MLMM Sunday Prompt- Poetic Justice- Obituary of the Virtuous 2021

The KICKER for this week is, I would prefer anyone who feels inspired by this prompt to write in a poetic fashion. It doesn’t have to rhyme, but there should be a tempo, pace, a personal cadence.

Here lies:
Wisdom, Excellence, and Truth

Survived by:
Subjectivity, Equity, and Nihilism

Cause of death:
Narcissism, Ignorance, and Apathy

Eulogy will be given by:
Intellectual Honesty, Freedom, and Honor, as they knew them best and will soon join them.

Make charitable donations in their memory to:
Meaningfulness, the Work Ethic, and Justice
It’s unknown how, or if, they’ll survive on their own.

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Eugi’s Weekly Prompt- Fertile Canopy

The word is canopy.

According to natural rules, Willow and Birch weren’t supposed to be dating. They were too different to propagate and were born to thrive in noncomplimentary environments but that didn’t stop them.
Their enchanted forest operated outside of ‘normal’ parameters. It was so special that they lived under a unique canopy of rules. It was founded on otherworldly inalienable ‘rights’ to freedoms and justice. And although the forest couldn’t guarantee them happiness, it offered them the very best earthly fertile ground in which to intertwine their paths and prosper.
I like their chances.

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Random Word Story 14~Just the Facts

Random words generated at

These writing exercises have been great fun for me. At first, I was using 5 random words. In order to challenge myself , I have been adding extra words. Lets try 8 random words today.


Jury box in courtroom of Hamilton County court...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s my story:

Debbie was going to be the leader. She’d never led anything and being appointed as the jury foreperson was very intimidating.

At breakfast that morning, she’d considered that her day off would be a quick release from court and an afternoon of shopping.  She had always gotten out of jury duty early before. Why would she consider a different scenario? Ah, but the day was still young and she was now wearing a crown of responsibility she had never imagined.

After being seated in the courtroom, her knees began to jiggle and jump. Could this be a caffeine induced jitter from 3 cups of coffee or nerves?  Debbie HAD considered taking an Ativan but was afraid it would make her sleepy. Horrifying images of falling asleep in the jury box had helped her decide against it.

The case they were about to hear was high profile. A nanny was accused of the murder of one of her charges.

The defendant sat red-eyed and trembling at the table before her.

She didn’t look like a monster at all. Debbie’s instinct was to console her until she caught sight of the parents of the child, huddling tightly, with equally red eyes. It occurred to her then, that her day was not tough at all. Those poor folks were living a nightmare.

The defense lawyer began laying the foundation of his case with his opening statement. God, what a leech. Debbie could tell right away he didn’t really care…didn’t really feel anything. His matter-of-fact speech which amounted to the t-shirt slogan “Shit Happens”, really put her off.

How was she going to be the carriage of justice with so many feelings attempting to rule the day? Nausea was beginning to take over.

Suddenly, she felt outside of herself. An awful truth came to her. Justice, HA!  There was not going to be anything swift and final in this courtroom. Justice was only a word. She was only, one, fallible human being with feelings.

When Jack Webb used to say,”Just the facts, Mame.”  He didn’t know what he was talking about!

What’s eating me up?

It is very upsetting to me that I have lost so much faith in law makers, police officers and our courts.

Am I a victim of propaganda or a person who knows a corrupt reality?

I realize that our current media is much more efficient in showing and interested in the “bad” things that happen. Bad stuff has always gone on.

Greed will never be erased. Injustices make justice more precious.

Where can a person go to find answers rather than more questions?

I love our country deeply. Yes, our Star Spangled Banner gives me goosebumps. From where I sit, money or the lack of it, decides justice in our courts more often than values. The courts are deciding legislative matters, the people vote on referendums and are ignored. The rules for police officers and “big shots” are not the same as for the greater majority.

I do not think we should accept arguments about race or national origin. The REAL deal is about wealth and the power which comes from it.

I’m tired of the blame game. Tired of the every thing “has to be fair” argument. Mostly, the mistrust I have in our government is wearing me out. It is changing me…I want to believe in the goodness of folks. I want to believe that voters have intelligent arguments and reasons for their votes. I want to believe that our media hasn’t an agenda of its own.


Please convince me that I have nothing to fear.