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Simply 6-Minutes 5/16/23 Dad’s Revenge

We are challenged to write a story about the photo below in only 6 minutes.

James Hale AKA “Tank” had been a biker since he could remember. He had the tats, the beard, and the rebel attitude that accompanied his lifestyle too. He never had any ‘brushes’ with the law but had seen lots of gnarly stuff go down. It was a life for “losers”.
Now that he had finally settled down and had kids, his biker club days were reduced to weekend rides, and he forbade any of his “brothers” to come to his house. He’d gotten through the rough life but understood how toxic it could be for his impressionable children. He wanted so much more for them.
His son, to his dismay, started sneaking around and showing an interest in a ‘gang mentality’, so Tank decided that he’d have to do something outrageous to damage the son’s ‘street cred’ to get him off that path.
Tank went so far as to show up to his fifteen-year old’s secret clubhouse dressed as a fairy. The “gang” laughed their butts off, but Tank’s son couldn’t live the embarrassment down and was ‘kicked to the curb’ by the punks.
Tank further warned his furious son that if his grades didn’t rise, he’d show up at school in the outfit and walk him home every day.

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SoCS 5-13-23 Judge for Yourself

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “starts with over.” Find a word that starts with “over” and use it for your prompt. Enjoy!

The use of ‘over‘ as a prefix is another way that human beings feel the need to stick their noses into everyone’s business. It’s more often used as a redundant emphasizer or modifier that means nothing more than someone’s behavior is “too much”. ( Bossy ain’t it?)
It’s a way of being overbearing on the oversensitive or the overachieving to infer they’re outside of an acceptable boundary. (Who made that boundary? How dare they!)
I can make that observation and I’m sure I’ll be as guilty as anyone of still using “over” but the use of it (in most cases) is clearly judgmental.
Using ‘over‘ as a prefix is ‘overdone’ IMHO. 😂
When you think about these terms that we often use just remove the ‘over‘ and you find something that you need not have even brought up.

Overthinking… He’s thinking alright. Hope he doesn’t go overboard.
Overcompensating…Yep, way to compensate fella.
Overstated… How might she state it in fewer words?
Overtired… Tired isn’t bad enough?
Overused… I used it once already. Not again?

By adding ‘over‘ the person is obviously making a judgement on something. Take the prefix away, and you wouldn’t need to mention those obvious things. I’ve been overtly sarcastic and had my ‘tongue in my cheek’ the whole time in this stream of consciousness. I hope my thoughts don’t seem overblown or overcritical or overly serious, because I’m just playing with you. LOL
~Made you think though.~

Happy Saturday Friends. Over-and-out.

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Simply 6-Minutes 4/4/23- One Special Bear

The challenge is to write a story using the prompt image below in only 6 minutes.

Emmet was not only the happiest bear in the whole world, but he was also a very special one. Ordinarily the special animals born in the wild don’t have much of a chance at happiness, but Emmet was lucky enough to have a supportive family and community.
From his appearance, they all realized early on that Emmet had the animal version of *Down’s Syndrome.
As he grew, everyone was patient and protective of him. What he gave back were endless smiles and giggles. Emmet loved making other bears happy through laughter and even though he wasn’t always sure what made him so funny, he didn’t really care.
Pictured above, Emmet plays hide-and seek.
Emmet was indeed a special bear.

* Down syndrome is unique to only human chromosomes, however, animals can have similar mental illnesses to what humans can have1While it is not exactly the same disease as down syndrome, animals like tigers, dogs, monkeys, lions etc., can have similar visual and mental characteristics1For example, white tigers2, mice2, cats2 and many other animals have been found to have similar genetic disorders.