Olympic Timing with Imaginary Friends

My 6 year old granddaughter, Katherine, spent much of our recent vacation in her new pool. It is only about 30 inches deep and 10 feet across but a welcomed prop for our steamy week. We were at our woodland camp, so the Summer Olympics were watched by generator power as recaps on the morning news.

She played alone most of the time during our one week stay but the Olympic theme saved those days. Katherine was an Olympian and I played the role of her diving coach. Her imaginary friends, Zabby and Alodda, made a surprise appearance out of retirement (from Hampton Beach) and participated too. (See my Zabby Eight Update category for more adventures.)

Katherine would stand a little more than waist deep in the pool. I graded her leaps and dives according to the least splash and best form. Zabby and Alodda would try to keep up but Katherine seemed to have the most natural ability. I was really impressed by her progress. She learned to keep her feet together and managed to have her fingertips, top of her head and body enter the water in that order. If she did not leap high enough a belly flop would disqualify her.

This weekend she is going to her other grandparents’ place where there is a much deeper pool. I’m excited to find out how she uses her new skills.The 2012 Summer Olympics were well timed indeed and I’m sure she’ll never forget them. Wonder if Zabby and Alodda will be traveling with her?

Zabby Eight Update 2/13/12

Well, it’s official. Zabby and Alodda  are giving up the imaginary friend business.

“Katherine, where have Zabby and Alodda been?”

“Oh they retired.”

“So where are they?”

“They retired to Hampton Beach.”

“Aren’t they going to be imaginary friends for other kids?”

“Nope. They just want to retire so they can visit now and then.”

“Where’s Arthur these days?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Did he have an accident?”

“Grandma, he was at deep-sea diving school and now he’s at the bottom of the ocean.”

“Oh my. At least he was doing what he loved best. How did it happen?”

“I DON’T WANT TO Talk about it!”

Katherine says that she’ll see Zabby and Alodda once in awhile but the demise of Arthur will forever remain a mystery.

Zabby Eight Update 7/22/11

Katherine is five and five sixth.That is what she’d tell you.

Zabby and Alodda have not completely disappeared.They have spent more time together away from Katherine though. I find this very interesting!

Two days ago:


I was in the bathroom. Katherine’s voice, full of excitement, comes from outside the door.

“Grandma! You can never guess what happened!”

“Katherine, can it wait until I come out?”

{door bursts open}

“Grandma! Zabby and Alodda went to a JUSTIN BIEBER concert!”

“Really? Tell me more.”

“They sat in the front row too!”

“Wow! Was anyone else there?”

“No, just them!!!”

“A private concert? THAT’S Cool!

“They were SO excited!”

“Why didn’t they invite you?”

“They thought that I was too busy, that’s why.”

“It’s nice that they are doing fun things on their own Katherine…I thought they had left and didn’t stay in touch.”

“No, they still visit but I am busy you know.”

I guess that imaginary friends don’t just fade away. They go to public events. I think they have some impressive connections too!

Zabby Eight Update 8/25/10

This last weekend, Katherine only took Alodda to camp with her. She and Zabby have drifted apart. Zabby went bowling with her other friends. Watch for her on ESPN, Kat says that she had 200 strikes!

It is really interesting that the friendships are evolving. Katherine really likes Alodda’s company more now. From Kat’s description of Alodda, they have more in common. Both are outdoorsy and both like the color green.

Alodda spends her nights at my campsite, this is one reason that Katherine cannot wait to have morning hot chocolate with us. Alodda,Kat, and I had another lovely morning listening to the birds and enjoying our breakfast.The three of us also went to the beverage center and to Stewart’s.

Arthur’s vacation will come to an end soon and Katherine says that he is anxious to go back to school.

“Being a deep-sea diver is a lot of work you know, Grandma.”

“I hope he has a chance to come to your first soccer game, Katherine.”

“No, he’s going back to school next week but Alodda will come.”

“Where has Zabby been?”

“She has new friends now. She would rather be bowling.”

“That’s too bad. Do you miss her?”

“No, Alodda stays with us now. Zabby is having fun.”

Well, this author may have to change these post’s to Alodda Updates. I can’t wait to know more!

Imaginary friends seem a lot like real ones 🙂