Six Sentence Story: Kaleidoscope

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“Mommy, why is seven always blue and six always yellow? ” was the last question that Simon, age 8, ever asked about SUCH things because the consideration that he was crazy had formed, and was confirmed, by his mother’s predictable answer of “They’re NOT!”… a notion, like that, had to be hidden.
But numbers DID have their own specific colors, he could “see” them in his head: a kaleidoscope of repeated colors and patterns, and those numbers occupied space in a constant three dimensional realm!

Young Simon decided to bury any curiosity about his “nonconformity” forever.

It was his 4-year-old granddaughter’s announcement, that she would be five soon and “being pink” would make her happier than “green four” did, that exhumed a part of Simon he had secretly longed to explain, and at age 63, he formed a new notion… he was not an anomaly, and not, crazy.
With the help of the internet, he found those lifelong answers and breathed a validating sigh, because Simon, and subsequently his granddaughter, had a gift known as synesthesia which can take many forms but is NOT a kind of insanity.
A month later, Grandpa gave his birthday girl, who was an heiress to his nonconformity, a two foot tall plush pink pillow in the shape of a number 5.

{  A person with synesthesia, a condition in which the normally separate senses are not separate. Sight may mingle with sound, taste with touch, etc. The senses are cross-wired. For example, when a digit-color synesthete sees or just thinks of a number, the number appears with a color film over it.}
For further investigation: Synesthesia | Psychology Today

PS… I was 60 before I found, and figured, out that I have Spatial Sequence Synesthesia. Validating doesn’t even begin to explain that discovery. 😉

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