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She’s a Lady

A wonderful lady.

What is a lady?

Seems to me we have many definitions that are personal. Another word that has infinite meanings is hero, another is respect…

I feel like a golden “oldie” for even bringing this up. If only our definitions were universal maybe we’d understand each other better.

I made a statement, in my facebook status , about being saddened by Betty White’s SNL appearance. In my opinion, it was out of character with her image as a “lady”. Just thought that I’d express my opinion on what a “lady” is to me. Yes, they still exist. Every woman in my family is a lady.

A lady is…

a woman who crosses her legs while sitting in a skirt.

a woman who respects herself more than popular opinion.

a woman who uses profanity very sparingly, never around children.

a woman who embraces being a woman without flaunting it.

a woman who engages in arguments with words not her fists.

a woman who recognizes a gentleman when she sees one.

a woman unafraid to express her opinion but knows WHEN to express it.

a woman who can put you at ease with her smile while keeping your interest with her thoughts.

When I hear teenage boys complaining about the girls in their class, thinking them crude or without manners, it reminds me to offer the young ladies around me a definition. Whether they have their own or not, it’s a good discussion to have.