Haibun Wednesday- Go Dog Go Cafe- Cracking Up

Prompt: crack or cracks

I find so much humor in everyday life. So, when I was about to make a humorous observation during a most serious family discussion, I started “cracking up”. I became breathless, almost hysterical, from my bizarre observation unable to verbalize it. The faces and atmosphere around the table brightened. The weighty ‘stone’ of our dismay developed immediate cracks.
While I convulsed with laughter attempting to convey my thought, my sister started laughing uncontrollably too, as the rest grinned patiently waiting for my punchline.
Whatever it was on that specific occasion, good things resulted. Spirits were lifted and I started getting far fewer invitations to examine dark family topics.

Dark clouds impose themselves
Before a downpour
Light pauses unencumbered


Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge- For Ollie

Todays prompt: Use “never again” in a poem

He kissed my nose.
The pup chose me.
I hugged him tightly
My heart pure glee.
We had a life.
A sacred long bond.
No before or after
Nothing beyond.
His face grew grey
His joy slipped low
I knew, one day,
To let him go.
Never again! I cried.
Can’t go through such pain!
But to honor his memory
I chose to love once again…

Missing my dear friend Ollie. 2004-2019.


Norah… rescued 2019


Writing Prompt: A place that inspires me.

Between the covers, fresh and white,
The sweetest fragrances delight.
With all the turnings; sleepy dreams,
A soul amongst inspired themes.
This present pause: the wall clock stops,
Translucent images and props.
I’m not asleep yet not “all there”.
A place betwixt the “what” and “where”.
My favored station, berth, and nook,
I’m elsewhere bound inside a book.

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: Tuesday, February 9, 2020 | Go Dog Go Café (godoggocafe.com)

Go Dog Go Café Tuesday Prompt: Finding Home

~Response to Tuesday Writing Prompt at GodogGo café~

Today’s prompt: Write a piece of prose around the phrase: “I never want that again”.

greyscale photography of woman wearing long sleeved top
Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com

Pearl’s whole life was one disaster after another.
She was orphaned at age six then spent twelve years in a foster care home. Today, on this glorious day, was her 18th birthday. She was SUPER ready to spread her wings. Her bitter life during all those years was over, and today, was her liberation day! As she packed her bags to set off to freedom, she looked into her bedroom mirror.

“I never want that again. I don’t have anyone and don’t need anyone.”

Pearl would begin her search for a REAL home, right away. Her worst days were behind her now. As she finished up, she recalled what she would never be missing…

When she was nine she’d fallen off of her bike, on this very date, breaking her collar bone. Her foster sister, Joy, had pushed her too hard on that royal blue birthday bike with white tassels and a silver horn. Her foster parents, Karen and Gene, didn’t believe her and always took Joy’s side! She refused to ever ride it again, of course.

“For sure!” she mumbled.

At Christmas, she had the yucky green stocking and hated that Joy (three years younger) got to put the angel on the tree top, EVERY YEAR! Santa never gave her what she wanted either. She always put her wish for a “real” home, first.

“Stupid kid dreams. Ugh!”

Gene, nag, nag, nagged her about her friends and if she’d done her homework.
He constantly shouted at her to stop kicking Joy under the dinner table!
Karen was even pushier! She MADE her take dancing lessons and insisted upon holding her hand when she was sick. Not only that, she incessantly corrected her grammar because she said ‘it was important not to appear ignorant.’

“Geez… power hungry do-gooders!”

Pearl waltzed out the front door, suitcase in hand, and walked down the concrete steps.
“I learned to roller skate launching from those.” She grinned a little.
As she struggled to unlatched the sticky front gate, she remembered it saving her from the “mean girls” who had chased her home daily, in eighth grade, during an entire marking period. When Karen found out, she went straight to the principal. It stopped there after.
“Good ole gate.” She patted it as it squeaked closed.

Everything was about to change. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. As she reached the corner, Pearl snuck a last glance at the house. She was going to miss the place, anyway. She couldn’t help but notice Karen wiping her eyes partially hidden in the drapes. “Karen was never any good at spying on me.” she sighed.

It was a Monday when Pearl set off to become a woman and fled her past to find her place in the world.
By Tuesday, she’d found a home!
She sat down lightly at the dinner table. That life long heavy chip on her shoulder was gone. No one had asked her to explain her escape.
It was absolutely warm and welcoming.

A squeal came out of nowhere!

“Pearl, please stop kicking Joy under the table!”



Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: Tuesday, 25, 2020 – phrase: “I never want that again”

Tuesday Writing Prompt February 18, 2020: “Dangerous Thoughts”

While seated on the bridge railing, I studied the horizon. Out of nowhere, a deep voice startled me away from my thoughts.

“Don’t do it. Then again, who am I to tell you what to do? Go ahead. ”

I looked up and there sat a pigeon. He was staring directly down at me. I glanced around to make sure this wasn’t a joke. “Someone must be messing with me.” I thought. But, nobody was there . I was alone.

“You… you talking to me?” I squeaked as I whispered. It felt silly for sure. I was talking to a pigeon? Could this day get any crazier?

“Yup. You don’t see anyone else do you Einstein? Why are you whispering? I’m not with the FBI. You’re not being taped. Speak up!”

“How’d you know what I was thinking? Where’d you come from? Mind YOUR OWN BUSINESS!”

” That’s more like it, Arnold. I knew you had a backbone. Those were dangerous thoughts you were just considering. Killing yourself  would be such a waste. You’re no coward. I know. ”

“How’d you know my name?! A talking, mind reading, pigeon? I’m losing it alright. Oh God… Give me strength! ”

“The BIG MAN ain’t here. He’s down South. Hurricane season, ya know. He sent me instead. I’ll have to do.”

” What in heaven’s name do you want?! ”

” I want to thank you, that’s all. You shooed away that cat and placed me in a tree when I bounced off of your windshield last week. Remember? You took a real chance slamming on your breaks and jumping to my rescue during noontime traffic. Oh boy, that guy behind you was really mad! By the way, is a “son of motherless goat” a real thing? How’s my beak look?  Hasn’t felt the same since… Don’t look at me like that! This talking thing is new to me. I LIKE it! ” 

I felt numb. My mouth was dry and my head ached. After an awkward silence, he went on…

” Any coo, THANKS pal. ”

Suddenly, it started to pour. It was a cloud burst! I was instantly soaked to the skin. My body shivered uncontrollably and all I wanted, now, was a hot shower and a warm meal. The boss, the bills, and all those regrets , could wait. I needed to go HOME!

I wanted to RUN but shielded my eyes from the rain and paused just in time to see the pigeon fly away.
All I could do was shout after him.

“You’re WELCOME!”