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Here we go again…

Exciting news! Katherine will become a big sister next April!

Katherine’s first reaction was deciding that laying on Daddy’s stomach would be alright but she would have to refrain from laying on Mommy’s stomach because she wouldn’t want to hurt their baby.

Yesterday, Ellen went to Price Chopper. Ellen had worked there and she and Katherine know the whole crew. Ellen was receiving congratulatory hugs from everyone when a little voice said,”Hey,what about me?” Katherine is going to be a great big sister!

My first fear was that baby #2 would see all the energy that I put into watching Katherine and feel second best. Well, grandma may come up with brand new ways to immortalize him/her. I just started using the computer in the Spring of 2007. Kat was born in 2005. This blog just may overflow its “banks” in the coming year!

This video is one I made of Kat when she was little. All I can say is, HERE WE GO AGAIN!

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Uniquely Our Own


On this last day of 2010, I wanted to leave a profound message. Profound messages don’t just pop up when you need them.

Then I decided that I must add this adorable photo that I took of my granddaughter and her younger cousin. As I was studying the photo, my mind rambled to wishes that Katherine would one day enjoy a sister. (seems we just cannot help wanting good things from our lives for others.) The fact is more likely that Kat may remain an only child. Besides, I’ve heard of sisters who caused nothing but heartache for each other.

Well, Maddie and Kat are cousins who spend every day at my house and will attend the same school etc. seems Kat already has a sister. I know that they argue like sisters 🙂

Just yesterday I said to a 12 year old day care friend of mine,”That has GOT to be rough!”

She said “What?”

“You know, getting up and going out to day care even as an infant. I got to stay in bed each morning until I went to school. You guys have to get up for “work” .”

She looked at me like I had two heads. “No big deal.”

BAM! Now I get it. Every single life is unique and whatever the experiences, they belong solely to that person. Our good wishes for others to have similar special experiences are kind but usually blind.. “What’s good for the goose is not likely good for the gander.”


My profound message to you for the coming year is: Live, Laugh, Love and appreciate your own unique lives!

Happy New Year to all!

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Zabby Eight Update 12/10/10

I had the pleasure of talking with Alodda on the play phone yesterday. As soon as we finished talking, Alodda arrived at my house.

Kat explained how she’s able to get around so quickly.

“Alodda got fast shoes at K-Mart Layaway.”

“Katherine, that’s amazing. How much do they cost?”

“One pair are two dollars, two pairs are one dollar and you can buy a dozen pairs for fifty-five cents.”

“That’s the best bulk item deal that I ever heard about!”

“I’m giving everyone a pair of fast shoes for Christmas.” Then she demonstrated how well they worked 🙂

A little later…Kat was arguing with her cousin. She told Maddie that she was talking to Santa on the play phone. Maddie really screamed to get a chance to talk. Kat was enjoying the power and with an evil smile held on to the phone. I asked her to share with Maddie and why was it taking so long?

“Grandma, please, these things take time.” She took a deep breath prolonging Maddie’s distress and said, “Everyone knows that you need air in your belly to talk. I’m ready now. Here you go Maddie.”

What a stinker!

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Macaroon Mary: A True Story

Macaroon Mary

Ate cookies EVERYDAY

She’d hang around the bakery

In place of fun and play

She never tried a carrot

Won’t even LOOK at fish

The taste of something sugary

Was her favorite dish

Mary was not chubby

As you’d think she’d be

She had a love for soccer

Would watch it on TV

One day she saw a flyer

Come join a soccer team

Mary got excited ’bout

Fulfillment of her dream

She showed up at practice

Ran out of gusto soon

Didn’t understand this

Pulled out a macaroon

The treat made her feel jumpy

But when her moment came

Her energy went flat

Her spirit did the same

The coach told Droopy Mary

She needed better fuel

Recommended vegetables

And running after school

Smart Mary took his wisdom

The Bakery was shut down

She’s known as Mighty Mary now

Best soccer kid in town

Don’t want to overwhelm you

More news beyond belief

Mary has no cavities

In ANY of her teeth!


My granddaughter inspired this when she went to soccer practice without eating a good breakfast and just didn’t feel up to playing!

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Dear Blogging friends,

I am so satisfied to announce that I have FINALLY found a theme that I feel wonderful with!

Since my granddaughter was much of my inspiration for blogging I have placed her in my HEADER.

My restless attempts to settle upon a theme may have been confusing.

This one is a keeper!

Thank-you for your comments and patience 🙂