The Sunday Muse # 245- 2/5/23 Rest in Peace

We are asked to find inspiration from an assortment of images. This is the one that I chose. It wasn’t clearly labeled to offer its creator credit. I apologize for that.

Heroes seek less for themselves than for ‘Good’,
But those courageous ones still long for peace.
The most daring hearts chase the “What should?”
Heroes seek less for themselves than for ‘Good’.
They won’t flinch as weaker souls would.
Where might we be if they ever cease?
Heroes seek less for themselves than for ‘Good’,
But those courageous ones still long for peace.

Looking for Joy and Finding Good

I was having an exchange with a blogger friend this morning when my cellphone went off. The song below is my current ringtone.

The topic of our conversation boiled down to an agreement that we are much more than our ‘political’ viewpoints. Let’s face it, somehow our enjoyment of everything has been damaged by media making all topics political.

I then looked up the clip from Sister Act:2 from which this joyful rendition came because it makes me happy.
Before me was Whoopi Goldberg, someone who is viciously political in ‘real life’…I looked past that.
Then I realized how long I’ve had ‘issues’ with the Catholic Church…I looked past that.
I further wondered if some people would be put off by any ‘religious’ theme… might they look past that?

What was before me was simply a heartwarming performance of a beautiful song by kids singing their hearts out in joy!

I love this clip. The song speaks to me. I didn’t need to entertain unpleasant aspects of what I could see. My heart is happy that I didn’t. I found the “beautiful” in it and the “beautiful” is getting harder to find.

Let’s all seek joy and goodness anywhere we can find it. Check our biases, complaints, and politics at the door and LOOK for it.
There’s a time and place for those things, of course, but without experiencing a BIG picture, now and then for balance, we’ll lose our humanity.

I’m willing to bet our media wants us to stay ‘lost’.

Please enjoy this clip with me. ❤

5 Things Tuesday- “anti-resolutions”- Just say “NO”

A friend of mine posted her ‘take’ on this prompt. Thought it was cool so here are mine:

1. I’m saying “NO” to accepting any guilt for things that happen beyond my control and outside of my influence.

2. I’m saying “NO” to wasting my leisure time on anything that doesn’t interest me.

3.I’m saying “NO” to “talking” more than I “listen”. [This one is hard for me and shouldn’t be confused with generically “agreeing” with what I hear.]

4.I’m saying “NO” to following ‘business as usual’ because “everyone else” thinks I should. [This is just a renewal of the attitude I already have.]

5. I’m saying “NO” to believing that a large majority of average, every day, Americans are not well-intentioned and ‘good’. [I already believe most people everywhere are ‘good’, but our media, government, and educational systems are doing their darndest to convince us that that is not true. I’m not falling for it.]

Choose Hope

Choices aren’t easy
Choices aren’t fair
Choices aren’t frequent
Most aren’t even there.

To homeschool expensive
Taxation is theft
Buy groceries or donate
No choices are left

Illegals who work
Are modern day slaves
There’s no one to tell
If the boss misbehaves

Parents need money
To cover the home
No choice to raise children
Instead let them roam

Speaking makes trouble
Voting unsound
No power or leverage
When corruptions abound

There’s little to choose from
No need to complain
Elites are not worried
Your choice their disdain.

There’s one thing remaining
One choice every day
Look up to our Maker
And learn how to pray

The best source of choices
Is believing there’s hope
Evil has no power
Once the meek learn to cope

Just existing is useless
Free people must thrive
With faith now our weapon
True choice we revive.

What’s eating me up?

It is very upsetting to me that I have lost so much faith in law makers, police officers and our courts.

Am I a victim of propaganda or a person who knows a corrupt reality?

I realize that our current media is much more efficient in showing and interested in the “bad” things that happen. Bad stuff has always gone on.

Greed will never be erased. Injustices make justice more precious.

Where can a person go to find answers rather than more questions?

I love our country deeply. Yes, our Star Spangled Banner gives me goosebumps. From where I sit, money or the lack of it, decides justice in our courts more often than values. The courts are deciding legislative matters, the people vote on referendums and are ignored. The rules for police officers and “big shots” are not the same as for the greater majority.

I do not think we should accept arguments about race or national origin. The REAL deal is about wealth and the power which comes from it.

I’m tired of the blame game. Tired of the every thing “has to be fair” argument. Mostly, the mistrust I have in our government is wearing me out. It is changing me…I want to believe in the goodness of folks. I want to believe that voters have intelligent arguments and reasons for their votes. I want to believe that our media hasn’t an agenda of its own.


Please convince me that I have nothing to fear.