The Weekly Smile- 3/29/21


On another Weekly Smile post, I talked about Northern Cardinal songs signaling the approach of Springtime. But Spring doesn’t start, officially, until the songs of spring peepers are heard in the night. Two days ago, I heard them for the first time in 2021.
You had to guess that this frog lover is smiling!
The first video showcases that delightful sound.
The second is a short tutorial on Spring Peepers. Enjoy!

The Weekly Smile for the 29th of March, 2021 #weeklysmile | Trent’s World (the Blog)

Camping Notes 5/6/13

I realized that on Mondays, I am usually overflowing with camp observations. Thought I’d share some, now and then.

It was the first gorgeous weekend of the 2013 season. Temperatures that I would happily keep year round, 70s, by day, and upper 40s, by night.


To the right, is our original site which my husband, Ed, had cleared and built. The whole area was thick forest when we began over 15 years ago. This is Ellen and Kory’s place now. (They weren’t here this weekend.)

We have a small Walmart sunken pond which is my first stop every weekend. It provides a wonderful vernal pool for amphibians. The visitors are fewer,so far, and  I have a good theory as to, why?


010It has been recently dry and the spotted salamanders and wood frogs migrate farther during rainy weather. Only the green frog “locals” and one mature Red Spotted Newt are currently present. This is a first for my pond. This week promises some rain but I’m afraid that their egg laying, for this year, might be over. 😦

So off to check out my plum blossoms. Last year, I was alarmed by how few honeybees had tended to pollination. This year, I spotted a few but the numbers are still dismal compared to years past. I’m hoping that our chilly Spring has not yet awakened the masses.


As the day progresses, I plan my garden. We have suffered for 4 years with a terrible fungus blight. This year, I plan to grow corn and I’ll be trying an above ground method for tomatoes using wooden skids.


Ollie, my Jack Russell, is the happiest camper. He’s able to run loose and dig to his heart’s content. He is now 9 years old and requires more breaks in the sun. Of course, he has his own chair.


Ed and I camp in an area that he prepared for our 5th-wheel. It is just below the old homestead and is our little piece of heaven.


Ed keeps very busy. He gathers wood and splits it, as well as, maintaining the lawns and building wonderful stone flowerbeds. His four-wheeler has all that he needs. Yes, a rifle and a chainsaw are both necessary here. Actually, Ed had arrived the day before I came. Our gas grill had been knocked from our deck and one (empty) cooler was out in our yard. Our friends, with a game camera, have evidence of a large black bear in our area. Coyotes and a fisher have also been spotted. We leave no food or garbage out to entice them!


I was pleased to see the first of Ellen’s tulips open. The daylight hours are shorter in the woods, so our campsite is a bit behind what we have at home.


I was also happy to see some forget-me-not seeds had taken where I’d hoped they would fill in on a banking.


I never fail to search our piece stone before we leave. It was quarried in Hudson, NY and has many seashell fossils from a time when New York was an ocean floor. I have always loved rocks! I’m thrilled to look for fossils and, sad that so many were ground up, too. I guess I would have never had the chance to find them if that had not happened.


So there you have a glimpse of the “good life” I find in the forest. I also had time to read in a lovely shaded area beside my dog.

Further updates will show my flower beds and garden. See you later!

Once Pondered

It was summertime.

Season of sounds

Without limits

Daylight, endless hours

Searching and seeing

Breathing and being


A pond is one universe.

Sodden with life

For children

Frogs tell it best

Not needy

Hiding an option

Temporary adoption

Be gentle.

Understanding our existence.

So very easy

In summer

Solitary inspection

Waters and reflection


Things I STILL like to do.

Kids do not necessarily have the “fun market” cornered, you know.

There are really fun things that I did, as a kid, and still do.

Here are a few:

1. Playing with my shadow. Do you ever make your shadow walk along the shadow of a building? It looks as if you are walking on the roof.

2.Catching frogs. I am still the bestest fastest frog catcher that I know. Because of this very skill, I was able to catch a wayward goldfinch, at the mall, with my hands. Quick but gentle is the way.

3.Try walking around your house with a mirror under your nose. A very cool feeling…the stairways will really freak you out 🙂 !

4.Look for 4-leafed clovers often. I find oodles of them!

5.Come on…how long has it been since you have jumped in puddles?

6.I build a snowman and go sliding every winter. Hot cocoa never tasted better than after a romp in the snow.

7.It’s been awhile but jumping into a pond with all of your clothes on(remove wallets and cellphones) is a one-of-a-kind experience.

8.Watching thunderstorms is a fascinating and fun thing that never gets old. Some people are frightened…I get excited.

9.Picking berries is a hot and strenuous  job that is just plain fun. You get something incredibly sweet and just from a bit of your own labor. This makes you appreciate the local fruit vendors who do it for a living!

10.Keeping your ears,eyes,taste buds,fingers, and noses at “full alert” makes you alive at every moment. Try not to over look all of these sensations every day. I sure don’t!

I’m sure there are many more little fun games to play. Please share some of yours.

Catching salamanders too.