Day Care Adventures- Welcome Back

As a person who spreads herself too thin, the fact that I had started a second blog a few years ago was not a surprising thing.
I got tired and just plain burnt out after a while and decided to only concentrate on Sillyfrog’s Blog. It was then I labeled All Dumb Peas as private and stashed it away.
I may not ever become a gung-ho all-day blogger because I have a life, but I think it’s time that I resurrect my humorous childcare angle born from 47 years of Family Day Care fun and madness.
Here’s the link:
You’re all welcome to poke around. Hope to see you there!
Much appreciated,

Share Your World 3-28-22

What fictional family would you like to be part of?  (think TV shows, cartoon or books or some fictional family that you admire)

The Waltons are the epitome of a close healthy family to me. It doesn’t get any better than a rural life with a multigenerational household.

Which band or artist would you like to play at your funeral or memorial service? (the artist can have passed on too)
Hands down, Smokey Robinson.
His performance in the movie The Temptations, touched me deeply.

Preference.   Popcorn, M&Ms or other.   Choose something you love snacking on.
I’m not a big snacker. But a salty and sweet experience of extra-sharp cheese, crackers, and fruit, would be hard to pass up.

If you could be any supernatural (fantasy) character, what would you be?  (Think Elves, fairies, dragons or whatever)

I’d choose a Phoenix.
To have the ability to rise from the ashes and be ‘reborn’ would have no rival, IMO.

Please share the best advice you’ve ever gotten which you feel ought to be shared with everyone.

Mind your own business and someday you may have a business of your own.

Weekend Writing Prompt- Capricious

Weekend Writing Prompt #248: This weekend you challenge is to write a poem or a piece of prose in exactly 55 words using the word “Capricious”.

See the source image

Flustered Felix is fickle, but fun.
He has few friends, but I am one.
Nonsense bugs him, ‘cuz he’s sane.
You’d never guess that from his name.
Quirky guy who acts on whim
And cares not what you think of him.
His moods are funny and seem facetious,
But there’s no doubt that boy’s capricious.

(55 words)

Fandango’s Provocative Question #146


For his provocative question this week Fandango asks

In your opinion, is it better to be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond? Or perhaps a big fish in a big pond? Why do you feel that way?

Brain overload. (It doesn’t take much. LOL)
Here’s the thought process:
Am I the fish?
No, this is about fish being fish. The question doesn’t ask, if I’d rather be a big or little fish? It says which is it better to be on a “fish scale”? Pun intended.
Okay… then being a big fish in a big pond is the best survival scenario.
More food, fewer problems from predators because there are more places to hide and a likely more available number of mating opportunities to make baby fishes (fry).

If this question was intended to be a metaphor for something else, my pond doesn’t run that deep or perhaps I’m too shallow. You decide. 🙂

Meme Of The Week – July 26, 2021

I get a BIG kick out of memes. I know, many criticize them as lazy, fake news, and ‘mean’ but those people are humorless and overly sensitive, in my opinion.
Sometimes, memes are inspirational, and sometimes they’re satirical but most, of those that I enjoy, are just darn clever!
I can’t share every one so I just grabbed the first one that made me chuckle.
Here goes with my first one of (what I intend to be) a weekly addition to my stream.
Thanks for stopping by.

May be an image of text that says 'I don't know who needs to see this but IT'S OKAY τO FALL APART SOME TIMES -TACOS DO, & WE STILL LOVE THEM'