d’Verse Poets Pub- Quadrille Monday- Grand New Mood

Welcome to the dVerse Poets Pub with me, Kim from Writing in North Norfolk, and another Quadrille Monday, when we take any meaning of one word and transform it into 44 poetic words.

Today we have a little word that resonates and tinkles: bell.

Grand New Mood
{A triolet quadrille}

This grand new mood is lighter.
Ring, ring, ring, the joyful bell.
Darker times got brighter.
This grand new mood is lighter.
My gifted hugs much tighter,
The grace of feeling well.
This grand new mood is lighter.
Ring, ring, ring, the joyful bell.


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #158- Living in Focus

from Josh Rose @ Unsplash.com

Spending time with her daughter was precious to Dana. Even when Jackie wasn’t nearby, Dana’s memories of “their moments” were vivid because she had been blessed with the ability to “see” memories by replaying them in her mind. Now that her eyesight was failing her, with a diagnosis that it would never improve, Dana valued her ‘memory catalog’ even more.
As Jackie sat across the table on their Mother/Daughter brunch date, Dana snapped a photo of her. This way she could see her daughter clearly once she could get home and enlarge it on her computer. It seemed an odd new ritual but her exceptional memory, after all, was triggered by visual clues and the real world was getting fuzzy.
When Dana got home, she delighted in staring at her lovely girl. As she drank in the joy of the day, Dana had a thought she’d never before had… “If all people took time to focus more clearly on moments, there would be far more joy experienced in this world.”


Fandango Flash Fiction Challenge #156

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The photograph above is from CookmePancakes @ DeviantArt.com.

Hope Makes Everything Possible

Try as she may, Hope’s mother gave up years ago on talking her daughter out of a long daily ritual of waiting for the mail. Hope’s autism was most severe and the quiet time, she spent daily waiting, had become a mixed blessing. Her mother had come to count on a few hours of ‘ME’ time to care for herself, and she needed that. So, all was well.

There had been an offer for a free poster of Hope’s favorite TV characters in a magazine ad, so Mama had long ago sent for it. Hope was 7 at the time. She kept the ordering page neatly folded reverently on her dresser ever since, but Hope was now still waiting 15 years later. The T.V. show had even gone into syndication 10 years ago, but Hope got to watch the Rugrats on demand anyway. Time just wasn’t moving in her world.

Well, Mama brought Hope her lunch- on one grey day- and a ring at the door, signaling the mail, went off. The young woman almost upset her plate as she raced downstairs with the exact same daily enthusiasm she’d maintained ever since childhood.
Mama braced herself for the usual sullen daughter dragging up the stairway in disappointed when Hope ran into the room squealing! She was holding a long tube above her head.
There it was! That long-awaited prize that Mama was certain would never come. They opened it together and immediately hung it on her bedroom wall. Hope danced with happiness too excited to even eat her lunch.
Mama’s heart nearly burst with joy watching her daughter’s celebration even though she was absolutely baffled by the long-delayed wish coming true. “What the heck?”, Mama thought.

The next day, Hope anxiously paced all around rubbing her hands since her routine vigil had been ended, so Mama thought quickly and ordered another poster from the same ancient careworn magazine page. It worked!
Her daughter started a brand-new vigil. And, with a name like Hope, she’d be waiting for as long as it takes. All was well once again.


Haibun Monday 1/31/22 Harbingers of Hope

For those new to haibun, the form consists of one to a few paragraphs of prose—usually written in the present tense—that evoke an experience and are often non-fictional/autobiographical. They may be preceded or followed by one or more haiku—nature-based, using a seasonal image—that complement without directly repeating what the prose stated.

In winter, moments before Spring’s advent, I listen. Male Northern Cardinals are poised to start singing their ‘welcome song’. They are the first creatures who set their sights on longer, and warmer, days in New England. Do they speak for us or to each other?
My ears have an instinct born from years of paying attention to the ‘little things’. It’s time. And when I’m granted witness, I’ll pause lifting my smiling face toward the sun, presently connected to the natural world’s harbingers of hope.

Birds aren’t vain nor proud.
Voices raised toward heaven,
Life professing joy.

Six Sentence Story- Remnants

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Prompt word: remnant

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels.com

Martha sat with her hands folded in her lap watching, who she was told were her great-grandchildren, chasing each other with a garden hose beyond the large window in her cozy room.

She’d overheard the word ‘fading’ used, in sentences containing her name, a lot lately.

Language had become a barrier in recent months, rather than her lifelong ‘poetic wings’, as common words oft eluded her grasp only frustrating and confusing her caregivers.

From somewhere a child squealed, and suddenly her lap contained an infant so familiar that she was filled with joy as she brought it to her breast and inhaled its aroma- her first born lie cooing in her, now youthful looking, arms until she heard her name.

“Martha? I heard you speaking to someone, are you alright?”

She nodded, and contentedly sighed, nourished for the day with a secret inner peace from another (of many) remnants that she was at a loss to describe to anyone.

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Weekend Writing Prompt #204 – Forage

Word Prompt: Forage


Bonnie foraged for joy every day.
She arose with the sun shining, a warm breeze waving the grass, the birds singing outside her window and ritualistically wrapped her arms around her dog.
Her friends and neighbors greeted her with smiles as she drank in the morning with her coffee.
She planned on mowing the grass for the first time this Spring and couldn’t wait to enjoy that bouquet.
Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, she sometimes pursued blessings she already had.

(82 words)

Today is my birthday! It’s the 65th time I’ve been blessed to circle the sun on our beautiful planet. Although, I rise everyday counting my blessings, on my birthday I embrace joy with my whole heart. ( This post is exactly how I started my day today.)
Here’s a song that my daycare friends and I sang together often. I was astounded to find it on YouTube this morning! God bless.