Eugi’s Weekly Prompt- Surreal

His ‘coming out’ event was surreal.
Once secluded in a darkness, he now was among a crowd and had entered the light.
He felt weak, at first, but grew stronger and sat taller as the days passed.
He belonged and that felt wonderful.
Now, thinking nothing could get more bizarre than the day he came out, he was about to fly solo again!
Scary didn’t cover this occasion.
He knew he no longer had a choice and he took a leap of faith!
What had happened before made no difference to him, this was about freedom and purpose.
He sailed away from his peers claiming his own destiny.

The young robin never looked back.

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt-3/29/22- Splashy- Own it!

A task’s not worth a single minute
Lest you put your feet both in it.
Get all wet and step right in,
The odds are better for a win.
Egos seek the false and flashy,
Spirit turns what’s plain all ‘splashy’.
So, don’t avoid a puddle’s space,
Jump right in and ‘own’ the place!
Give your all and do your best,
A life well-lived is filled with zest.

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt- Caress of Madness

Your Weekly Prompt – Caress – February 1, 2022

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Lions rarely target the adult healthy gazelle when the vulnerable and infirm are available.
Human predators are no different.

A mass suicide was discovered at the Ranch of Hope today. The leader of this underground cult has been apprehended. Gault James had accumulated a clan of one dozen young women over the last two years and, somehow, convinced them to take their own lives as an ultimate act of their devotion to him. The charismatic James, a man in his sixties, is wanted in Costa Rica for an identical crime. He brainwashed and abused young women who had had loveless and troubled lives convincing them of his eternal devotion. Those, he tired of, were eventually convinced to commit suicide leaving him an opportunity to ‘slip away’ in search of new victims to seduce with a “caress of madness” only The Devil himself could inspire.

Angela Hunt*: age 17
Cause of Death: suicide
Mode of death: arsenic poisoning

*Found at the Ranch of Hope with eleven other cult members.
Raised in foster homes from the age of four.
Mother: currently incarcerated for drug trafficking and prostitution.
Father: unknown
No family.

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt-Hazy- January 25, 2022- Note to Parents

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When they’re feeling hazy and striving to be polite,
Parents lose their clarity between what’s ‘day’ and ‘night’.

Kids don’t know the difference.
They need a solid view.
Don’t forget your purpose,
You must tell them what to do.

You’re not being mean or bossy,
It’s kinder. Be a guide.
To give kids blind consenting rights,
Is no way to take their side.

You wouldn’t let them wander
Alone on streets at night.
They have no moral compass yet,
So, teach them ‘wrong’ from ‘right’.

Your job as an adviser,
Is to translate where to go.
Dismiss the whack pop culture,
And tell them what YOU know.

They’ll thank you in the future.
They’ll feel more ‘safe and sound’.
You’ll arm them with a purpose
With their feet upon the ground.

Probity’s the treasure that
Thieves are ripe to rob.
Guard all children’s innocence,
And kindly do your job.

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt- December 2, 2021- Noting the Nameless

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She was part of my everyday scenery for almost a year. One, of many, homeless people who lined the street between my apartment and the office building.
Usually, she was a just a shadow on the corner that I caught from the corner of my eye, but never acknowledged, like a pole lamp in a corner. You’d notice it if it were gone, but it never required a conscious evaluation.
A couple of times, I almost walked into her. On both those occasions, she’d offered me the most genuine smile. A notable smile. One that didn’t belong on someone who was homeless. It was bright and hopeful…friendly and warm.
Along the two blocks to work, this morning, my eyes were locked on my cellphone catching up on all of my messages when I stopped in my tracks on the corner. Something was wrong, but what?
When I lifted my head, and took in my surroundings, there was an unusual empty space there. Suddenly, an invisible force grabbed, and shook, me to my core. The homeless lady- my homeless lady– was gone!

I was already late for work, so I continued as I searched for her face in passers-by.

The common area was buzzing when the elevator doors opened. There’d been a homicide nearby. A homeless woman had been stabbed and died on the corner very early that morning and the police were frantic trying to identify her.
My knees buckled as I grabbed for a chair feeling faint. I knew I’d miss her terribly and
I would forever regret not formally acknowledging her and treating her with value.

[ Then I wept for the Lady with the Notable Smile.]