Sunday Poser #99- 9/25/22

I compare myself to no one. Each day I count my blessings and set my sights on being a better version of myself.
There’s always room for improvement, IMHO.
I struggle, though, with trying to remain tolerant of others while feeling the need to ‘speak up’ in the face of evil and wrongdoing. The phrase “In order for evil to flourish it requires good men to do nothing.” looms large in my heart.
On a personal level, I try to be kind, forgiving, and tolerant and I save my ‘speaking out’ for topics, ideologies, and policies. I can ‘love’ individual people but in no way feel that I have any requirement to approve of their actions or philosophies.
I can be influenced by well-reasoned arguments, but I can never be bought, shamed or intimidated into doing (or believing in) anything I feel is unethical or immoral. Ultimately this makes me sometimes sound opinionated and/or intolerant of those who believe ‘making waves’ is ‘hate’ and uniform compliance is ‘kindness’.
With all due respect, I don’t allow the opinions of others to define me or threaten me, because I never lose sight of my faithfulness to God and being able to live with myself.
As far as forgiving myself, here’s a song I taught my day care kids many years ago. I still live by it. Enjoy!

Kid Book Review-Loopy

I had mixed feelings about this story upon the first reading. The illustrations are wonderful but I thought the story was a little scary. Then I kid tested it. My three year old “guinea pig” listened with wide-eyed interest. Of all the books recently borrowed from the library, this one was her favorite.

I’m usually against lying to kids and using monsters and giants in order to scare them away from dangers but there ARE dangers that they cannot comprehend. This story made a big impression upon my little friend. It told about a child who forgets her favorite cuddle toy, Loopy, at the doctor’s office. The child goes through the shock of being without her toy and the worry about getting Loopy back. This journey through the child’s mind even visits the possibility of her making her own way, out of the house, to rescue poor Loopy. The author then places a few scary scenarios into play. The storybook child imagines Giants and spiders along with the danger of getting lost if she were unsupervised in the world. Finally, the story ends happily with Loopy being returned by the doctor who brings the toy home after hours.

My little friend talked about the story, and particularly the danger of going outside without permission, throughout the day. This is one fine lesson for a three year old. That age group is notorious for feeling as though they can do almost anything.

So, I have child tested and enjoyed this story and recommend it!

Loopy by Aurore Jesset …Illustrated by Barbara Korthues

I don’t want to be civilized!

The word from my weekend contemplation is civilized.

The definition:

civilized( adj.)

“easy to manage or control; well-organized or ordered: The car is quiet and civilized, even in sharp turns.”
–verb (used with object), -lized, -liz· bring out of a savage, uneducated, or rude state; make civil; elevate in social and private life; enlighten; refine: Rome civilized the barbarians.
Oh, so we are manageable and refined according to whose standards?
We civilized “dogs”.
They can be educated to please us and easily managed compared to their uncivilized forefather the wolf.
Political Correctness could be defined as the modern civilization of Man and his opinions.
Cool…we are told fighting is not nice. Defending ourselves may cause bad feelings and we owe reparations for deeds we ourselves did not do.
Profiling of any kind is uncivilized. Of course, the use of clues from past experiences must be eliminated. That explains the ignoring of our Constitution…now I see.
“Offering free food,shelter,education(by the State standards), free childcare, can make Man the free spirit, kind and humane creature he wants to become.”
Ask the bears, in the campgrounds, if free stuff works for them. Once Man or beast becomes civilized they are dangerous. Any being that feels entitled to rewards and easy-living will go berserk (fear from knowing not how to survive) if they are called upon to survive on their own. I thought tame meant well-mannered? Civilized meant refined?
We all know that food is of a lesser value and holds fewer benefits and is more expensive the more it is refined.
I wish human beings could realize that we are refining ourselves into extinction.
Maybe indoor toilets were a good idea but when our government controls our prosperity, our safety, and individuality, we are in BIG trouble people!
I have no-tolerance for no-tolerance policies.
There is nothing well about long-term welfare. Welfare enables poverty.
Civilized no longer is a term I wish to be called!