FSS #5- For Richer or Poorer

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This week’s Story Starter teaser is:
Sometimes it hard to know the difference between...

a poor person and a rich one.”, Monty pondered as their Jeep slowed and stopped.
Immediately, 15 children came running all smiles and giggles to where he was.
He handed out lollipops to scrambling hands and squeals as he approached the main hut in the remote village. It was the only structure that had survived the brush fire unscathed.
The chieftain rose and extended his hand when he entered. His smile and body language was welcoming and warm.
Outside, the kids were now chasing a crudely sewn ball of fur with a stick and laughing. Two days before, a brush fire had nearly wiped them out.
Everyone stopped and cheered. Monty stepped into the beating sun as three men guided their 4 cows back into the village square. All had survived!
Moments later, several men were spotted carrying large bundles of sticks on their backs for new hut building, and repair, prompting another round of cheers that inspired a native dance party.
Monty suddenly had a flash back to the University riot he witnessed just before traveling abroad. A mob of students had broken all the classroom windows in a building where a biology professor had stated, “There’s only two genders.” . That professor barely escaped with his life under the mayhem, anger, and tears of outrage! Bricks were thrown by miserably unhappy students, who paid $60,000.00 a year to have the opportunity to be there, while claiming to be ‘oppressed’ and ‘endangered’ by mere words.
Monty was awakened back to reality when he felt a tug on his pant leg and looked into the eyes of a giggling, nearly toothless, 5 year old who was inviting him to join their dance. He decided exactly then, that wealth had not a THING to do with money.

Fandango’s Story Starter #5 – This, That, and The Other (fivedotoh.com)

Friday Fictioneers 4/24/21- Terribly Revealing

PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart

“Hi, this is Jan from the Gender Studies department. How are you?”
“Fine. What’s this about?”
“We heard that you’re having a ‘gender reveal’ tonight on the canal. As a professor at our University, we strongly suggest you cancel.”
” Why?”
“We don’t believe your ‘reveal’ is consistent with our values.”
“And unless you cancel, we’ll have to reconsider your position here.”
“My decision to announce my child’s sex is a problem?”
“Its gender can’t be determined. I’m trying to educate you.”

That evening,Tracy joyfully learned she would have a daughter.
The University would hear from her lawyer.
(100 words)

For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers


There are people who just never pay attention to the gender of animals.  You know some of them, I’m sure.

The folks who insist that all cats are female and all dogs are male. (What do you suppose they think about Lady Bird Bugs?)

Well, I figured that they just haven’t had “easy access” to information that they really could care less about.

Since, parents,grandparents and caregivers are the earliest teachers for our kids and, kids knowing about nature ,is a passion of mine, I decided to offer quick posts of scientific facts for Kids of All Ages. Your kids will ask questions and wouldn’t it be great to have some answers “at the ready”?

I’m starting with frogs today.

How can we tell a girl frog from a boy frog?

Green frogs are easy once you know what to look for.

Frogs have circles behind their eyes. These are called tympanum. (a hearing organ/gland in frogs and toads)

Tympanum is also another term for drum. So a tympanum is a frog’s eardrum.


In females, the tympanum is about the same size as her eye.

In males, the tympanum is larger than his eye.

In Green Frogs, mature males have bright yellow throats. They puff these up to show off and to let everyone know who’s the boss in the area.

Green Frogs are not always green…they range from many shades of green to shades of brown.

These posts will be compiled under Nature Knowledge in my categories. Hope they are helpful and interesting. 🙂

* Unless otherwise noted, all photos are my own.