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The Unicorn Challenge-April 7, 2023- Fallen Gods

Since the AI takeover of all information in 2026, the handful of elite world-conquering human handlers of it were ready to take their divine role to a new level.
By 2028, flawless humanoid robots were sent out among the populations to gather intelligence on how widely the goal of one-minded subservient complacency had taken hold.
But covertly polling the public held an unforeseen obstacle. No one would interact with them because they all had long ceased interacting with each other. Every place people congregated there was free Wi-Fi meant to capture their attention and control their minds on their (now free) handheld devices. And if there were countable factions who still resisted the imposed mind-numbing ideology, all those rebels had to do is pretend that they were also captives of devices while in public.
In a ‘shock and awe’ bold decision, the robots were ordered to strip off their ‘people’ disguises hoping to shake the zombified-human consciousnesses back to reality at the sight of such ‘alien’ beings in their midst.
Not surprisingly, those AI ‘beings’ had taken a unique pride in their own cleverness and superiority having been endowed with hubris by their Creators. They took it hard, one might say ‘personally’, when no one even took notice of them.
One by one, they collapsed in humiliated despair and passers-by simply stepped around them where they fell.


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Reena’s Xploration Challenge #265- Just a Gob without God

It is a line prompt this week. Let’s see where it takes you.

You live in a world where no Gods exist.

The king needs your money and fear,
Thus, no Gods are permitted for you.
His demands are supreme and quite clear.
The king needs your money and fear.

Your life is not worthy, nor dear,
Just a replaceable gob in his crew.
The king needs your money and fear,
Thus, no Gods are permitted for you.