Random Word Story 7~ Never Alone

Random words generated by creativegames.net.

revenge…stretcher…definition…dragon…bus station

Here’s my story:

I was in the overcrowded bus station. It was there, that I realized, being in a crowd of strangers was the true definition of loneliness. No one really cares…no one wants to understand…life was a highway and everyone was traveling along, way above, the speed limit. Even while standing still, the energy was overwhelming. Moses appeared beside me. I was happy to see him but said nothing. He wasn’t a talker.

I’d known Moses since I could remember. He had a special way of showing up when I needed him. He was wearing his kimono with the fluorescent green dragon on the back. He just bowed and the crowd separated. Ha! The parting of the Red Sea. I was following my Moses to the promised land.

My cane and I inched forward until I felt the cool surface of an empty counter. I’d had an onion bagel for breakfast and enacted my revenge on the unconcerned clerk with my breath. I accentuated every “H” in my sentence.

“Hey there! Have you time to help my friend and me? Heaven knows he’s a needy fellow.”

“What the hell ails you mister? Your breath reeks and I see only a crazy old man…YOU!”

Ah…the sighted never truly see. Moses took me by the arm and led me away from the bad energy emitted by the ignorant clerk. I could feel him, but now, he seemed to become part of the crowd. The last remnant of him was the green dragon. There was a bright light consuming my companion. I had not seen such light since the flash of the fire that had taken my sight away as a child. There was an explosion then, but now, a warmth wrapped me tight and I was floating. My cane fell away from me as I beheld the most beautiful green valley…

The sirens overpowered the crowd which became momentarily silent as the stretcher passed carrying an anonymous blind man’s body to the city morgue.

The loud-speaker barked:

” Bus 2012, leaving in two minutes people… move it along!”

Zabby Eight Update 5/25/11

Katherine is 5 and 1/2. Zabby ,Alodda and Arthur are still around her but have grown mature enough not to” butt in” very often.

After Kat registered for Kindergarten, she announced that Zabby was also registered to ride along with her.

The day after Katherine got her own ATV she was zooming around with Alodda riding on the seat behind her. She couldn’t see how an imaginary friend violated the no passenger rule. She was right. Zabby got  her own 4-wheeler and follows Katherine everywhere. (When Zabby is not at the bowling alley. She always loved bowling.)

Katherine now sports a twisted smile and a sparkle in her eye when she talks about her old friends. Soon they may be off on their own searching for another place to play…

Zabby Eight Update 2/18/11

Something very cool has happened! I was never able to actually see Katherine’s imaginary friends but now I can catch a flash of color if they are around.

I asked Katherine if she noticed a purple streak pass through the room.

” That’s Zabby all right Grandma. Watch.” Katherine turned off the kitchen light and pointed to the floor. ” See? There are her purple footprints on the floor. They glow in the dark.”

” That is so cool! Why is Zabby here today Katherine?”

” The bowling alley is closed on Wednesdays. She has the day off. Look Grandma, there’s a green streak.”

” I’ll bet that Alodda is here too! Green is her favorite color.”

Katherine turned out the light again and pointed to the floor. “Yup, you’re right Grandma. Alodda came over.”

Then I asked,” Where’s Arthur?”

“His swimming class isn’t going very well so he may come by too. Watch for a silver and gold streak and that will be Arthur.”

You can’t imagine how much fun it is watching for colors.

Meanwhile, Kat told me something else that I hadn’t considered. She said that real people read stories about imaginary people and imaginary people read stories about real ones.

I wonder if I leave a glowing color? I’ll ask the expert named Katherine and get back to you.

Zabby Eight Update 2/15/11

Zabby and friends aren’t mentioned as frequently lately. Don’t know if I’ve stopped asking about them or if they have busier lives.

According to Katherine, Zabby is back on the bowling circuit and Arthur is taking swimming lessons. Arthur’s lessons are part of his old diver training. I wonder how he passed deep-sea diver without them before?

Alodda spends most of her time with Katherine. She had the stomach bug last week. Kat came down with it yesterday. Alodda MUST have been the one who shared it with her.

When Katherine talks about her imaginary friends, it is still with the same enthusiasm. I don’t believe they are moving on just yet…

Zabby Eight Update 12/10/10

I had the pleasure of talking with Alodda on the play phone yesterday. As soon as we finished talking, Alodda arrived at my house.

Kat explained how she’s able to get around so quickly.

“Alodda got fast shoes at K-Mart Layaway.”

“Katherine, that’s amazing. How much do they cost?”

“One pair are two dollars, two pairs are one dollar and you can buy a dozen pairs for fifty-five cents.”

“That’s the best bulk item deal that I ever heard about!”

“I’m giving everyone a pair of fast shoes for Christmas.” Then she demonstrated how well they worked 🙂

A little later…Kat was arguing with her cousin. She told Maddie that she was talking to Santa on the play phone. Maddie really screamed to get a chance to talk. Kat was enjoying the power and with an evil smile held on to the phone. I asked her to share with Maddie and why was it taking so long?

“Grandma, please, these things take time.” She took a deep breath prolonging Maddie’s distress and said, “Everyone knows that you need air in your belly to talk. I’m ready now. Here you go Maddie.”

What a stinker!

Zabby Eight Update 12/1/10

The Eight family had a miracle over the weekend! Kat discovered a “back to life” potion and injected Zabby’s parents,who happened to be lying on my living room floor.The potion works ONLY on imaginary people and brought Zabby’s parents back to life!

At first, Katherine injected Zabby’s mom and she popped back to herself. But when it came to her Dad, Katherine accidentally picked up the syringe filled with the “super grow” formula that Kat had also developed. He filled the room . After the reanimation of Zabby’s Dad, Katherine had me give him an injection for “average size”. She lifted his pant leg and told me to just inject his leg since I could not reach his shoulder. It worked!

Zabby’s parents are staying with me now and actually look pretty good for all that they have been through. Kat has decided to keep her medical miracle syringes better organized. I’m still wondering what killed Zabby’s parents in the first place AND why they were on my living room floor? I’m just too afraid to ask!

Zabby Eight Update 11/22/10

Zabby brought her magnificent trained cat over. Ladeen is white ,fluffy and can do the high dive into a pool. She wears pink goggles too.

Seems Arthur has a fever until Thanksgiving. Katherine says, that his good friend Dadala, is taking over for him at astronaut training. This is wonderful that Arthur will be home for Thanksgiving and he ,some how, won’t lose ground in his training.

I am glad to have all three of Katherine’s imaginary friends home for Thanksgiving.  Since Zabby and Alodda’s parents are deceased, they now live with Katherine everyday. They are such lucky girls to have Katherine to take them in. In trying times, friends can make ALL the difference. I haven’t asked the details of the accident. We aren’t dwelling on it.

There is much to do for housework and preparing a feast. Kat says that the girls will stay over the night before Thanksgiving to help me out. She will be home treating Arthur so he’ll be well enough to come to dinner.

Today, we will be making candy treats that we’ll share the instructions for.

Alodda has a very special pumpkin pie recipe that Kat says she’ll share also.