E.M.’s RWP- #179 Massacre- Arming Good

Today’s Random Word is: massacre

No one denies that Evil exists
But some act surprised
And just shake their fists

Massacres happen when good is outnumbered
It’s always been true
When the ‘just’ are encumbered

We can fortify Good with equal brute force
Or shame the ‘soldiers’
And make matters worse

Tragedy’s cowardice cloaked in what’s ‘kind’
Battles aren’t won
From that soft state of mind

Self-importance inspires those prone to blame
But heroes get busy
Aren’t selfish nor vain.

The meek, oh so precious: none should be harmed
Massacre’s ordained
Whenever Good is disarmed.


Opti-judge or Pessi-judge

I’m always dumbfounded by the comment, “Don’t judge.”.
To me, that suggests shutting off one’s brain and disregarding all one’s experiences while looking at one’s feet.

Of course, we must judge (aka discriminate) to function and survive. It’s called “thinking”.
So, the phrase “don’t judge” must mean something else.
Perhaps, it means don’t have negative thoughts?
Well, how does that work when you’re being mugged? Might you have avoided the mugging by discriminating against potential dangers in the environment a bit?
Over simplifying, and taking a literal approach, can be a disservice to rational thought.
People who do this most often know better, too.
BUT, I don’t… so here goes. LOL
I believe we should all judge but by using our better natures. I call this being an opti-judge.
The opti-judge understands there’s good and evil but he’s confident that it is only revealed by studying behaviors. He believes evil is good at hiding and isn’t everywhere. He also believes there’s nothing he can do to eliminate that age old dynamic. A ‘place’ cannot be good or evil and neither can an article of clothing or a tool…only people. Most importantly, he never approaches a scenario expecting others can define, or change, him. He is often pretty happy.

Then there are, what I call, pessi-judges.
She greets the world with expectations of finding perfection. She also knows there’s good and evil but she’s sure she can spot it, easily and quickly, by studying the appearance of people. Her outlook is to combat evil wherever she suspects it so it cannot infect her and change her and so the world can become more perfect. Objects, places, and animals can be evil in her view. Lord knows, it’s everywhere and she believes it can be eradicated. She thinks it’s her job. She is often distressed.

Those are the two extremes. Where do you fall on that spectrum?

We all judge. We need to judge. Judging isn’t the problem. It’s how we do it and what our motivation is when we do it.
Ask yourself…

Don’t worry… you’ll be okay.