Six Sentence Story- Perilous Promises 7


Perilous Promises is my continuing story outline of two young children trying to make it from Honduras over the U.S. border. They’ve traveled for more than a month hoping to make it to their American citizen great Aunt Maria and safety. They made some friends and some enemies along their perilous journey. The first 6 installments are available below:

Yumi motioned to Ernesto to follow her outside once Abria was safely tucked into bed and offered him an ancient cellphone, a small amount of money, and what sounded like an order for him to proceed to the border without his little sister who didn’t have the strength to make it.

Ernesto knew she was right about Abria but, having every ounce of trust beaten out of him by now, decided to spark a conversation about Yumi’s relationship to Maria so he could be sure that his sister was in good hands.

Theirs was a similar journey 40 years before when Maria was forced to leave her best friend Yumi behind in this little village deathly ill and unable to continue to the sanctuary of the United States of America.

Satisfied of Yumi’s ability to care for Abria until he could send for her, Ernesto bid Yumi farewell with instructions conveyed to her by Aunt Maria for him to reach Mission Texas and set out to reconnect with Mig to complete the perilous trek.

George Navarro was just about to the end of his 20-hour border patrol shift in Mission Texas when he heard a terrified bloodcurdling squeal ahead of him and gave his horse a kick galloping toward the sound.

He spotted a real four-legged coyote yanking a lone small child by the hood of his jacket to the ground with four other pack members drawing a closing circle, so he lifted his rifle and neutralized one sending the rest scattering as George swiftly dismounted and swept the sobbing child into his arms.

Six Sentence Story- Perilous Promises 6

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Mig stiffened at the sound of gunfire but it didn’t have the rat-ta-tat-tat of the cartel automatics, he assumed his friends were safe as it was likely the commonplace neutralizing of a rat, so he continued to explore for food.


Beyond Butch’s splayed dead body, an elderly woman summoned Ernesto and Abria to come quickly and, still in shock, they complied.

The woman moved swiftly in spite of her age as the children struggled to keep up.

A gang of police officers, blowing whistles, ran past an alleyway they had JUST ducked into, when the old woman ushered them through a most cleverly concealed door behind a dumpster.

Once inside, she lit a lantern which revealed a quaint, windowless, one-room living space that included a table, sink, portable stove, and a large over-stuffed feather bed.

The woman calmly produced a rusty revolver from under her apron and stashed it in a metal box, that was laying open on the table, then slid it under her bed, while speaking in their familiar Honduran form of Spanish which differed a bit from the local Mexican dialect, ” My name is Yuni and I’m an old friend of your Aunt Maria… She’s sick with worry over you two !”.

Six Sentence Story-Perilous Promises 5

This is an installment to a series of SIXES that I had abandoned for awhile. Below are links to the previous chapters, in order, if you wish to catch up. If not, I’ve tried to offer minor re-cap clues to make this one somewhat stand alone. Thanks!


Mig set Abria down as the three travelers entered the quaint little village that was yet to fully awaken to a sweltering summer sun.

The boys’ legs were agonizingly stiff from the, less than level, trail they’d traversed but their bellies cried louder than any aching muscle could.

Miguel Cabello was nearly eighteen and had lived on his own since he was nine, so what hadn’t been able to kill him had surely made him stronger, and his purple wristband was just enough to fend off cartel assaults, therefore he was chosen to find dumpsters, or -better yet- carelessly unsecured stashes of food.

Recently turned thirteen year old, Ernesto, sat in the shadows, with one arm around his frail little sister, and prayed for Mig’s safety and success while slipping easily into a long overdue sleep.

Suddenly, he was jerked upright by someone with a powerful grip and found himself face to face with the still “very much alive” Butch, whom he thought he had murdered-weeks before-when Ernesto had fended him off of Abria with an axe!

Abria squealed in terror as Ernesto dangled- as helplessly as Butch’s mangled left arm rendered useless since Ernesto’s axe attack- inhaling the stench of rotten teeth, whiskey, and pure evil, when a gunshot rang out and Butch, dropped like a rock, falling dead at the paralyzed boy’s feet.

Six Sentence Story- Perilous Promises 4

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Ernesto tucked his sister under an outcropping of roots still courageously clinging to the winding, severely eroded, creek bank, then washed her face and gave her the last of their bread and cheese, hoping it wouldn’t rain and they’d remain safely hidden, but if it did rain, the danger of drowning in a flashflood was absolutely real so he prayed that Nature would cooperate.

The creek was running swiftly from the April mountain melt so Mig was practically on top of them before Ernesto noticed him approaching their encampment but his easy gait signaled a non-threatening approach and when his face came into view, Mig was a sight for sore eyes; there stood the tall fellow he’d distracted the police from arresting a few days before.

Connecting with people along this perilous journey was not a frequent pleasure, and certainly wasn’t done the usual way, it was all about the ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys’ and telling the difference from body language, and direct eye contact, became a sharpened instinct he’d never known existed but one that had served him well, so far.

Abria had just fallen asleep so Ernesto met the boy, five years his senior, halfway with an outstretched hand before Mig introduced himself formally and started warning Ernesto about the men who appeared to want him dead and of their intentions to search this area in the morning.

Within the hour, they had come up with a plan to follow the creek further down to an outlying town off the route most heavily traveled by the caravans, Abria was stirred, and the larger, stronger, Mig carried her, while Ernesto followed with their backpacks also deeply relieved of an unseen weight by this timely new friend and advisor.

During their discussion, Mig had noticed the children’s white wristbands with sunflower patterns and had told Ernesto that that meant his father had not paid for their passage, at all, but had sold them to a cartel which would expect them to pay up at the border or work off their debt in many unpleasant ways- Ernesto now realized he had just been a disposable pawn all along and as the first tears streamed down his face since this nightmare began, he asked his Mama, in heaven, to continue watching out for them as he silently sobbed.

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Six Sentence Story- Perilous Promises 3


Mig snaked his way through the tangled underbrush, in the day’s last light, where he’d seen that light-haired boy exit the road carrying his sister and, now that he could hear the trickle of a brook ahead, he figured that’s where he would choose to hide, so he kept weaving forward.

His purple plastic wristband (purchased for assigning safe passage through the upcoming cartel territories) infuriatingly became entangled on a jacaranda bush so he paused to listen for the kids as he struggled to unsnarl himself but instead of sounds of movement to his front, he heard voices from behind him.

There came two men with machetes clearing their own haphazard path with unguarded deliberation through the jungle-like growth, so he squatted to avoid being discovered because a purple band was of no use in the dark.

The full moon peeked above the hills in time for Mig to get a glimpse of the men as they passed his hiding spot; one was quite small and barked orders with authority, in a raspy high-pitched tone, at the other who had one arm hanging limply at his side and an odd off-balanced walk.

Abruptly, they stopped dead falling silent… listening… then pivoted back toward the road almost stepping directly on him as the bigger, lame, man hissed at his comrade, ” We’ll find that ‘ pequeño bastardo ‘ tomorrow when I can watch him suffer as I gut him.”

Mig waited so long before standing that his feet had fallen asleep, so he stretched, then cautiously continued picking his way toward the stream even more devoted to finding that boy, whom he owed a favor, before those assassins did.
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Six Sentence Story- Perilous Promises 2

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It had been an agonizing two weeks and almost four hundred miles with Ernesto praying every night for their nightmare to end; sometimes even if it had to be with a merciful death.

He was haunted by too many things to count but having Butch’s imagined lifeless face nightly pursuing him in his dreams was the worst, even overshadowing their discovery, just yesterday, of the stiffened, rat ravaged, corpse of a newborn baby in a village dumpster.

As he and Abria inched toward America, some small kindnesses were afforded them by other ‘travelers’ even though the children weren’t part of any group, so recognizing the woman who had once dressed his knife wound waving to him from atop of an overloaded cattle truck, offered him an unexpected flicker of comfort.

She signaled him to hurry but Abria had already stopped moving her feet during the last hour so he dragged his sister even faster hoping to catch that blessed ride, when suddenly he let her go, because Abria, who hadn’t spoken a word since her attack ,screeched, “STOP! I want to go HOME!”.

Dust coagulated her tears and thickened the nasal discharge she’d had for days as she collapsed like an ancient woman on her deathbed; that scene of her crumbling before his eyes manufactured anger and anguish in Ernesto to the point of threatening to rupture his heart.

As the truck pulled away without them, Ernesto swept his frail, nearly weightless, sister up in the last daylight while cursing their father to HELL through clenched teeth, then rushed to find a hiding spot far away from the impending next wave of the caravan, which held far more danger than anything unseen they’d encounter in the brush after dark.

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Six Sentence Story- Perilous Promises

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Twelve year old Ernesto held tightly to his little sister Abria’s wrist as they stumbled along on aching legs slowly navigating the darkening dirt road northward to America with ‘Butch’, two steps behind them, prodding them with a stick to move them along faster as he kept whispering filthy comments at Abria about her innocent beauty and his own ‘needs’.

Butch was the name of the ‘sponsor’ his father had paid $2000.00 for his professional service as a guide to the U.S. border where they’d be able to find their great aunt Maria using the tattered plastic wrapped slip of paper with her address and phone number Ernesto kept in his shoe but Butch was not behaving like the nice middle-aged man who had, just yesterday, promised to care for them.

Finally, they spotted a faint glow of a campfire about a mile ahead which meant water, a meal, and some much needed rest were about to become available so they quickened their pace when Butch snatched Ernesto’s 10-year-old sister’s hand and dragged her into the nearby bushes as the helpless boy screamed for the sponsor to release her!

Ernesto blindly pursued them when, out of nowhere, a knife slashed at his face from one of the deepest shadows where his sister’s screeches had been growing in intensity and he felt a white hot pain then the warmth of blood dripping along his jaw making him falter just long enough to glimpse an old axe handle against a nearby tree with the slightest glimmer of a metal wedge still attached.

Ernesto exploded onto the road ten minutes later carrying his disheveled- partly undressed- sister who clung to him still whimpering and trembling and raced toward the campfire light on overburdened rubbery legs to a crowd of complete strangers and a chance for safety.

The blood flow from his lacerated face had slowed and mostly coagulated but it had somehow covered him in a spatter pattern from head to toe so the woman, who kindly administered to his wound, burned his whole outfit of clothes (one of two), fed and bedded his sister, and never asked a thing about a sponsor; thus ending day one.


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