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Sunday Poser-# 78… 5-1-22

This week my question is;

What is a cause you’re passionate about and why?

I’m a bit late on this. Yesterday offered rejuvenating time for outdoor activities. 🙂

My passion is seeking ‘truth’ in our politics. It’s annoying to some and informative to others.
I feel that my granddaughters’ futures depend on our U.S. political decisions and policies. For that reason, I have an insatiable appetite for “goings on”.

Since I’m retired, I have the time to watch events on C-Span as they transpire. I also have time to research topics from multiple points of view. Our media has failed us on matters of ‘truth’, so to stay well informed, watching events as they happen in unedited fashion is my mission.
For those family and friends, who trust my fairness and instincts, it has been valuable to them. Much of our population is just too busy to absorb news beyond headlines. We all know that headlines are often misleading and sensationalized so knowing someone, whom they can trust to report the numerous elements on topics, is essential to staying informed. I often phrase my reporting as factual developments rather than opinion but readily offer opinion when asked. Everyone should know as much as possible especially for voting purposes.

Unfortunately, hopeful news in this arena is hard to uncover but the media’s hype on a new ‘crisis’ everyday requires me to offer temperance with gathered facts as well.
It’s an exhausting and “soul sapping” task so I take time to be outdoors and relax in-between.
Consider the ‘passions’ mentioned in this thread. Are the people in Communist China allowed to pursue them? Our freedoms are what make all our humane pursuits possible.
To me, if our political system stops working on our country’s behalf (primarily in failing to defend our Constitution), ALL other things people hold dear will be at risk. It is the bedrock for our future survival.

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Innocent Language

Kids have so much to say. Their young  minds work from such an innocent place.

My granddaughter has her own idea of the cycle of life. She’s yet to realize the true order of aging and death. She often tells me about being 4 years old as if she’s explaining the event so I’ll know all about it when I am 4 again.

“Grandma, you’ll know when you get to be 4.”

She says this to me often because I question her about life from her perspective. It is the funnest thing that I can do, watching kids at play and listening to their conversations.

Their language is superb. Daniel Webster could have shortened that dictionary a bunch by following the rules that they use.

Porcupines are made of porks.

To me, gots sounds much more proprietary than has.

The phrase,”after later”, makes perfect sense. I use it myself.

If a bubble maker makes bubbles, then a mechanic makes mechans and a doctor just docs.

Slipperly sounds so much more slippery than slippery.

Katherine once told her great-grandmother to “keep her face on” when she couldn’t find the words to tell her to watch for a letter in the mail.

The newest scientific discovery of hers came while we were lying in the camper bed with our heads against the window. First, when watching rain falling up, one needs to hold their nose or drown. Second, the skin on the inside of Grandma’s arm is younger than the outside. We are both watching for it to spread. Maybe I have a good chance to be 4 again?

When you think about it, everything just “IS” to kids. They seem to be the only ones who really know what is is 🙂 .

In the end, who’s to say that the moon isn’t following us and that monsters aren’t under the bed?

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Kids will be kids,will be kids…

You know you are old when you have that flashback. YOU KNOW, The one where you cannot imagine a better time or place to grow up than your own experience. You even have the audacity to pity the current generation.
Think about it,is that the message you want to convey? ” Forget it kids! We had the best. All else is down hill!”
I know kids. They are still the most precious of us. They give life a fresh view,have fun,and leave worrying to the adults. That is,if we allow them to.
Childhood is not a place, or even a time,it is an experience. The single most threatening, ugly thing is loss of innocence. We adults start that deteriorating the moment that we entertain the idea that today’s youth are threatened.
I see kids everyday and let me tell you,they are kind,creative and hopeful just as we were.
Our duty ,as adults, is so simple.  Support,engage with, and enjoy our kids!
Guard their innocence at all cost.  Set the example of enthusiasm and wonder for tomorrow.
Remember our own youth and rejoice in theirs!