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Unanswered Question: What causes our human connections?

It’s a puzzle to me how I can feel immediate connections to people who are technically ‘strangers’ and feel uncomfortable around some family members.
When I go to the grocery store, I find the outing interesting and, as a ‘people watcher’, informative. I’m not one to consider what people are wearing as often as I find their ‘body language’ and willingness to ‘connect’ fascinating. To me, there are as many untold stories as there are people.
I don’t know whether I fancy myself as a scientist, psychologist, or detective. Just call me “endlessly curious”. LOL

I think each of us have felt a ‘connection’ with a stranger at least a few times. The young mother who smiles while you’re playing peekaboo with her toddler or the man who keeps looking at his watch while waiting outside of a store that you offer a “life gets so hectic” commiseration to.
Sometimes those gestures fall flat and sometimes they don’t. And sometimes you connect in a far deeper way.

I’ve had people, whom I had exchanged pleasantries or glances in the aisles, who happened to follow me at the check-out where we just fell into a conversation as if we’d known each other for years.

Last week, I was paying for gas at a gas station where I’m a ‘regular’. I already have a rapport with the clerk. When I couldn’t find small bills in my bag, I said,” I’ll have lots of dollar bills by Friday but not now.” She got an amused look on her face and said, “Why? Do you have a second job?” (I knew she was thinking about a pole dancer.)
All the while an elder gent was standing behind me in line.

I said,” Yes. But what a cheap crowd! I’d like fives or tens once in a while.”

Then she said, “I’d ask for fifties and hundreds!”
(She’s a cute little lady in her mid-twenties.)

I said, “You probably could, but I’m 66 years old, don’t forget.”

Well, at this point the gent bursts into a belly laugh. Once he caught his breath, he thanked us both for a laugh like he hadn’t had in a long time.
For a moment, we three had found a ‘connection’. Anyone walking in at that moment, would have been an immediate ‘outsider’.

Why does that happen?
We can find out we ‘like’ people while we don’t even have to have an opinion about others. There’s no reason to consider ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’… there just seems to be ‘connected’ or ‘unknown’.

There does seem to be a sub-category of ‘unknown’ people. You know. The ones who leave us scratching our heads. They seem nice but they’re on a totally different ‘wavelength’.
That type can be a family member or a stranger. If you consider someone a friend, IMHO that mysterious ‘connection’ factor already must exist.

The people we allow to connect with each of us must have a subliminal ‘recipe’ that we can subtly recognize. It also seems that all individuals are not meant to connect with just anyone. The pressure to automatically ‘love’ and ‘respect’ (or feel connected with) every single human being has always felt too ‘large’ of an expectation. IMHO… we’re meant to selectively connect and ignore the rest. They’ll find their own connections elsewhere, I’m sure.

I don’t believe I’ll ever come close to figuring out “What causes our human connections?”. But I’m so happy that they exist!

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NATURE KNOWLEDGE: Common Snapping Turtle

Snapping Turtle

This lovely lady was in my sister’s backyard a few years ago.

Read about the event in my blog post:

The Rescue.

It’s that time of year folks. Turtles are awakening and looking to lay their eggs.

These reptiles primarily eat carrion. They live in ponds and bury their eggs in dirt and debris in their surroundings.

Several years ago, my friends had a load of dirt delivered in order to level a campsite that they were building. In the dirt, there were , what appeared to be ping pong balls. I realized that they were turtle eggs but we were not sure what kind. I told them to place one in a warm place and see what happened. After a night in their oven (pilot only), a little snapping turtle emerged!

We named him Lucky and released him into a pond. I then read about snapping turtle eggs. Did you know that the surrounding temperatures define the sex of the hatching turtles? Amazing!

Snapping turtles do not have a lower shell and cannot withdraw their heads inside. They are fierce when cornered and FAST! Many folks poke at them (please don’t) with sticks to see them “snap”. I’ve witnessed a snapper lunging forward a whole body length. Their necks and heads are large, long and powerful.

Please be kind to them and allow them their space. Eating rotted materials is their contribution to our ecosystem. They are valuable. Call me crazy…I think they are handsome, like dinosaurs. 🙂