Weekend Writing Prompt #297- No Key Necessary

The days had dragged on for those witnessing his final throes of life.
As one moment led to the next, a bright light widened in his peripheral vision.
A clock ticked as his body relaxed in the natural way of acceptance and peace.
He’d done well… no regrets necessary… rest was about to be his reward.
The key to life had never been what he’d imagined.
Everything now made perfect sense.



d’Verse Poets Pub- Haibun Monday- Hear Me Whisper

Let’s write our haibun that references the heart, in whatever context that you conceive. For those new to haibun, the form consists of one to a few paragraphs of prose—usually written in the present tense—that evoke an experience and are often non-fictional/autobiographical. They may be preceded or followed by one or more haiku—nature-based, using a seasonal image—that complement without directly repeating what the prose stated.

When animals hibernate in the winter, their hearts slow to a barest minimum for sustaining life. I often imagine frogs at the bottom of a pond or chipmunks in channels below the ground living life as a faint whisper one soft infrequent heartbeat at a time. In those long pauses is a mysterious hushed eternity that leads to an electrical instant of reclaiming life. Almost dead…ALIVE…almost dead...ALIVE…

Some say winter is a time of silence, of nothingness. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Can you hear it? Winter is a thrumming pause when Mother Nature’s life-pulse is the loudest to those persevering toward the Spring.

“Hush now” winter wind,
Hasten life to fill the void.
Her whispered rhythm.


Unanswered Question: Might our temperaments cause misunderstanding?

Yesterday, I brought up a video during a conversation that had impacted my understanding of people many years ago. I was talking with my mother and sister. I’ve always had the feeling that we each found the other’s temperament a little ‘off putting’.

If you have 20 minutes to give the video below, it may help you to understand others better. That odd, ‘off balance’, feeling we can have even with people we love (and/or like) might have an explanation. [The video is quite entertaining too!]

People are FAR more than their temperaments, but our temperaments are quite a baseline measure of how we approach life.
The varying approaches of individuals are fascinating, often maddening, to us. It’s nice to consider that we aren’t just ‘doing it wrong’. We may be approaching everything with different expectations.

I think this guy (Mark Gungor) pretty much nails down the ways we vary by temperament.
I was a person from “Fun Country” sitting in the same room with my sister, from “Peace Country” and my mother, from “Perfect Country”. [BTW… I married a man from “Control Country”.]

If asked, I believe we would all admit that we’ve had moments when our understanding of each other was strained. Recognizing our differences at the elemental temperamental level gives me a better plan for making myself understood to them… and behaving more patiently while trying to understand them.

So, I ask, “Might our temperaments cause misunderstanding?”

I think so. Enjoy!

Sunday Poser #115- Nope

I wouldn’t give my younger self advice.

First, I understand how many of you might think, “Here she goes again. Taking a simple question and turning it inside out.”

But this question troubles me. I fully understand the spirit of the question.
Would I warn myself about a harmful decision or a bad habit?

My answer is still “No.”

To modify your past would change your “now “and future. [FULL STOP]

We can’t be sure if the change would be ‘for the better’ or not, but things would definitely be changed. Every mistake you’ve made to get where you are today was impactful in getting you here. (Even what we think is “little” can’t be counted on to be ‘little’ in a long-term effect on your life journey. – Look up The Butterfly Effect for more information. – )

I also wouldn’t consider messing with the natural order of things ‘as they are’ especially because I’m quite happy with my life.
The whole bundle of what has happened before brought me here. I wouldn’t be the “today’s me” if I hadn’t had boatloads of trials, mistakes, and troubles, that (I hope) I learned from. I also suspect that having had a crystal ball helping me to avoid all those ‘happenings’ would have opened me up to worse pain. I have noticed that many kids who have been protected from early consequences of their bad actions, and decisions, frequently pay far bigger prices later on.
I think life works just about the same way.

IMHO…Woulda, shoulda, coulda isn’t a healthy place to dwell, either.


Weekend Writing Prompt- Truth Excuse

He was going to have to cancel his appointment for the second time in two weeks. Hal had had to cancel last week’s lab-testing because of an unexpected problem with his vehicle. Luckily, he had found out before the “24-hour-Cancelation” excusable deadline and wouldn’t be charged out-of-pocket for rescheduling. But this time, throughout the appointment ‘morning of,’ he’d gotten too ill to go.
He wondered how many times people had used that ‘excuse’ when it wasn’t actually true.
“Probably a lot.” Hal thought. “Darn those liars and shame on those unfair medical insurance deadlines too. Life doesn’t follow a script!”



Question Time Over Coffee – 12-10-22- Me again.

What motivates you to get up every day?
The topics are different every day but after pondering this awhile there are the same motivations.
A. Being useful and helpful to loved ones.
B. Finding at least one creative endeavor.
C. Contemplating philosophical questions along the way.

What words have always struck you as funny or odd when looked upon?

The word “rhythm”. I can never remember how to spell it. [I even did it while I wrote this.] It’s a mental block and love/hate relationship I’ve come to accept.

How often do you read the comments left by other bloggers on other bloggers’ published posts?

I find them interesting now and then. Especially those posts that I find difficult to agree with or understand. I want to hear where others have gone with their interpretations. This is from questioning my own ‘knee jerk’ reaction and from trying to figure out if I’m being too biased or judgmental.

How hard do you work to keep your long-standing friendships alive year in and year out and do your friends work the same way to keep you?

I personally don’t think keeping friends should feel like “work”. I treasure close friendships, but they can change over the years. Why wouldn’t they? We change (if only in our situations). I’m fond of old friends and treasure our memories of deep connection but maintaining them shouldn’t feel like a struggle and moving on is okay IMHO.

How many emails do you delete every week?

Too few. I don’t visit my email regularly. It needs a good cleaning.

Are you easily distracted, and what do you find distracts you the most?

I’m finely tuned to my sense of hearing and have been known to interrupt an outdoor conversation because I recognize a familiar bird call or natural sound. Yes… it’s a “Look squirrel!” moment. LOL

Have you ever had a strange unexplained encounter that left you shaken and baffled and if so, what do you think it was? Or what did your brain make you think it was?

I’m inclined to think this question is wondering about the paranormal. When my husband and I moved into our house we started experiencing occasional bangs on our living room floor that was just above the ceiling of our basement. It went on for months. During the winter, we attributed it to an old furnace. But during the summer, it became unnerving. I had taken a philosophy class in college which had a hardcore ghost hunter professor. He’d told fascinating stories and had offered help to locals who “were haunted”.
My mind is still open (believing some stories) on that topic. I applied one of the solutions that the professor had recommended years before. I opened the cellar door and pronounced out loud, “This is our house now. You are welcomed to stay but I’m appealing to you to leave us alone.”
We had NO more banging thereafter. You decide, {Did I mention that our backyard shares a property line with an old cemetery?}

Are we more scared of things that go bump in the night when in the dark or equally as concerned if the same thing happens during daylight hours? If so, why do you think that is?

It seems no surprise that a fear of being startled is involved. Our ‘animal’ instincts know we are most vulnerable to ambush when our vision is impaired. Darkness is a natural cover for ambush.

What do you think are the magical ingredients for writing a bestseller and do you think you could write one?

A bestseller and a wonderful book are not always one in the same. For a ‘bestseller’ it either has to be excellently crafted, incorporate current trends and/or concerns, or both.

When was the last time you stayed awake all night having fun with another person, and what were you doing?

I haven’t done all-nighters in thirty years. When I did, laughing, drinking alcohol, and a campfire were involved.
My favorite “nighters” now are when my 10-year-old granddaughter and I have a sleepover and we make up stories after the lights are out or, if need be, under the covers.

Would the 18-year-old you recognize the older you if you both collided on the street today? If not, why?

Certainly, my principles haven’t changed, and my interests are still pretty much the same. “What you see is what you get.” has been my lifelong attitude. We’d probably start off with a “high five”!

What are you most looking forward to in 2023?

Vindication for all the people so easily dismissed as “conspiracy theorists” just for asking questions.

Are you more curious or are you more passionate, or are you both?

Definitely curious to a fault.

Can you easily recognize your flaws, and do you think it is important?

Oh my. All I ever do is question my own motives and accuracy. Being honest with myself is IMHO the most valuable and necessary component to leading a ‘good’ life.

The musical album you loved the most in the last twenty years was… ?

I grew out of the habit of listening to the music stations on the radio once I had teenage children. There is a generational taste to music but, the 60s,70s,80s, were, and are, still regarded as the Best. Almost any “Best of” album from those decades would be welcomed.
Some of my favorite albums through the years were Carole King’s Tapestry, Deep Purple’s Machine Head, Glen Campbell’s Greatest Hits, Joy to the World-Three Dog Night -Their Greatest Hits, Michael Jackson’s Thriller and all of America’s albums. You figure it out. My tastes span many genres.