The Price of Kindness

On Saturday morning, I took my granddaughter to the grocery store. As we were putting our groceries in the car, a man stepped into view who was talking on a cell phone in an agitated voice.

The gist of his “conversation” was that he’d run out of gas in an unfamiliar town, that his gas gauge must be broken and he had only two dollar to get gas which wouldn’t be enough to get back to Springfield.

His performance was very good. He added that he was afraid and pleaded with the “person” on the other end to help him and he was also trembling. Oh yeah, he added that he had been visiting his mother before he had gotten lost.

Katherine was buckled in and as I put the last bag in the car, I interrupted him asking,” Would ten dollars help?” He said some thing like, ” So much for you guys, some nice lady is offering me help! Thanks for nothing.” and he closed his phone. I could hear Katherine saying, “Oh grandma, that’s so nice!”

At this point, my instincts said that I was falling into a scam but my heart was unsure. What I did know, was my granddaughter was witnessing human kindness.

I needed change, and since Kat was buckled in, I locked her into the car to go to the desk for ten dollars.

When I came out, I handed the grateful, still teary-eyed, man the ten saying,”Please pass this kindness on to someone else one day.” His answer was, “I sure will. Karma is a good thing.” He walked away.

If I had been a man, my next step would have been to say, “Hey, I’ll give you a lift to your car.” This would have cleared up the scam or not, but inviting a stranger into my car would have turned a kindness into a reckless act.

On top of it all, I had decided that the lesson for my granddaughter was worth ten dollars and no longer cared if I had been fooled. I had spent ten dollars on more foolish things, for sure.

Katherine and I talked while we rode home. I explained that this man may have been lying in a very practiced scam but, since I wasn’t sure, thought it was a good thing to help. Also, that it is never a child’s job to help an adult. Dealing with strangers is never good for kids.

And now, two days later, I am convinced that I had been scammed as I replay the events. I would have still done what I did, though. And karma may have the last laugh, if that man was taking advantage of the kindness of others.

In a Former Life

Truly Happy

Dolphin Jump

I’ve always imagined that I would be a dolphin. Their existence has nothing to do with “things” but has everything to do with family and fun. To move through the world with such grace and so few worries would be paradise.

From what we know of them, I’d have a logical, inquisitive mind and an understanding of life itself. I believe they have a language and, in many ways, are kinder neighbors and better parents than humans.

No one would care about appearances…natural selection would have kept illnesses of all kinds to a minimum and issues like abortion, medical insurance and pensions would have no meaning.

I believe that dolphins can feel sadness, therefore, I believe joy is also a part of their life.

Yes, I would hope that in the eyes of Karma, being a dolphin would be a higher step to enlightenment and ultimate peace.

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Victim’s Apprentice

There’s always faults.

YOU are to blame.

Intent assaults

Excuses lame.


There’s no remorse.

What can I do?

My lawyer’s course

Intent to sue.


Don’t have to try

I won’t regret

From loudest cry

The scene is set.


Ask not the rules

You didn’t read?

Fakes and fools

Have rights indeed.


My mind is clear

My solemn vow.

TRUST, my dear,

I own you now.


Your tear stained face.

Wheel chair on

In greed’s embrace

Absconding John.


Yes, you’ll get your due

Perhaps a brand new car?

So many likes of you

I’ll tell them where you are.