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The most memorable songs that I learned in grade school were about Autumn. I’ve taught my favorite ones to my granddaughters and just this last weekend, a cool breeze accompanied by the sound of migrating geese made us break into song.
“Autumn leaves falling and Autumn birds calling. Nippy cool weather for flying South together.
Leaves of warm orange and leaves of golden yellow, cover the hillsides with colors soft and mellow.”

I cannot find this 1960s children’s song anywhere on the internet. How delightful that I was able to pass it along!

Beyond September
Nature will hearten seedlings
Topped by tattered leaves

As an afterthought, I looked for an old video of my oldest granddaughter singing our song. I found it!
She was four in the video… just this month she just turned 17. Follow my Facebook link to hear it.

Song Lyric Sunday- The Partridge Family

The theme from Jim Adams is songs that mention Mind, Think, or Brain.

The first song that came to mind in line with today’s theme was I Think I Love You by The Partridge Family. Then, when I looked for it, I saw another song that they did that I liked even more. It fit our prompt, so my choice for today is, You Are Always on My Mind by The Partridge Family.
(Incidentally, “I Think I Love You” became a far bigger hit.)
I really like the chorus in this song. I know that songs mean different things through associations we make with special times or moments but sometimes a song’s notes and chords are personally appealing the first time we hear them. That’s a marvel, just like the taste of food, to each individual.

The Partridge Family was a TV show that ran from 1970 to 1974 which were my own exact high school years. The combining of a TV show with a band producing quality songs made it a hit. I enjoyed it.
David Cassidy was a ‘teen heartthrob’ in those years. Another popular singer, Bobby Sherman, was making hits at the same time. Just like Coke or Pepsi, David or Bobby was a ‘thing’. Even though I wasn’t a flaky kind of groupie girl, I let my friends know that I chose ‘team David’ when asked. [As a note for my granddaughters one day, my heart had already been stolen by Guy Williams as Zorro years before.]

See the source image
Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy

Created by Bernard Slade, the TV series was inspired by and loosely based on The Cowsills, a real singing family in the late sixties. In fact, in its early development the Cowsill children were approached to be featured on the show, though that idea was quickly discarded (The Cowsills rejected the offer when producers wanted to replace their real-life mother Barbara in the cast).

The Cowsills

The show starred Shirley Jones as Mother Shirley Partridge and David Cassidy (Jones’ real-life stepson) as her son Keith. The remaining Partridge children were played by Susan Dey as Laurie, Danny Bonaduce as Danny, Jeremy Gelbwaks (replaced after one year by Brian Forster) as Chris, and Suzanne Crough as Tracy Partridge. Dave Madden played Reuben Kincaid, who was their manager and family friend.

“You Are Always On My Mind”

Wake up in the mornin’ feelin’ all right till I recall
You’re gone from my life and I stare like a dummy against the wall
Since you’ve been away, oh, yes, I am uptight
It’s a fact of my life I guess I’ll try to fight
I could be so good for you if I had that right
If I had that right

You are always on my mind
Have I gotta go through this old life
Day after day and find
You there on my mind

You are always on my mind
Have I gotta go through this old life
Day after day and find
You there on my mind

I don’t understand you at all but I don’t care
Still a lot of good love in our lives for us to share
You might think it’s sad, but I’m together now, yeah, you laugh, huh
I know it’s true I’m much better now
You ought to come on by and see for yourself just how
I’m much better now

You are always on my mind
Have I gotta go through this old life
Day after day and find
You there on my mind

You are always on my mind
Have I gotta go through this old life
Day after day and find
You there on my mind
[repeat and fade]


Tale Weaver- Fear

To My Granddaughters- FEAR NOT

If ever you are anxious,
Or frozen stiff with fear,
Remember that you have a brain,
Reason makes things clear.

There’s not a perfect answer.
You don’t need all the facts.
But using what God gave you
Uncomplicates most acts.

Think of worst scenarios.
Count your blessings too.
And manage your reaction
To weigh what’s best for you.

You have the tools to function,
Safety’s not assured.
Look inward for your power.
Trust Truth not what you’ve ‘heard’.

Success looks not like winning.
Struggles aren’t assigned.
Instincts solve no problems
Lest they’re filtered through your mind.

Your courage and your confidence,
Most prized tenacious gear,
Allows no one to shame you.
Relinquish not to fear.

Weekly Smile 5/10/21 – Blogging Delight


My most humbling smile this week came from a fellow blogger choosing to showcase my story.
I’m not going to add the link or pat myself on the back. It just ‘tickled me pink’.
My blog has been a relaxing enterprise mostly grounded in leaving my thoughts and creativity for my granddaughters to discover one day. I consider it a journal/time capsule.
But having another writer find worth in it was heart warming!
Doing writing prompts has been great fun. I love a challenge because I’m one of those people who can become bored easily by repetition. I’ve also learned that not every prompt ‘speaks to me’ and moving on is better than laboring over them. It’s not a contest in my mind.
Some of the posts from other writers are extraordinary! Their complexity and word crafting certainly exemplify an array of real talent. I’m not ashamed to admit, either, that some of the poetry I sincerely don’t even understand. I’ve learned that there are so many styles just as in visual art. Observing that buffet has revealed my own ‘style’ to me. I didn’t realize I had one. lol
All in all, I’ve found getting back to creative blogging something to smile about!

The Weekly Smile for the 10th of May, 2021 #weeklysmile | Trent’s World (the Blog) (trentsworld.blog)