SoCS 10-29-22- Elemental Humility

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “element.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

The term “element” means a basic building block that more complicated principles, things, or beings, are built upon. Elements cannot be changed or created. They just ‘are’. You may call them ‘truths’ which are unchanging and undeniable.
Human beings are extremely complicated. There are layers of ‘inborn’ traits and then there are experiences which nudge them in multiple directions. In other words, every one of us is unique. When it comes to the current ‘diversity’ mania, it sadly overlooks this ‘truth’.
So why all the anxiety over instituting ‘diversity’ everywhere? Well, human beings love to simplify and make conclusions about everything. Actually, the search for the quintessential human ‘elements’ probably is an inborn purpose. Our curious nature drives us to explain everything and to truly explain anything means we need to start at the ‘roots’. There’s a problem though. First, human beings are not meant to nor have the capacity to understand, or even explain, everything. Secondly, many human beings don’t know (or refuse to believe) this.
All human beings have what I call “the oops factor”. I don’t care how educated or expert you may believe you are, ALL people make mistakes. Some are small, like forgetting your grocery list, and some are large, like the oft seen headline, “Scientists Baffled”.
So why the nearly ‘religious’ reliance on what ‘experts’ say these days? Furthermore, why the vitriolic movement to quell any questioning of ‘experts’?
There are likely more reasons than I can ‘see’ but taking my human limitations into consideration, I still think it’s good to offer my viewpoint to the discussion.

The ‘elephant in the room’ at the elemental level of human hubris is the arrogance that accompanies the lack of belief in a Creator. You don’t have to ‘buy’ any specific religious dogma to realize there are unexplainable forces at work. Such forces which human beings are not the commanders of even if they care to label them.
Socrates- a fulltime thinker- believed he actually knew ‘nothing’. That realization of his own limitation of full understanding made everything else he said all the more valuable, IMHO. Humility is key. You cannot have humility when you believe YOU are all powerful and all knowing, aka God.

(The concept of ‘perfect‘ as something attainable in ANY human life has also done more harm to human happiness (and many marriages 😉 ) than any other concept, IMHO. I purposefully refrain from using that term… especially around children.)

Those who can repeat the term ‘settled science’ with a straight face certainly need a humility ‘injection’ along with their Covid shot.
In our current oversimplified, secular, celebrity ‘worshipping’, culture there’s a tragically low level of humility and an even more tragic reverence for “expert” opinion. Add to that a few generations who had their ‘self-esteem’ artificially inflated and were told that THEY can (and are entitled to) do anything they choose, you get a hopelessly incurious and compliant population. They’re even easier to turn against each other with this empirical mindset. This makes Marxists salivate with glorious expectations.

There’s one ‘truth’ when it comes to Communism, the central element of which is the capture of the minds of people in order to dominate them… Religion must be eliminated. The religious, and or, the ‘thinkers’ who cannot worship the government as “all knowing” because of their own humility, are dangerous to the effort of creating a ‘collective’ of unquestioning serfs.

IMHO- Any society’s measurable freedom is unequivocally linked to the amount of leadership humility and human humility is undeniably linked to the belief in a Creator. That’s why Freedom of Speech and Freedom to Worship are elemental to our country’s prosperity and survival. I’ll defend those two elements any way I can.

Happy Saturday everyone! Embrace your beautiful uniqueness today!

E.M.’s RWP~#304- Something in a Name

Today’s Random Word is: changeling

Telesphore had always been an unusual child… even more unusual than his name. His Mom called him her “little changeling” and told him stories about faeries leaving him in place of a mortal boy. His Grandma, on his father’s side, was the only grandparent he ever knew. She took many opportunities to whisper, “God has very special plans for you.” in his ear. Both explanations came from his ability to predict the future.
The first inkling of his gift was his announcement that the family car had a “tummy ache” at the age of 3. He cried and gripped his own tummy as his parents packed for a road trip ignoring their little guy’s already emerging vivid imagination. When the fuel pump gave up 40 miles down the road stranding them and delaying their trip for days, Tel’s parents started paying attention to his predictions.
When he was 11, Tel asked about the origin of his name. It was only then that he was told about his great-grandfather Mearle Telesphore Jackson who had sacrificed himself to save his company in WWII. He had had a premonition of an ambush and betrayed his own position shouting out a warning. During the discussion, his mom claimed that Tel had inherited his “fortunetelling gift” from him.
Years later, Tel and his college wrestling team went on a Rocky Mountain hiking trip. Suddenly, a grizzly bear pounced on his teammate and began tearing at his flesh. Tel didn’t hesitate for a second jumping on the bear while grabbing its ears in an unselfish effort to help. The bear immediately turned its wrath on him, knocking him to the ground, tearing him up, and puncturing many of his limbs. Tel played dead until the bear wandered off leaving the two young men bleeding from critical wounds. Somehow, they managed to hike far enough back down the trail to receive help.
The next day, Tel was heralded a hero! His Mom, once relieved he would make it, asked him why he hadn’t foreseen the attack since the pattern of his premonitions had always been about events that would involve him directly.
He claimed to have wondered that too in the earliest moments of his recovery, while his life was in question. Then, Telesphore Merle Jackson gave her a most profound answer:
“Mom, I think my premonitions weren’t actually anything more than ‘lucky guesses’, or perhaps, they may have been subliminal messages from God. I happened to look up the definition for my name this morning. It means “puts others before himself”. It wasn’t a gift of foretelling the future that was most meaningful to my life after all, but the name Great Grandad and I share.”

I heard a about this real-life story of heroism yesterday and was so impressed that I wanted to weave it into a fictional tale.
Here’s the REAL Hero!

Sunday Poser #99- 9/25/22

I compare myself to no one. Each day I count my blessings and set my sights on being a better version of myself.
There’s always room for improvement, IMHO.
I struggle, though, with trying to remain tolerant of others while feeling the need to ‘speak up’ in the face of evil and wrongdoing. The phrase “In order for evil to flourish it requires good men to do nothing.” looms large in my heart.
On a personal level, I try to be kind, forgiving, and tolerant and I save my ‘speaking out’ for topics, ideologies, and policies. I can ‘love’ individual people but in no way feel that I have any requirement to approve of their actions or philosophies.
I can be influenced by well-reasoned arguments, but I can never be bought, shamed or intimidated into doing (or believing in) anything I feel is unethical or immoral. Ultimately this makes me sometimes sound opinionated and/or intolerant of those who believe ‘making waves’ is ‘hate’ and uniform compliance is ‘kindness’.
With all due respect, I don’t allow the opinions of others to define me or threaten me, because I never lose sight of my faithfulness to God and being able to live with myself.
As far as forgiving myself, here’s a song I taught my day care kids many years ago. I still live by it. Enjoy!

Six Sentence Story- Given the Chance


8:05 am- Daniel knew serious trouble was brewing on the crime ravaged side street and patted his holstered revolver beneath his shirt while speeding up to avoid the impending mayhem and get to work on time.

When he opened his eyes, he could see three EMTs frantically working on someone below him as he seemed suspended in midair.

The last thing he remembered was riding his bicycle along the city street and hearing a succession of fireworks? … no, gunshots!

A woman’s anguished scream drew his attention to a limp bloody baby being placed in tiny body bag while police formed a human perimeter holding back a gathering crowd.

He regretted immediately his reluctance to stop and attempt to protect the vulnerable innocent people who were caught unaware and unarmed, so he decided to strike a bargain and declared, “Lord, give me another chance to save that baby… I care not what happens to me but let me do what’s right!”.

8:06 am- Daniel knew serious trouble was brewing on the crime ravaged side street and patted his holstered revolver beneath his shirt while skidding his bicycle to a halt…

d’Verse Poets Pub- When’s Your Birthday? April 11th

Choose at least one #1 hit (on your birthday) and include it, using the exact wording of the song’s title, in your poem. Be sure to credit the song(s) and artist(s) at the end of your poem. You may or may not choose to share the year of the song….but do share the date!

Ever since I was a little kid,
I’ve been hooked on a feeling
That Nature is proof of God.

I spent countless hours
Watching the sky, sniffing, and listening.
Relishing all my senses.

I came to, now, know,
Nature answers the questions
That God wants us to ask.

Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede was #1 for only one week in 1974 encompassing my 18th birthday on April 11th.

Random Word Story #35 ~ The Birth of Her Future



I can’t remember ever feeling sane. If I try to imagine sensible days, I see flashes of 8mm film. There are kids running under sprinklers and babies taking their first steps, then someone smiles and blows out all the birthday candles. All goes dark.
I open my eyes hearing the movie film slapping itself with its tail and scream out loud. Slamming my brakes, the world spins beyond the windshield. That same world I’m unable to navigate, for once , looks just like I feel.
Stiff armed and legs locked, moments later I’m facing from whence I came. The following quiet is unnatural; no motor, no sirens, no bystanders…nothing. I’m on a road in the middle of nowhere. Just to test my hearing, I start whistling. Give my ears a tug too, just to see if I am alive. How else could I tell? Numbness had taken over years ago.

My headlights illuminate a tunnel.

“Oh, didn’t I mention it’s the middle of the night?”

The most pleasant voice I could ever imagine answers. “It doesn’t matter. I don’t race to conclusions like the others. Go on…”

I crack open the car door and the dome light comes on. In the rearview mirror, I notice my hat hasn’t lost its place in the chaos. Good old hat. It comforts me like my grandmother’s hand on my head when I was a child.

I normally shy away from dark places but this tunnel compels me toward it. As I enter, I can make out a light at the end. It beckons me. There’s nothing complex about a choice between darkness and light.

The tunnel narrows quickly until I feel squeezed. With no option of escape, I fold my arms and release myself from all trepidation. Weightlessness… this must be how pure joy feels.

“Rachel? Wake up…can you hear me?” The OR nurse taps the bottom of my feet. She speaks in a soft singsong voice. “The operation was a success, dear. No more brain tumor.”

Then, that most pleasant voice I could ever imagine whispers…

“I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for.”  (Jeremiah 29:11)