SoCS- 8/13/22- Ugly on the Farm

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is starts with “u.” Find a word that starts with the letter “u” and use it however you’d like. Bonus points if it’s the first word in your post. Enjoy!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t online for a few days but upon my return this morning I found this prompt perfect for a little jaunt down memory lane.
My word is “ugly”.
My Mom has always emphasized good grammar. Word meanings were also important. One particular pet peeve of hers was the use of “probably” and “possibly” interchangeably. Those words are NOT interchangeable. The former means “more than likely” or “an excellent chance” and the latter means “there’s a chance” or “it’s 50/50 odds” that something will happen.
Well, on the same word meaning examination angle, Mom always told us to say “homely” to describe mildly unattractive people or animals. The word “ugly” was reserved for only the “grotesque” images.
Here’s my associated tale:
My grandma was a farmer and, of course, from the older generation. I don’t know if it’s a ‘country thing’ or an ‘elder thing’ but Grandma expressed herself often in idiomatic terms.
“Make hay will the sun shines”
“Between a rock and a hard place”
“At sixes and sevens”
were all frequently heard and Many, Many, more!
I was about six years old and likely being a pest to my very busy, hard-working, Grandma when she said to me, “If you keep that up, I’ll get ‘ugly’.”
I specifically remember studying Grandma’s face thinking, “My wonderful Grandma could never be ugly.”
Of course, all went along well thereafter because whatever I’d been doing gave way to quiet contemplation of her odd word usage.
Not long after that, Grandma instructed me to stay safely in the car while she spoke to a neighbor in the neighbor’s dooryard because, ” We don’t know if that farm dog in the yard is “ugly” or not.”
When I observed the BEAUTIFUL German shepherd (He was far from even homely.), I figured out what she meant by ‘ugly’! LOL
The world and my grandma’s words had become clear. Ugly meant ‘mean’, ‘vicious’ or ‘mad’!

To this day, I can ‘ace’ the Jeopardy category on American Idioms just from having spent time on the farm with my beloved Grandma. 😀
Hope you all had a wonderful Saturday and none of you got ‘ugly’!

Six Sentence Story~ Improvise~ Yankee Ingenuity


Yankee ingenuity
Improvisational design or problem-solving, dealing with low availability of replacement parts and materials.

American farmers have a long, well deserved, reputation for ‘thinking outside of the box’ in order to independently, and innovatively, solve their own problems as they would arise.

Liddy was only sixteen when she decided to keep and breed rabbits, mostly to prove to her Dad, that she’d, one day, be a responsible heir to the family farm so, just before Thanksgiving, when Liddy woke up to a sudden dramatically unseasonable temperature change-dropping quickly and sharply-she freaked out realizing that her rabbits had yet to have fully winterized hutches!

Up to this point, the rabbits had clean bedding, frequent watering, and food, but their hutch windows were just screen and the forecast was for 5 below zero F, so she raced outside in 8 above F temperatures determined to cover those windows and protect her rabbits who had yet to acclimate to frigid winter weather.

Her hands grew instantly numb as she fumbled with plexiglass and screws and the monumental mistake of being unprepared for New England weather changes created strings of tears that froze instantly to her cheeks.

Feeling defeated and ashamed, she considered calling her Dad for a rescue when she got an idea how to improvise a barrier to the Arctic winds and after gathering a stack of newspapers, and a bucket of warm water, she covered all those windows with soaked paper layers that froze tightly in place in mere seconds.

Her Dad had been waiting for a panicked call, and when he didn’t get one, he rushed to find Liddy already inside and the most clever application of good ole Yankee ingenuity he’d seen in a long time, so he hugged her pronouncing, “You’re one fine farmer, young lady, and I’m one proud Dad!”.

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d’Verse Prosery~ Farmer Foster


  • Write a piece of flash fiction or other prose up of up to or exactly 144 words,
  • Including the given line from the poem.
  • Post your Prosery piece on your blog and link back to this post.
    The quote below must be included.

“Only mouths are we. Who sings the distant heart which safely exists in the center of all things? – from Rainer Maria Rilke, “Heartbeat.”

A no nonsense farmer wanted room to manipulate his wheelchair so he had his grandson take down a wall in the center of his old house.
The farmhouse was in the same location for over 200 years, and had a lot of issues, but one of them had never been ghosts.
As soon as the wall was removed, Foster started hearing mumbling near his ears when he ate his supper.
He was annoyed but ignored it.
Then there came breathy words as he ate…

“Only mouths are we. Who sings the distant heart which safely exists in the center of all things?”

The old fella wasn’t afraid one bit but now his dander was up!

“I don’t know ’bout your dag gum MOUTHS but you had BETTER shut your ‘arses’ THE HELL UP!”

Foster never had a ghost problem again, from that moment on.

(144 words)

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To Infinity and beyond… Child Care Fun


I couldn’t imagine a happier profession than mine.

As a child day care provider, I get to play with kids everyday. Ideas are my passion and kids have the BEST ideas!

Yesterday, two of my 4-year-old friends and I had a lovely discussion.
My first question was, “How might I get to the moon?”

Jasen: “You would need super shoes to jump up there.”

Me: “Where might I get those super shoes?”

Jasen: “At Super Walmart, of course.”

We discussed the moon further and decided that we would need a gravity suit and air tanks and a Super Parachute (available, also, at Super Walmart).

Me: “There’s too much to jump with. How might we get our supplies up there?”

Jasen: “We’ll need a truck!”

Me: “There’s no road to the moon. How about a rocket ship?”

Jasen:”Where do we buy a rocket ship?”

Me: “Scientists have them at NASA.”

With that problem solved, I moved on.

Me:”How do farmers plant seeds in their fields?”

Ava and Jasen: “They dig a hole with a shovel and drop in the seeds.”

Me: “That would take too long for a farmer to plant 500 seeds. How do farmers plant so many seeds in good time?”

Ava: “They ask 500 friends to come over and dig a hole.”

Me: :”That’s a great way to save time! Good idea. But, the farmer would need 500 shovels, wouldn’t he? I don’t think he can get that many at Super Walmart. It would cost a lot and the inventory(I explained what inventory meant.) isn’t that large!”

So, I introduced and  talked about tractors and planters and plows.

Me:” Now, how will the farmer water her seeds?” … Notice the gender change 😉

Jasen:” She can get a hose.”

“Me: “I don’t think that there are hoses long enough for big fields.”

Ava: “I know! It will rain sometimes.”

Me:” Super Ava! That is what the farmers hope for. On a rainy day, remember that the farmers are happy.”

Jasen: “What if there are puddles?”

Me: “You are right, Jasen! Sometimes, there is too much rain and the farmers hope for the sun to come out to dry up those fields. Last Spring, my uncle and cousin, couldn’t drive their tractors on the muddy ground. They were very worried. Boy, farmers really need to count on the weather, don’t they?”

Our conversation progressed through the steps that produce takes to reach their dinner table. During the discussion, we realized the need for refrigerator trucks too.
We had one great afternoon!

What fun it is to be an early childhood educator! I get to witness that wide-eyed wonder every single day along with many opportunities for chuckles. 😉

Today? Well, we’ll see what comes up. It’s going to be fun!

Homeless chptr 3

Do-gooders…people who know a better way for animals to live…

I woke up in a cage inside of the belly of a roaring monster. The last thing that I remember is the farmer’s daily offering of milk beside the milking parlor. It was strangely sweeter than I remembered it to be but with a belly full of vermin, I drank it right up. But now, my world was spinning and I felt very ill.

As I got my bearings, I realized that there were other cages which contained other cats, one of which was Missy. She looked so frightened and I was too far from her and separated by metal bars. I yowled in dismay which caused a violent shake of my cage and an increase in my nausea.

At the chance of seeming conceited, I must tell you that I am a magnificent blue-gray specimen. My eyes, the bright yellow color of the field corn kernels which used to pelt us from beneath the silo elevator, but my appearance paled to that of Missy’s. She was the most beautiful shade of golden brown with one distinct white patch between her eyes. She retained the stripes of our wild ancestors and could blend into any hay-field in the sun. We had grown up in the same barnyard born to different mothers. I have loved her as long as I remember. My heart ached as I watched her cower with helplessness and terror. I would not let her down. We were going to survive and we would be together!