Family Life ~ Big Sister

  My granddaughter Katherine knows she’ll become a big sister right after her 7th birthday this September. Just last week, she found out that her new sibling will be a sister. This has all been exciting.

At 6 1/2, Katherine has been able to wrap her head around the idea and consider it more than if she were younger.

Last evening, she had a sensitive moment while contemplating the prospect of sharing her mother’s heart with anyone else. It was the first time that the BIG SISTER role was not entirely appealing to her. Luckily, Katherine shares her feelings freely. Her mother (my daughter) was able to discuss how there is plenty of room in all of our hearts for both girls.

Today Kat was as cheerful as ever. I had been too young to consider all those feelings when I became a big sister many years ago. So glad that Kat could share her emotions. Certainly, we all will be aware of those feelings when little Evelyn comes to town.

It is sure to be life changing for us all!

Story from Random Words~”Vitamins for the Heart”

My good friend grandmalin from her blog called: Breathing Space alerted me to a  creative website.

Random words generated at

After signing up, I asked for 5 words at random then composed a story from them.


Here is my story:

Great-grandmother had funny words for everything. She asked me if I had enjoyed my porridge after my usual instant oatmeal with extra brown sugar. Staying with her was like visiting a time long ago lost.

At this moment, she sat by her fireplace and calmly rocked to the rhythm of her heartbeat and dosed. The hand-carved oak rocker seemed to swallow her. My great-grandfather’s hands had lovingly crafted that” work of art” in order to  forever hold his wife in loving arms . Inscribed on the headrest was , “To Anna Maria from your faithful, James.”

What my great-grandfather was to woodworking, his beloved , Anna Maria was to gardening. Just put a spade in her hand and watch as she orchestrated flowers in a symphony of colors. Her gardens the likes of which God envied. At least, that is what my mom says about them. Jefferson Marks, the ancient butcher at the corner market, talks of Anna’s  gardens in the same way.

In fact, I never saw a man’s eyes sparkle so as Mr. Marks’ did when great-grandma walked to his counter. He giggled like a kid between awkward sentences. Only when reminiscing of the naval days when he and great-grandaddy James, spent 7 months on a submarine, did his speech become deliberate and proud.

Just yesterday, after an unusually long journey through naval history, a distant look in his eyes dissolved and he took great-grandma’s hand in his.  He brushed the back of her hand with his lips and there came a twinkle to his bloodshot eyes.

“It was so very good to see you again Anna Maria. James was a good man alright, with mighty fine taste in women too.”

Then he gave great-grandma a wink.

All the way home , I noticed an energy in her step and a shimmer in her eyes.

” Granny? You been taken vitamins that are giving you a jolt?”

“Well, you could say that dear. The kind I get every time that I visit the grocery. Special vitamins, there, for my heart.”