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Six Sentence Story – High on Life


They called her Exuberant Ellen.

“Wow! Cool!” was her ‘go to’ refrain.

She was equally zesty in sunshine as she was when she danced in the rain.

Fascination was her daily mindset.

Science always ‘blew her away’!

Using drugs just never occurred to her as she remains “high” on life to this day.

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My Unpopular Opinion

Proposition 19 in California.

The legalization of marijuana for recreational use.

I am not a marijuana user.

I DO know many people who do use it.

It is not good for your body. Neither is, tobacco, fatty foods,alcohol, smog,sugars, caffeine, too much exercise,too little exercise etc.

It is currently an illegal substance.

It is used by millions of people for many reasons.

Does Prohibition ring a bell? How did that work out?

Why hasn’t the federal government outlawed cigarettes? ( They seem to enjoy the revenue and lawsuits.)

Now my argument:

Since the discovery of the existence of ADD and like disorders, we are finding that quite a number of folks have issues. (There are some who still believe those ailments do not exist.) I for one, DO believe that they exist. There are many people who are exceptionally shy and have social issues too.

The ability of physicians to diagnose and treat these conditions is sketchy at best. It can take years to find,and treat with the correct personal “cocktail” of drugs. Many people do not ever find relief because it takes a personal committment  to multiple office visits and so on… These sufferers lack the “medical stamina” to find their own cure. Once they become adults, no one can take over for them.

In my own personal experience, I have witnessed marijuana providing relief to these people. Although, it is not the best for the body, it sure beats isolation, unemployment due to social problems, self-medicating with alcohol (which has much worse consequences, in my opinion.), anger related crimes and suicide.

NEVER would I have dreamed that I would agree with anything Californians came up with! I really don’t see a down side to this proposition. I also do not believe it carries a greater risk of harder drugs. Actually, the only reason people have come to this conclusion is that marijuana has been in the “hands” of the illegal drug dealers who then have an opportunity to offer harder drugs to those clients who really were not seeking them.

  • new businesses and revenue
  • those who self-medicate with alcohol will have a better option (never saw someone who was “high” beat their kids or start a fight.)
  • it would still be held to the same standards as alcohol. Driving impaired or possession by minors NOT TOLERATED.
  • separating it from the drugs we all know are most harmful will keep the DEA on the trail of the REAL criminals. (Even Massachusetts believes that marijuana wastes their precious anti-drug efforts. They decriminalized it.)

Just wanted to add my two cents. I welcome your opinion.

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The Most Bizarre Person I've Ever Met


Hiking with the Dog

When I was sixteen, a young man about 19 happened to stop by the lake where I stayed at a cottage. We “regular” kids hung out together after dark and, one night there he was, nap sack,guitar,Great Dane companion and some hash. (The kind you smoke not eat.)

I couldn’t imagine a life of roaming around.

He frightened me although he was such a likable fellow. Dog lover’s rate highly on my initial character evaluation.

I hung around just long enough to listen to his campfire romancing of the “free life”. I have to admit, it sounded like fun.

When he broke out the drugs, I left.

Still, I liked him. I don’t believe he was evil and I vowed never to judge anyone upon there choice of lifestyle again.

Within a day or two,he moved on. I remember considering giving him a loaf of bread. I didn’t though. Once he showed the drugs, I kept away. He may have bartered for the drugs so I felt I couldn’t assume he was a thief. At sixteen, the drugs were enough of a warning sign.

I can’t listen to Mr.Bojangles without him coming to mind.

Sometimes, at age 54, I still think of him. I wonder if it was as grand a life as he imagined. I hope so…

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