Six Sentence Story- A Parable of US

Prompt word: fountain

There once was an exceptionally beautiful fountain built by a like-minded community with years of blood, sweat, and tears creating a dynamic cohesion, as well as, a prideful shared tradition associated with that noble, purposeful, creation.

Once the news that such a marvel existed reached other communities, many people made a pilgrimage to see it and many of these people became enchanted by the cohesive success of this unique village therefore deciding to stay.

Those who stayed, eagerly embraced the successful traditions and purpose from which this fountain had sprung so, as the community grew, it never accepted any challenges to ‘change’ by outside forces and kept all progressive changes made- an internal all-for-one decision- with only a few exceptions.

There eventually came a time, dear reader, that the success and prosperity of the ‘community of the fountain’ was known throughout the world and the numbers who came to behold the fountain were vast, yet the generous community welcomed them all to stay and told them to add their own traditions to the community with one stipulation- never were they to deface or dismantle the founders’ fountain.

Sadly, opportunists finally made their way to the community and partook of the bountiful sweet water but refused neither to honor the fountain nor the traditions that created it, and in so doing, added only their own vision for its maintenance by carving their names (and modifications) into its structure.

The ‘community of the fountain’ has now endured many years of self-serving disrespect and internal erosion of its original beautiful purpose and it’s clear that the once unique marvel of the world may not survive much longer as the fountain’s foundation is crumbling and the sweet water running out.

That Selfish 1%…a reminder.

I found this photo and story on Facebook. As I have had politics on my mind lately, I’ll dare to make another controversial statement. Actually, I want this to be food for thought when you hear any comment started with “That 1%…”.

Denzel Washington recently visited the Brooks Army Medical Center (BAMC) in Antonio, Texas. He was introduced to recovering soldiers and made aware of what is called Fisher Houses. They are the military equivalent of Ronald Mac Donald Houses, housing families of the injured soldiers for little or no cost while they recover from wounds in the battlefields. He asked how much a Fisher House cost and made out a check for the full amount right on the spot.

Not only does the rich 1% reinvest in America and pay the largest portion of our tax bill, they donate on the side.(I don’t care if donations can become deductions.) I fear that they are becoming vilified in the recent political climate. Wonder why the TV media did not report this? Hmmmmmm.

Way to go Mr. Washington! I salute you. We all thank-you.

A kind word

There’s no substitute for the feeling one gets from being generous. Even though it is hard for little kids to share, they catch on to that feeling. We want kids to develop this generous nature but I do not think we should reward them with gifts.  I award my day care friends with a kind word and a hug. By giving kids rewards of tangible objects, we are sending the message that they get some thing for all their kindness. Isn’t what we want them to learn that kindness is its own reward?

I’ve had fun through the years training my pet dogs. I am no expert but I have read and studied about dog training. At the risk of sounding weird, I think toddler training and puppy training are very similar. I’ve noticed that the commands that I use are the same. Sit,stay,wait,come,good boy, are applicable to kids.

Kids and dogs both want the same thing. Positive attention is their favorite reward. They just really want to please their care giver more than anything.

My Jack Russell Terrier can be a stubborn little cus. I’ll let him out,once in awhile, in the middle of one of these balmy nights to do his business. I can tell he would prefer to linger. On occasion, I have lost my cool and growled at him to hurry up! I finally found the key. I start praising him in a gentle voice. “Come on my good boy.” “That’s MY good boy”. Works every time. I follow it with a few warm pats. (offering him a piece of ham never worked.) The essence is to make him want to come in. I use our friendship as the prize and he deems that a great trade.

My favorite prize for my children is a comment, “You made me smile!” or “I can tell that that made you feel good. Way to go!” A kind word and a hug  is a very powerful tool when it is sincere. Certainly, it is rewarding to all!