SoCS- 4/2/22 Tip- Pursuit of Truth

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “tip.” Use it as a noun or a verb. Have fun!

“That’s only the tip of the iceberg.” seems a pertinent saying these days. There’s so much truth in that.
I find so many answers in nature. For me, it’s the most reliable source to explain all the complicated and over-complicated troubles we have.
There’s quite often far more to every consideration than we can ‘see’. It seems, nowadays, that what we are seeing isn’t even real anymore. The propensity for lying has grown. I wonder if that’s just because liars have more visibility in our mass media? I hate to think people have grown less ethical overall. But I think there is one area where lying has become widespread. Lying to ourselves has become overwhelmingly acceptable.
Like, who’s going to know? Why would that matter?
Well, you’ll know deep down, or worse, you’ll get so comfortable with fooling yourself it will become second nature.
I sound crazy, right? How would I know? Well, I don’t actually know. But following a stream of consciousness is an exploration not a diagnosis.
There seems to be a lack of critical thought going on. Thinking things through is not only ‘hard’, but also time consuming. So, what has seemed to replace it are our feelings. Each are great. Neither are reliable on their own. If your priority is ‘the truth’, it seems wise to remember that.
Feelings can be manipulated. I’d even venture to say, “the ‘nicer’ the person, the easier they can be fooled.”. There’s no shame in that. The tragedy begins when he/she doesn’t learn from being fooled.
Feelings are great! They trigger our instincts. Instincts are our smoke alarms. Sometimes there’s a fire and sometimes the batteries need to be changed. Fools are the ones who don’t take the time to find out.
Happy Saturday! Don’t take any wooden nickels friends.

Family Life ~ Big Sister

  My granddaughter Katherine knows she’ll become a big sister right after her 7th birthday this September. Just last week, she found out that her new sibling will be a sister. This has all been exciting.

At 6 1/2, Katherine has been able to wrap her head around the idea and consider it more than if she were younger.

Last evening, she had a sensitive moment while contemplating the prospect of sharing her mother’s heart with anyone else. It was the first time that the BIG SISTER role was not entirely appealing to her. Luckily, Katherine shares her feelings freely. Her mother (my daughter) was able to discuss how there is plenty of room in all of our hearts for both girls.

Today Kat was as cheerful as ever. I had been too young to consider all those feelings when I became a big sister many years ago. So glad that Kat could share her emotions. Certainly, we all will be aware of those feelings when little Evelyn comes to town.

It is sure to be life changing for us all!

Pickle Puss Planet

Pickle Puss Planet,

Where sour faces lie,

Far away and lonesome,

A speck up in our sky.

Grouchy, ugly photos,

End up in muddy soil.

Banished from a party,

For moments that they spoil.

What a gloomy atmosphere,

Smelly , creepy too.

If you frown too often,

That’s the place for you.

Pickle Puss Planet,

Can teleport you in.

So wipe off mean expressions ,

Let happy feelings win.

Pouts can make some trouble,

Share your friendly face.

Hate to have you vanish

Into outer space.

Sharing Happiness

Why do we remember some things and not everything?

Except for a few unique individuals, most people “weed out” their memories. We don’t remember what the weather was on a specific day unless it connects to another saved memory. For example, we may remember that it rained on the 4th of July because we spent that weekend feeling miserable living in a tent. Special events are remembered and just what we consider a “special” event can vary greatly. If you are a pessimist by nature, your memory of that soggy 4th of July would be about the miserable weather and the plans unrealized. The optimist may well remember the same event but have very different feelings. The way the coffee tasted better or the fact that the rain kept your family inside where they played games or talked more than they may have if outdoor pleasures were available.

What we “choose” to remember says so much about who we are. Whether our memories are primarily pleasant or not,  says more about our attitudes and less about what actually happened.

The whole of this discussion comes down to our personal capacity to experience happiness. A subject that really fascinates me.

Can we learn to be happy?

It sounds so simple, but in my opinion, happiness is relishing ordinary things and remembering them positively.

My Aunt was surprised at a special memory I had of her reading her favorite poem to me when I was a kid. (The Raggedy Man)

I can picture her on a bed where I was tucked in cozily beside her. I was looking out of the window as I listened to her.  I still remember the farm scene and can hear her soft voice. The love and appreciation she had for those written words filled the room.

My mother read to us when we were kids. She loved what she read and the stories and moments stay with me as well. They are among my calm happy memories which I choose to visit much more often than any other kind. Both my parents laughed readily and often.  🙂

I guess what I am trying to say is to share yourself with kids, as often as you can. Show passion for what you love freely and turn every moment possible into a happy memory for yourself and those around you. Don’t ever forget to laugh!

Making Sense

Katherine has had an unusual angst over misplacing me lately. Just today, she burst into tears when she couldn’t find me. (I was in the cellar sorting laundry.) Last week, she wanted to buy a beeper to attach to my “ankle, leg or neck”. She figures that it would be a great way to keep tract of me. She went on to further describe it as a two-way system that I could use like a walkie-talkie so I could tell her exactly where I am if need be. She’ll be starting Kindergarten in a few weeks and I think she cannot sort out her feelings. She’ll be separating from daily visits with grandma for day care and moving into life on her own.

I must say, she has always exhibited the utmost confidence and social maturity. She is usually beside herself with excitement over becoming a school kid. This new separation anxiety has really surprised me.

I can remember my first days of school being scary. What a big deal it was to leave the safety and comfort of the known! I was never good with change. There is no doubt in my mind that I would have been among those waving farewell to Lewis and Clark, not venturing with them. I still live in the same town where I was born. My travel experiences have never been out of country and hardly out of the Northeast. Once when the widening of a country road at my grandparents’ farm made it necessary to cut down rows of trees on either side, I was quite upset.  The trees had delightfully echoed the sounds of tractors and the clippity-clop of the horses hooves, a familiar, welcomed experience on a hot summer day. I felt such a loss that I cried. I was about 10 and I can still hear my grandpa saying,”Susie never did like changes.”

Sights, sounds and smells were, and have always been, very precious to me. I believe I have a good memory and my devotion to sensual experiences must be an instrument of those memories. It certainly helps with my descriptions in writing and my experiences when reading too.

In my mind, a book is an “experience”.  I often feel as though I am in a “fog” or waking from a dream, when I complete a good story. Even movies can leave me unsteady on my feet for long moments after they end! Yes, I do sit through all the credits in order to come back to the “here and now”.

I have every confidence that Kat will enjoy school very much. Until she adjusts, I will be mindful of her worries and we’ll talk about how she can make sense of her feelings. I see an awful lot of myself in that girl. She’s in for quite an interesting life.

Inside Out

Susan (age 4)


I’m still here

It’s the same me

From last year

I am older

yet I’m not

Just my outside

changed a lot

I still day-dream

I still fish

On the first star

make a wish

Smelling flowers

Christmas eve

telling stories


Can you hear me

Here I be

Still the same girl

Yes, it’s me.

One Thing I Learned Recently

We are truly alone but not necessarily lonely.

After years spent feeling that I was responsible for anyone else but myself, I realized that’s a bunch of bologna!

Parents can beat themselves into an early grave if they allow the actions of their adult kids to reflect upon them.

Really,I have much to be proud of but the notion that we can control the actions of anyone else is absurd.

We arrive alone…make friends,influence changes…then die, alone.

This is not meant to be a dark thought but one that is freeing.

Whenever, a situation arises I now think, “Do the best that you can.” but then that’s all anyone can do.

We need not take credit for anyone elses successes and surely don’t deserve their shame IF we have done, what we consider, our best.

No excuses please…you know when you haven’t lived up to “your best”.

By reminding myself, that I only have control over my own actions,it gives me great power. It’s hard to do “right” when we have others to take responsibility for.

Being alone and being lonely are not the same.

Take care of how YOU react and all the rest are just details.

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