Unanswered Question: Might we guess why progressives erase ‘standards’?

It just occurred to me while listening to a Progressive member of Congress how often people of that political persuasion use nearly meaningless and generic terminology.
The woman speaking wants (nearly) open borders to “welcome new Americans”.
That tells me that she has no concern for any definition or “standard” for “What is an American?”. Apparently, to her, an American is someone occupying space on our soil. I can conceive of her making a further argument that visa holders are actually, kinda, sorta, Americans too. It’s time to listen to these self-described ‘altruistic’ people far more closely!

Progressives oppose all standards and simply make-up their own definitions to fill that void. And,they do it cleverly. We already know that the Left insists that a woman is anyone who likes the color pink, wears feminine attire, and cries a lot. Any scientific standard that ‘begs to differ’ is simply disregarded. Luckily, our medical professionals haven’t gone totally off that deep end because I’ve been told they still keep actual REAL records attached to the “trendy” ones they are intimidated to compile in order to keep their funding and individual licenses to practice.

Without standards anything goes. Feelings can reign and Marxism can flourish. Equity, itself, is a term promoting a standardless society. Holding anyone to any standard of merit is now racist, unfair, and non-inclusive. Serfdom cannot actually work when diversity of any kind exists. Mediocrity… compliance… and ‘one whole’ are the direct opposites of thriving…independence …and individualism.

And what might we all be being nudged to be included in? A Utopia, Shangri-La, or a gulag? [Only one of those places exist in reality.]

Might we guess why ‘progressives’ erase standards?

Most of we who want to preserve our country might want to consider what’s really going on.

Simply Six Minutes- 1/24/23 Maximus RIP

The challenge is to write a story in 6 minutes using the photo below as the prompt.

My people called me “Fluffy”. But you can call me “Maximus”.

That’s what my homies called me.

Yep, I was all THAT after dark with the ‘ladies’ too.

I lapped saucers of milk (that gave me gas), squeezed into tissue boxes, sprawled on keyboards, but mostly lazed on windowsills during the day… every day, until last Spring.

It was then my people decided to renovate the cellar, but they conveniently forgot to barricade the crawlspace under the front porch, so it was then I found my avenue to FREEDOM.

Tipping garbage cans and yowling at the moon made me feel alive!

Then I saw her. The prettiest little calico on Earth!

Matty was her name and lovin’ was her game. M-E-O-W!

Now it’s over. My 9th life left me after an ill-timed leap showing off for my Matty at the dump.

My only regret is all these darn steps on this stairway to heaven!

I wonder if they’ll have windowsills up there. I could use a rest.


Fines aren’t about Safety

I want to discuss the use of laws and fines as Public Safety measures.

In a free society, the public service arm of government agencies keeps the public informed. Once upon a time when these agencies were trusted, the public was offered enough information to act responsibly and protect themselves accordingly. The safety of each individual was where it belonged- in their own hands according to their own perception of risk.

Once the government started instituting laws to ensure ‘public safety’, the citizens’ ability to judge ‘what’s good for us’ was interfered with and slid toward the idea that ‘government knows better’ attitudes. “One size fits all” became more palatable to the public and government intrusion into personal freedoms got a lot of traction. We all deep down know ‘one size’ never fits all but who wants to argue with something called “safety”? Now, whether you know it or not, the government has taken the role of a ‘parent’. “For your own good” is their excuse to impose their will. Then the government started agencies monitoring all things (it deemed) ‘for our own good’. Keep in mind, these agencies were not elected. The public was now cut off from any direct say on the implementation of regulations. Regulation is another word for control. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the government has unimpeded control of everything you do. We’ve given “them” the muscle to do it too.

You may be one (of many) who say, “Well, I think ‘safety’ is a good thing, so I don’t mind.”. I want to examine if ‘safety’ is the real impetus for most of regulation. I also want to ask you, “Who knows better about your individual situation, you or the government?”. Are you a good person? I think most people are good and wouldn’t intentionally harm a fly. (Have you noticed ‘bad’ selfish people don’t follow laws?) Why then are you comfortable with government telling you that freedom is too dangerous for you use?

If the government were actually serious about every single person’s safety, why are safety infractions mostly subject to fines? I don’t know about you but a ‘fine’ tells me that I can go against ‘safety laws’ for a price. There’s an uneven, ineffective, process going on that ultimately enriches the government more than it causes total safety. (Total safety isn’t a thing I hope you know.)
If you’re wealthy enough, you can be as irresponsible (in the eyes of the law) as you wish. Guess what? Good people like yourselves already operate with an ‘eye’ on keeping us safe with or without laws. 😉

Personally, during my childcare years many other providers imposed a fine for frequent tardy ‘pick-ups’. I did not do that. I understood reasonable delays, BUT, if being late became a pattern, I told those parents that we needed to renegotiate our contract to allow for more overall time or for termination of my service if they no longer fit into MY schedule. To have instituted a ‘late fee’ meant that “you can be late for a price”. Being late interfered with my family’s routine and wasn’t going to be ‘for sale’!

BTW-If imposing safety on everyone were Constitutional, it would have been mentioned. It’s not. But being free to protect yourself from danger and also to be protected from unelected governmental intervention is clearly there. Even though the Constitution is being overwhelmingly ignored at our peril these days, it still is the ultimate “law of the land”.

I believe it is the only thing standing between us and our chaotic demise as we slip into totalitarianism. I’ve never cared to tell others how to live but I am not going to ignorantly give up my own freedoms to a group of people who don’t know (or care) about my family as much as I, without objecting to it.

Have a nice day!

The Sunday Whirl 579- Baker’s Dozen-Debating Kids’ Futures

spin, creep, loom, whirl, crack, light, grip, stain, curl, glimpse, slack, lord, wonder

I caught a glimpse of my archrival in the crowd and felt like I wanted to curl my ‘tail’ between my legs and light out of the auditorium. The Superintendent and I had had an indelible ‘stain‘ on our pretense of mutual respect since our unfortunate heated confrontation months ago.
“Get a grip!” was my brain’s immediate response.
“That ‘creep‘ can’t crack your confidence unless you let her.”

I then whispered to myself as I bowed in a moment of prayer, “Lord, please don’t let me defeat myself today. This is for the kids.”

The debate was about to start, and the whirl of noise began to settle as we took our seats on the stage.
After a brief introduction by the event organizer, we were called upon to present our cases on the topic of Homeschooling vs Public School.

My job was going to be extra difficult because of the venue itself. There’s no need to wonder about the uphill battle in presenting an argument in front of professionals eyeing me with furrowed brows from the audience. I’d call that a looming pressure. If I couldn’t effectively appeal to these people who are holding their own pre-conceived preferences, they’d easily ‘spin‘ my ‘points’ as proof of Public Schooling superiority.

All we disenchanted parents wanted was the freedom to choose without governmental regulatory interference.

When my turn came, I brought out the BIG guns first.

” You all know the first woman on our esteemed Supreme Court. Sandra Day O’Connor was a brilliant legal scholar, a pioneer in breaking down professional barriers to women, and the product of early homeschooling. Thomas Edison and Theodore Roosevelt spent their whole young lives being homeschooled too.”

It was then that the Superintendent’s defiant face and pursed lips went slack.


SoCS 11-5-22- Outrage, Regret, and Input

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “your favorite word.” Decide on your favorite word and use it in your post any way you’d like. Enjoy!

My favorite word used to be anthropomorphism. I love how it rolls off the tongue and makes the person using it sound ‘smart’.
It is most certainly something we do, that is, attribute human emotions and tendencies to animals (sometimes inanimate objects or forces in Nature). And when it comes to the emotional lives of animals, it isn’t always a misguided view. If you’ve owned and loved a dog or cat, I know you’re ‘in tune’ with their capacity to love, worry, and miss others.
But recently I’ve been fascinated with the word consequences. I personally thought it meant ‘bad results’ but I have come to know it more precisely means any reactions or results of one’s actions or words. So, the consequence of being kind probably is receiving kindness from others and so on…
Today, I found out that the political Left publications, one being The Atlantic, are asking for something called “pandemic amnesty”. To paraphrase it, they’re saying, “Hey, we all did and said things we regret during the pandemic so let’s just all be friends and forget about it.”.
Um… I regret nothing and didn’t do anything to anyone but ask to retain my freedom and be left alone. The Left, and their malleable minions on the other hand, called people terrible names, infringed on their freedom, ruined their lives by shutting down businesses and firing people, even outwardly calling for “the unvaccinated” to be refused medical treatment and mobility, to be shunned and censored, even to be arrested. They (anyone who liked those ideas) want to, now, shrug and offer a handshake with the suggestion they were “just kidding”. I can’t imagine that’s going to work. LOL
When it comes to consequences, people who demanded that our free citizenry snap to full unquestioning compliance, dished out a boatload more than I ever thought possible in the U.S.A.
I personally hope that those arrogant people are about to reap some consequences at the ballot box on Tuesday.
As a consequence of having and sharing my own opinions, I’ve had more than a few good results. I’ve made new truly tolerant friends whom I don’t expect to completely agree with but enjoy on a more important level of mutual respect. We exist, people.
Just yesterday, though, I did something I know better than to do. I used written language trying to explain a complicated and controversial topic in few words. Ugh! I’ve regretted it since. My message (upon rereading) wasn’t clear, and it seemed condescending. I did not mean for that to happen. There are some topics that require face to face discussion or need to just be avoided. I hope I can learn that!
In my own defense, my problem comes from insatiable curiosity and an eagerness to exchange ideas. I feel like Johnney Five in the movie Short Circuit. I cannot seem to get enough “input”! And just now I realize that my ‘stream’ has come full circle.
Johnney Five (a robot) adopted anthropomorphic traits in the end.
Well, hopefully I learned from my mistakes last week. I can’t wait to make new ones this week! LOL
Happy Weekend Everyone! Hope your mistakes are few and all your consequences are the good kind!