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Six Sentence Story – High on Life


They called her Exuberant Ellen.

“Wow! Cool!” was her ‘go to’ refrain.

She was equally zesty in sunshine as she was when she danced in the rain.

Fascination was her daily mindset.

Science always ‘blew her away’!

Using drugs just never occurred to her as she remains “high” on life to this day.

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Haibun Wednesday-Go Dog Go Cafe- July 27th, 2022- Inspired Echoes

Some things to keep in mind when writing haibun:

  • The range of haibun is broad and frequently includes autobiography, diary, essay, prose poem, and travel journal.
  • A haibun is a combination of prose and haiku.
  • The prose is brief and simple and usually written in the present tense.
  • The haiku should not attempt to repeat, quote, or explain the prose.
  • A haibun should be titled.

Now over to you…

  • Let’s go with SOMETHING HIDDEN this week. Maybe it’s an inside secret or an outside treasure of sorts. Go where the prompt takes you!

  • Inspired Echoes

    Hidden in the corner of my mind I’ve found an echo. “Seize the day.” was a phrase introduced to me in high school. I don’t recall the actual lesson, but those words grabbed my soul and shook it almost 50 years ago.

    I heard it clearly this morning. I am someone who has ignored a child tugging on her sleeve and who finally directed her attention to that child, if only to stop that annoying demand. Today, I realized that that directive had never been dashed nor shaken off in all these years.
    No matter my troubles a tiny voice has lingered daily whispering those words in my ear moments before my eyes shed their sleepy haze. It makes even more sense now than it did before, but the voice has remained as youthful as ever.

    The glowing ember will seize
    One small breath in time
    Kindling a flame to life

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A Historical Event I'd Time Travel To

One short time of true inspiration!

The Lily Pond :: Original Impressionist Art Painting

The temptation to try to change an event, such as warning the Titanic about icebergs ,would be great. I feel that things happened and they should not be undone because the course of history is what it is.

After watching the A&E series: The Impressionists/The Other French Revolution, over and over and….I really wish that I had been a “fly on the wall” at gatherings which led to the birth of French Impressionist Art and the movement to shake up the traditional art world of the late 19th century.

Claude Monet, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Camille Pizzaro, Alfred Sisley, and Edgar Degas often met at the home of the, soon to be, famous Berthe Morisot. They’d have dinner and discuss their passion for capturing a moment on a canvas.

In Paris, April 15th to May 15th, 1874 these brilliant artists changed the way we would enjoy paintings forever. I cannot image the gatherings of these courageous artisans as NOT being historic events of epic proportion.

Berthe Morisot was welcomed into the fold of male Impressionists as an equal. Certainly, the acceptance of a woman artist, in THAT time, was extraordinary. These people found each other, formed a group of mutual support and took on the establishment. Gosh, I’d love to have witnessed that!

You may want to find the A&E series on DVD and experience it for yourself!

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