Eugi’s Weekly Prompt- Enchanted

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If you lose your innocent wonder, or…
Lack songs that electrify your stomach and move your body,
Your heart doesn’t dance when your children and grandchildren arrive,
Or, ‘What ifs?’ never flood your mind.

If you lose your curiosity, or…
Have never felt close to The Creator, and witnessed him in Nature’s perfection,
Your tears rarely flow for joy, and beauty, and discovery,
Or, you can’t imagine that possibilities are endless.

Then enchanted things will not ‘believe in’ you, either.

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt- Fertile Canopy

The word is canopy.

According to natural rules, Willow and Birch weren’t supposed to be dating. They were too different to propagate and were born to thrive in noncomplimentary environments but that didn’t stop them.
Their enchanted forest operated outside of ‘normal’ parameters. It was so special that they lived under a unique canopy of rules. It was founded on otherworldly inalienable ‘rights’ to freedoms and justice. And although the forest couldn’t guarantee them happiness, it offered them the very best earthly fertile ground in which to intertwine their paths and prosper.
I like their chances.

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