Family Life ~ Big Sister

  My granddaughter Katherine knows she’ll become a big sister right after her 7th birthday this September. Just last week, she found out that her new sibling will be a sister. This has all been exciting.

At 6 1/2, Katherine has been able to wrap her head around the idea and consider it more than if she were younger.

Last evening, she had a sensitive moment while contemplating the prospect of sharing her mother’s heart with anyone else. It was the first time that the BIG SISTER role was not entirely appealing to her. Luckily, Katherine shares her feelings freely. Her mother (my daughter) was able to discuss how there is plenty of room in all of our hearts for both girls.

Today Kat was as cheerful as ever. I had been too young to consider all those feelings when I became a big sister many years ago. So glad that Kat could share her emotions. Certainly, we all will be aware of those feelings when little Evelyn comes to town.

It is sure to be life changing for us all!

First things First

That old familiar excitement has begun.  The Katydids are singing in the night and just a few maple trees are blushing with changing leaves. Back-to-school ads, preseason football, cooler nights, my Autumn “juices” are stirring.

The only thing I’m dreading is my first Christmas catalog. I realize that there is a tight schedule on advertising and stocking shelves in stores BUT this ritual really bothers me. Why is everybody rushing around? I feel dizzy half the time!

When did everything get so fast paced? I wonder if it is the embodiment of adulthood to race around outside the moment? Kids live in the moment. Funny though, it used to seem like Christmas took years in coming when I was a kid. Now, well, even I have considered starting to shop for it.

Time has always been a fascinating subject to me. Scientists tell us that it is constant but I don’t believe it. I have experienced many moments when it stood still. The morning that my granddaughter was born, I stood outside the grasp of time. I felt as though I was inside a snow globe, unreachable, silent, and calm.

My first kiss, first day of school, first time standing in a graveyard sending off a loved one, all these events stood outside of time in a place where, I assume, everyone has been.

Seems the way anyone can stay young and grounded is by keeping their experiences fresh and to continue to find “firsts” in everyday.


Here we come!

This is my first opportunity, for many weeks, to sit and write. The sitting feels marvelous and the writing feels strange.

Just like anything we do, the more we do it the more comfortable we get. Today, I feel as though I’m outside of my groove. So, I’m just going to write anyway…

I realized that I feel just like a kid on Christmas Eve several times a day. My stomach rolls with excited anticipation of a project or I think of living in the woods or I smell that fragrance from an infant.

This makes me wonder how people who have everything they ever wanted find happiness. It’s the wanting that makes for the best feeling just as Christmas Eve is the true holiday peak.

My good friend Jordan and I have much in common and we both recognize and embrace this excitement. The first snowfall, hearing a favorite song on the radio, beginning a book we’ve been wanting to read, all give us that giggle in our guts. He thought it would fade with age but now realizes it doesn’t have to.

The coolest part about the giggle is that it happens over little things that we anticipate. I get them when I watch birds at my feeder or when an infant laughs out loud for the first time.

Now tell me, aren’t those little things the big things? I guess the people who have everything are those who notice and enjoy as many moments as they can. Anticipation is the answer. When one anticipates happiness they have it.

Have one great big happy day!