d’Verse Quadrille #160 Poems that pack a Punch~ Such a Joke

…make sure your piece contains some form of the word punch and comes in at exactly 44 words total.

He loved correcting grammar
His eyebrows always shocked
And never missed a second
Resetting every clock.

More worthy than the next man
Such a perfect man
Oblivious to rolling eyes
Himself his only fan

He’d never ‘get’ the punchline
‘Cuz Aaron IS the joke.


Weekend Writing Prompt # 246- No Substitute for Experience

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The new substitute sauntered into the classroom.
Fresh from university, his hubris had yet to be challenged by the streetwise.
By day’s end, his posture became stooped, his gait a shuffle.
Who knew that tenth graders could destroy an accomplished college man unarmed for a battle of wits with manipulative teenagers?

51 words

John Wayne quote: Life is hard; it's harder if you're stupid.