, but now-a-days that would not do.

“Two over medium with browns and links.”

Kim pinned up the slip and spun it toward the kitchen. Earl just grunted. He pulled on one sausage link and the others “followed the leader” out of the tray. He liked to fold them back and forth like stairs across the grill. Heck, entertainment was almost non-existent at the Road Kill Cafe’. Might as well have a little fun.

The regulars sat in a ring around the banquet table every Sunday. Today, was no exception.

“He sure is a funny looking feller that Earl. Bald as a cue ball with them there, black as coal, bushy eyebrows . I seed him at the barber twice this month. Has to so them eyebrows won’t hang in his eyes. Garth says he dulls one pair of clippers every six months with them steely creepy things.”

” No one knows where he’s from either. Showed up ’bout 10 years back. Said he bought this place cash from Dunny Brown. Ain’t no one ever heard from Dunny since.”

“Keeps to hisself is all.”

Kim made her usual round with a pot for coffee refills.

“You fellas discussing Earl again? Ain’t you got nuthin’ better ta do?”

The five old men answered “No” in unison. Kim turned and made her way toward the counter shaking her head as she went.

“There’s somethin’ unnatural ’bout him jus the same Ben. Reminds me of that Twilight Zone where the alien jus shows up and pretends to be a real person ’til his monster kin can come fer him.”

“You talkin’ flyin’ saucer talk agin Pete? Geez, you better git yourself a fishin’ license or a job!”

Earl knew those good ole boys real well and also knew their favorite topic. It didn’t bother him at all. Who’d believe five old fuddie-duddies? One day when he returned home, they’d just figure he’d moved on. In the meantime, he liked playing human. He found them almost as entertaining as sausages.

The Beginning of My Memoir

Emotionally yours…

In order to feel great joy, you have to feel sorrow.

When I was a small child, my mother could not allow me to watch Lassie.

Even before I could describe feelings, I had deep ones. When Lassie would whine, I would cry. At least, that’s what I was told…

I do remember having blood drawn. I would break into tears so often that my mother took me to the doctor.

On the flip side, I felt excitement and joy over such simple things. I still do.

In artwork, one can not display light without darkness. Deep feelings have a wide spectrum.

Is it a curse? I would not trade that ability for anything.

Of course, when we are young, we believe everyone comes from the exact same place. It was not until recently that I discovered not everyone seems to have the same depth or ability to experience emotion.

This sounds hopelessly condescending…I do not mean to.

The creative spirit is based in emotion. The most creative of us have traditionally bordered on mental illness.(so we believe)

Who’s to say that the “mentally ill” are not the enlightened ones?

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