E.M.’s RWP~#304- Something in a Name

Today’s Random Word is: changeling

Telesphore had always been an unusual child… even more unusual than his name. His Mom called him her “little changeling” and told him stories about faeries leaving him in place of a mortal boy. His Grandma, on his father’s side, was the only grandparent he ever knew. She took many opportunities to whisper, “God has very special plans for you.” in his ear. Both explanations came from his ability to predict the future.
The first inkling of his gift was his announcement that the family car had a “tummy ache” at the age of 3. He cried and gripped his own tummy as his parents packed for a road trip ignoring their little guy’s already emerging vivid imagination. When the fuel pump gave up 40 miles down the road stranding them and delaying their trip for days, Tel’s parents started paying attention to his predictions.
When he was 11, Tel asked about the origin of his name. It was only then that he was told about his great-grandfather Mearle Telesphore Jackson who had sacrificed himself to save his company in WWII. He had had a premonition of an ambush and betrayed his own position shouting out a warning. During the discussion, his mom claimed that Tel had inherited his “fortunetelling gift” from him.
Years later, Tel and his college wrestling team went on a Rocky Mountain hiking trip. Suddenly, a grizzly bear pounced on his teammate and began tearing at his flesh. Tel didn’t hesitate for a second jumping on the bear while grabbing its ears in an unselfish effort to help. The bear immediately turned its wrath on him, knocking him to the ground, tearing him up, and puncturing many of his limbs. Tel played dead until the bear wandered off leaving the two young men bleeding from critical wounds. Somehow, they managed to hike far enough back down the trail to receive help.
The next day, Tel was heralded a hero! His Mom, once relieved he would make it, asked him why he hadn’t foreseen the attack since the pattern of his premonitions had always been about events that would involve him directly.
He claimed to have wondered that too in the earliest moments of his recovery, while his life was in question. Then, Telesphore Merle Jackson gave her a most profound answer:
“Mom, I think my premonitions weren’t actually anything more than ‘lucky guesses’, or perhaps, they may have been subliminal messages from God. I happened to look up the definition for my name this morning. It means “puts others before himself”. It wasn’t a gift of foretelling the future that was most meaningful to my life after all, but the name Great Grandad and I share.”

I heard a about this real-life story of heroism yesterday and was so impressed that I wanted to weave it into a fictional tale.
Here’s the REAL Hero!


d’Verse Poetics-August- A Place on a Map

For today’s Poetics, I want you all to write a poem about August. Feel it in your bones. Come tell us what the month means to you. You can write about it in terms of weather and mood, write inspired by the examples shared above or opt to compose a darker, more philosophical piece. The choice is yours!

There you are, August,
One step below the ‘top’.
Stretched longest on my ‘map’
Born from a child’s viewpoint.

Lazily I’ll climb toward September along your pathway.

[ I was 60 years old before I found my answer to a lifelong question. “Doesn’t everybody visualize months of the year in a 3D realm?” After years of blank dumbfounded responses to my statements about “seeing” numbers, days of the week, and months of the year, in three dimensions, I found out that I have Spatial Sequence Synesthesia! Those with this viewpoint have uniquely individual “mental maps” of all kinds of sequences. It’s a fascinating gift/defect caused by overlapping senses. Children are born with overlapping senses but supposedly outgrow them. Not everyone! Synesthesia takes MANY forms. I encourage everyone to look it up.
As for my poem, the mention of any month draws an immediate visual personal response. I’ve attached a link to my former post on the topic.]


MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt- The Quiet One

Today’s Sunday Writing Prompt is: The Quiet One

Image from pixabay.com

Angel was named after her great-grandmother. But, it became more of a burden, than anything charming, early on.
Beside the fact that half the people who read it, called her Angle, it represented a level of grace and goodness impossible to live up to.
Being a gorgeous child was another mixed blessing. Blue eyes that any Snow Queen would envy and thick golden curls spun from sunlight itself.

But the worst inheritance great-grandma passed on, was also a really big secret she never expected because along with her great-grandmother’s name, and beauty, she had inherited her ‘gift’. It was never talked about even after Angel learned that she could look into people’s eyes and see their souls. Her family NEVER acknowledge it.
Angel first recognized her ability when she was four and the mail carrier knocked on her door asking if she might unlock it to receive a package. She peeked through the mail slot as the man stooped and said, “You’re such a lovely little girl. I have some candy in my truck. Come on out, sweetie.”. When she met his eyes, his face turn into an ugly troll which sent her screaming to find her mother!
From that day on, she denied eye contact as often as she could and according to multiple doctor evaluations, was soon labeled ‘simple’ so very little was ever asked of her and few even knew she existed.
Angel was 20 before she left her house. A memorial service for her tragically killed, lifelong caregiving parents, required it. Thankfully, people dabbed their eyes with tissues and closed them in prayer, so no one needed to be ‘looked at’ directly. Her curse never worked when she watched TV or videos. She actually wondered if she’d outgrown it but was terrified to try.
Whispers that she overheard at the funeral all had the term “Quiet one.” in reference to her.

Then people crowded to a podium to speak. Angel knew her future was going to open her to the world soon so she took a chance. It was heavenly! She was surrounded by breathtakingly colorful shining souls. A weight was lifted and she shook everyone’s hands thanking them.
She walked to the store, and went to the library, thereafter. “Pretty people” were everywhere!
Angel blossomed and got a custodian job at a church with a tiny congregation. She still avoided crowds but empty buildings weren’t a problem and she held her head up again. Some, ‘Pretty people’ became her friends.

A disturbance broke out in the alley one day, as she took out the garbage. Two young men had chased a businessman, knocked him down, and had stolen his wallet. She rushed to help him to stand. He claimed to be okay so she turned to reenter her parish, and lock up, when a voice behind her said, ” You’re a lovely girl. Stay here sweetie. I’ve got candy. “
Angel charged through the door and bolted it.
When she peaked through the barred windows, she fainted.

(500 words)

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Sunday Writing Prompt, July 18/21 – The Quiet One | Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie (wordpress.com)

Spatial Sequence Synesthesia


Imagine you can step from one day to the next in three-dimensional space. I can.
Not only that, but I have a three-dimensional “map” for everything that has a numerical sequence. They aren’t all the same. I didn’t copy anyone.
Since I was a child, I’d ask people (when the conversations seemed most intimate), “How do you ‘see’ numbers?”. It took me decades of blank stares and vacant expressions to find out I wasn’t crazy… I have a gift.
My mind created my own personal universe of dates and times!
The study of this phenomenon is quite new. Compiling statistics is difficult because, for many who have it, it’s natural. You may have it.
My discovery was made possible by explaining my “sight” to an online poet friend. After all, poets exist in an alternate realm and especially appreciate bizarre viewpoints, right?
So I took a chance.
She said, ” That sounds like a form of synesthesia.”
I’d never heard of synesthesia! Whoa! My search was about to end and validation was about to be mine. Not only did I learn about myself, I found out about dozens of kinds of “synesthetes”. Some are way more unusual than I. Thank goodness, I feel my synesthesia is a gift. Many find their own version a curse.
Please explore this topic. If you have a lot of interaction with children, learn to watch for signs of them pointing to numbers in space, or looking down toward Saturday. You may have the answer that they long to hear.

~Special thanks to Jamie Dedes. Poet extraordinaire!~



Build an Artist

BeFunky_003katpaintingMy 7-year-old granddaughter presented me with this wonderful watercolor painting. Her mother told me that Kat had labored over it for a long time.

According to the artist, it is a self-portrait in a green field on a sunny day. She added a flock of crows for her bird-loving grandmother. As she explored the watercolor medium, her smile “bled” downward. Kat’s mom told me that she was not at all discouraged by that event. As all artists do, she embraced the “accident” and exclaimed, “I like that. Now, my clothes look brighter.”

Katherine had originally planned to give her masterpiece to me for my birthday but April would be just too long to wait. I will be buying a frame for my Kat Original this weekend and have already reserved a spot to display it above our TV. Of course, I insisted that she sign and date her work.

The sparkle in her eyes is something that I’ll never forget. She gasped when I showed her where her work would hang. This reminded me of how important it is to marvel at the artwork kids produce. First, it’s just plain beautiful. Secondly, it is the building of an artist … our way of showing them how wonderfully unique and precious artistic expression is.

The TV show Everybody Loves Raymond was a comedy that drew its humor from poking fun at a family’s “dysfunctional” moments. I noticed one thing, that I hope you will look for, if you had not already noticed. Children’s drawings were framed and displayed on the walls of their home. I loved seeing that and this blog post seemed a good place to bring that up. 🙂

Toy Fads From My Childhood Days

Should have been a cowboy…

Ride’m Cowboy

There is no doubt where my ideals came from when you realize how “big” the cowboy and western culture was when I was a kid.

My grandparents sent me a shiny metal pair of six-guns (cap guns)in a black leather double holster for my 6th or 7th birthday. The finely tooled leather sported the knight chess piece emblem from “Have Gun Will Travel”. (Wish I still had them today!)

They were heavy and looked real! I don’t believe I have ever felt more awesome than when I buckled on those peace-makers. The smell of leather and sulfur still make goosebumps.

Most of my heroes were male since females, in those days, were portrayed as weak and vain.

I never thought of hurting anyone with those guns. I find the present culture is blaming guns for violence when they might due well to focus the blame on the break down of the family unit and the crumbling morality in this culture. There are “good guys” and “bad guys” whether it is politically correct to say it or not.

Larry the Cable Guy said it best,” If guns can be blamed for killing people then my pencil can be blamed for bad spelling.”

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Creative Project # 9 Thoughts of You

"Thougts of You" bottle

Above is an example of what I call a “Thoughts of You” bottle.

Our family has made them, for special people, for many years. The one above, was made by my sister, in 1993, for me.

What a wonderful, thoughtful gift they make. The materials needed are:

  • white (clear drying) glue
  • a nicely shaped bottle (washed and dried)
  • a paint brush
  • scissors
  • an assortment of magazines and catalogs
  • Clear acrylic spray-on gloss finish

Start by collecting many cut-out images and words or phrases that remind you of that person. (I start an envelope and collect them over a month or so.)

Mix the white glue with a touch of water. You’ll want it to spread easily.

Apply the larger photos first by dabbing some glue onto the bottle, adding the picture,then smoothing it against the bottle with the same brush.

You need not wait for them to dry…apply them in a collage, then allow your finished bottle to dry. You will get better at keeping the cut-outs wrinkle free with practice.

The dried bottle need only be sprayed with an acrylic sealer to make it hand washable. You may even turn it into a vase and add flowers.

It’s a joy to make and even more of one to receive!