Simply 6-Minutes 3/14/23 The Three SUVs: If only this were a fairytale.

Our challenge is to write a story in only six minutes using the image below.
Any and all resemblances to ‘real life’ in my tale, are not coincidental. 😉

“…And the Daddy SUV said, “Who has been eating up my fuel?!
Then the Mommy SUV said, “Somebody’s been eating up MY fuel too!”
Then the little SUV said, “Somebody’s been eating up my fuel and THERE they are!”

It was a large delegation of the proponents of the Green New Deal who had flown into town on private jets from their beachfront homes and were handing out flyers about the desperate crisis of “Climate Change”.
By the time they left, all the people were alarmed and at each other’s throats about what to do about “the immanent end of the World”.
As the delegation boarded their private jets to return to their comfortable lives a voice was overheard in the group saying, “Look at those despondent SUVs. Maybe we should tell them our intentions aren’t meant to harm them because those “poor bastards” can’t vote. Anyone for seafood? We’re flying in lobster today.”

Photo Challenge #402- Just a Fairytale

Use the image as inspiration for a poem or short story.

Photo credit Claudia Weijers

Once upon a time…
There was a man, named Sidney, who hated crows!
They’d wake him up with their incessant squawking… they’d pilfer seeds from his garden … and they’d overwhelm his yard driving his favorite songbirds away! He took this all quite personally.
So, Sidney took every opportunity to throw things at crows. He also enjoyed swerving after them when they fed on carrion in the road. But his worst assault came when he fired his BB gun at them and finally killed one.
The crows had watched.
The crows remembered.
A few days later, he ventured out on his dog walking route. All was eerily quiet.
“There we go. Hide you sumbitches! Good riddance.”
Sidney felt extremely satisfied and confident on that sunny morning.
But two minutes along, he was bombarded by acorns from above followed by at least one hundred black birds swooping and driving the dogs wild. The dogs got tangled in each other’s leashes and tripped Sidney to the ground, finely pulling loose and running off in four different directions.
After spending 2 hours rounding up his charges, he returned them to their owners, and then angrily limped home.
That’s when he found every flowerpot on his patio upended, all his line-drying clothes on the ground, and his skylight cracked!
Sidney found new property damage and encountered swooping harassment every time he left his house for the next week. His anger turned into fear… then his fear became regret.
When he finally had had enough there was no doubt that he needed to be the one to seek forgiveness.
After dark, he set up a large crow-friendly feeding station in the center of his yard. Then he disappeared, becoming a recluse, only peeking out-now and then-from behind drawn drapes. He’d been defeated and was hopeful that his surrender would be understood.
The usual ten crows cautiously returned in a few days. Then, his moment of redemption became available when an eagle swooped after the feeding crows and, without hesitation, he raced to their rescue waving his arms and cussing at the top of his lungs!
“Git outta here you sumbitch!”
Immediately, the predator left, and Sidney wasted no time putting up a pop-up canopy over the feeding station to deter any more aerial assaults. No stinking eagle was going to get HIS crows!

I’ve heard they all lived happily ever after.

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Before you think this is just a fairytale, you may be interested in this article:,tools%20to%20dig%20food%20out%20of%20tight%20spots.


coolest frog
photo by sillyfrog

Once a pond a time,
There was an ancient solitary bullfrog.
He preferred to sit in the same spot; day in and day out.
Every evening, the backwater pond sprung to life.
Squeaking, peeping, splashing, and gulps filled the air.
The bullfrog never made a sound.
The other wildlife questioned his remoteness.
They even teased and tormented him trying to dislodge him from his trance.
The bullfrog never moved and never responded.
He was fat and healthy.
He fed opportunistically on the constantly moving insects and frogs.
Since he never moved, every calorie increased his size.
He watched and waited.
One day, an excursion of children found the back water.
When all the other frogs jumped to escape, the bullfrog still sat.
They marveled at the largest frog there had ever been!
A few of them threw rocks at the monstrosity, then grew bored and left.
One child stayed behind. She sat on the bank and quietly observed this marvel.
The bullfrog broke his lifelong silence and talked to the child.
“You are patient and kind, young one.”
Startled, the child didn’t answer.
“I have much to tell you. Will you listen?”
The wide eyed child nodded.
“I dearly wanted to learn the meaning of life. I’ve sat here watching all the days, the trials, the tragedies and the joy. I’ve been here forever. My body has lost any ability to move, now. My mind is fading with age and yet I have no answer.”
The child brightened and said, ” Do you want to play with me?”
The ancient solitary bullfrog’s fading eyes smiled and sparkled like the nighttime stars.
He laughed long and hard.
Then he croaked.

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