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d’Verse Haibun Monday 3/27/23- Waking Up

Write a haibun that alludes to pressure.

The time is approaching quickly when my husband and I will take the first trip of the year to our forest camp. With fingers crossed we’ll ride anxiously to our happy place in the woods. Our annual jitters will be a mixture of excitement and apprehension over what we may find there as the winter weather pressures on our structures have on occasion caused some damage in the past. No doubt the quaint forest landscape will just be awakening and will be suffering from a case of ‘bed head’ from its tumultuous hibernation.
Clearing fallen branches (possibly trees), restacking stonewalls, and raking rotted leaves will be our first order of business. Meanwhile the earliest ferns and wildflowers will secretly rejoice from our efforts.
Only in a week or two, they’ll most certainly be greeting us in our arrivals donning their new Spring attire.

Spring sprouts nudged by warmth,
Frozen earth gently softens.
“Wake up and get dressed!”

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Weekly Smile 1/30/23- It’s Snowing!

We got some snow last week. I know that many people are inconvenienced by measurable snowfall, but I love it!
It’s pretty, and most importantly to me, it makes all the insane “git ‘er done!” bustling slow to a crawl.
Schedules are temporarily suspended.
Either I was born one hundred years too late or I’m just a ‘stop and smell the roses’ type, but the pace of living often dismays me.
That’s no doubt why escaping to the woods regenerates me.

I’m hoping Mother Nature will offer me a few snowier pauses this year. She’s been taking her own breaks from bringing winter on fully. Hey… she’s no ‘spring chicken’ perhaps she needs to pause too!

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Friday Fictioneers 10-1-21~ Critical Surroundings

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Upon exiting the pitch-black darkened forest, an odd edifice leapt into our view.
A welcomed reprieve, was the fading daylight, from our haunted disoriented wandering. It felt like the relief from removing of a blindfold.
The vacant manicured grounds shouted, “TRESSPASSERS!”.
Desperate to get back to camp, we left a note, and borrowed a small rowboat docked on the lake beyond.
The boat complained, “THIEVES!”
The lights of the campground grew brighter as we approached the opposite shore.
We looked at each other feeling foolish about forgetting our flashlights.
At last, the full moon rose and uttered, “Follow me, MORONS!”.

(100 words)

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Eugi’s Weekly Prompt- Fertile Canopy

The word is canopy.

According to natural rules, Willow and Birch weren’t supposed to be dating. They were too different to propagate and were born to thrive in noncomplimentary environments but that didn’t stop them.
Their enchanted forest operated outside of ‘normal’ parameters. It was so special that they lived under a unique canopy of rules. It was founded on otherworldly inalienable ‘rights’ to freedoms and justice. And although the forest couldn’t guarantee them happiness, it offered them the very best earthly fertile ground in which to intertwine their paths and prosper.
I like their chances.

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Canopy – April 1, 2021 – Eugi’s Causerie (

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Sunday Writing Prompt- End of the Road

My prompt this week is to write your response to the phrase, “The End of the Road.”

green leafed tree

At the end of the road, I spied a path.
I followed it.
As I ambled along there were signs of life once invisible.
I studied them.
There were rustlings and babbling creeks.
I listened closely.
Soon, I realized there was nothing familiar left.
I paused, unsure.
While sitting on a stump,
a fox trotted by pretending I wasn’t there.
A deer lifted its head from the ferns and snorted a warning.
An owl left the canopy and perched in a nearby tree, giving me the ‘once over’.
The forest paused, unsure.
All was quiet.
Then… a woodpecker rapped a distant cadence and birds began to sing darting about. Their shadows danced along the mossy floor.
Two chipmunks existed my ‘chair’ chasing each other in a comical frenzy.
A tree frog sang his summoning serenade and the sun streaked through the treetops illuminating fairies of pollen and dust.
As I stood to go home, retracing my steps trying to find the end of that road, wasn’t necessary.
I wasn’t lost.

Sunday Writing Prompt – The End of the Road – March 28th | Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie (

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Taking Pause

seeds 112#1In Autumn, the forest does not die

But folds her arms tightly

Embracing a fine satisfaction.

Reflections are brightest then.

When color flashes and fades

In one instant of hurrah.
No regrets.

Life becomes life,

Passing knowledge in subtle shades of gold.

One great pause

To emphasize what matters most.

Timing is everything.
No regrets.

Shining days of resurrection.

A whispered promise

On a chilling wind.

Awkward seedlings will persevere

Built upon your rituals,
your wisdom,
no regrets.


For my granddaughters.