SoCS- 3/18/23 Missing Joe

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “tape.” Use it as a noun or a verb. Use it any way you like. Enjoy!

If you’re old and wise you still have homemade cassette tapes. Some idiots eventually tried to improve on those perfectly wonderful music deliverers when CDs were considered ‘advancement” and took their place.
I have never had a CD accidentally misplaced under the car floormat work well. Yet my cassette tapes (some stored where they got moldy) are still doing the trick! The homemade ones are the best and collecting songs from the radio made us all production experts with timing the key.
I wanted to add a song that comes to mind augmenting my post and the one that jumped out added to the direction of this stream. It’s posted below and is a special song that encompasses several feelings.
My husband and I grew up (and still live) in the same hometown. Before we met, we each already had a childhood friendship with the same guy named Joe. Once we were married, those friendships continued. Joe eventually had two children. a girl, with the middle name “Sue” and a boy with the middle name (my husband’s) of “Edward”. Joe was the silliest, kindest, soul. He kept us ‘in stitches’ all of the time!
Sadly, Joe was diagnosed with cancer 16 years ago and passed away. We’d each known and loved that goofy ‘character’ for most of our lives…longer than we had even known each other. So, to say the least, we’ve been lonesome for Joe. His birthday happens to be on the first day of Spring- March 20th. My song choice is for him. It’s one that ALWAYS makes me think of Joe.
{wiping a tear} “We miss you Joe!”

[Joe still ‘lives’ every time my husband and I sit by a campfire and laugh about his antics. ❤ ]

Happy Saturday, friends! Treasure your friends.