#SoCS- What I did on my summer vacation 1965.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “run.”

Amazing what one word brings back!
When I was about nine, my family went on a summer vacation to a beautiful crystal clear lake in Maine. We brought along the eldest daughter of friends of my parents so my parents would have opportunities to do some late night fishing using her as a babysitter.
Kathy was about sixteen and brought her 45 rpm record collection and portable record player. Well, she was the coolest person to nine year old me!
There was one song in her collection that I fell ‘in love’ with! I don’t believe I’ve thought about it in 50 years but the prompt brought it snapping back bringing some awesome summer memories with it.
It was Run Bobby Run by Leslie Gore. That song was released in 1963 but I believe Kathy had that record for awhile. She got a little annoyed from my requests for it because she had a new song that she loved.
I’d probably be correct in guessing our summer vacation with Kathy took place in 1965.
How might I know?
Her favorite record was a brand new one by The Byrds called Turn, Turn, Turn. Yep, I looked it up and it was released in 1965.
Both songs bring me back to one specific summer at Crescent Lake, ME.
I’ll leave those songs for you to enjoy! Happy Saturday!

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS March 27, 2021 | (lindaghill.com)