Six Sentence Story- Natural Forces


Jim and Carlos had undertaken the grandest project of their lives with the goal of building the tallest structure EVER!

On the Brightside, they had secured all the materials needed and felt they had ample time to realize their shared dream.

The downside was their archrival Rachael who had quelled many construction projects simply with her imposing presence and zeal for having things her own way.

The two architects had paid special attention to the foundation; reinforcing it against any tremors that might arise on their carefully chosen site which they decided was the least prone to extreme natural forces that had proven catastrophic to their former projects.

When the moment arrived to cap off the tower’s final peak, Jim and Carlos raised their arms in celebration but simultaneously noticed a familiar rhythmic thumping beneath their feet causing their eyes to become saucers.

In the next split second their labor, hopes, and dreams vanished when they screamed, “RACHAEL!” and their 18-month-old baby sister took the whole thing down with one vicious kick.

Quadrille #161: Staying on Track- Knowing

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Some travel roads
Or follow streams,
Climbing hills,
And chasing dreams.

These ‘ins’ and ‘outs’
And winding trails.
Offer many
Varied tales.

A few shake off,
This wonderment,
Of trusting kismet
Heaven sent.

They travel tracks
From A to B,
Knowing well
Their destiny.

Three Lines Tales- Ruined

Welcome to Week 282 of Three Line Tales.

Photo by Mehrab Zahedbeigi via Unsplash

She was a woman who had graduated at the top of her class and had a flawless training experience, as well as, thousands of hours as a pilot.

NASA, in recent months, had become ‘woke’.

Except for her gender, she had too few intersectional qualifications therefore her dreams, and the level of excellence at NASA, were ruined.

Three Line Tales | Only 100 Words

Three Line Tales 282 | Only 100 Words

Jump Up

I want to jump

And not come down.

Floating way

Above the ground.

My sneakers staying

ever new.

With power packs for

Flying too.

I’d move my arms

Like when I swim.

 Won’t have to take

The bus again.

At my school

I’d be above,

All those lines

And every shove.

“Slam dunk” champ.

No skinned knees,

Saving kites

Caught up in trees.

 I’ll sleep on clouds

No lumpy bed.

The moon, my nightlight,


At supper time,

My Mom throws up,

A dinner plate,

My meal and cup.

Untie my shoes

And I’ll come down.

When I get lonesome

For the ground.

I’ll take my bath,

Pick up my clothes.

And get some mud

Between my toes.

I won’t stay long,

I love the air.

Most my time,

I’ll be up there.

Family Love

When a marriage brings two people together, it brings two family philosophies together as well. The man and wife are drawn to each other but they just may have different ideas about life, love and parenting that can place a strain on their relationship.

At first, love is physical…life is forever…dreams are shared.

Then, they fall into expectations they have from a personal journey that each partner has taken without the other. The growing up in another household. The couple comes to realize that their dreams and expectations are grounded in that separate upbringing.

The sharing of love, hopes for happiness and family unity are defined differently in many nuclear families and can be a real obstacle to a “happily ever after” scenario in the brand new family made in marriage.

Recognizing the differences is the first step.

Hopefully the next step is accepting the differences as different. It is all too easy to feel they are wrong and right.

Overall, each partner needs to accept yet retain their separateness. People have signals that require definition to each other or misinterpretations are inevitable.

Being a family is not easy…combining phylosophies, religion, values, and dreams can be really tricky. It takes much effort and a lot of unconditional love and two people who support each other equally. Good luck to everyone!

Remembering Dreams

Bizarre they are!


Oh my yes!

My most recent odd dream just could be the seed for a Sci-fi/Thriller:

I was in the forest when I noticed a young black bear. I had no fear at all but warned a crowd of strangers to beware of the strength of a young wild beast.

Next thing I knew, someone had captured it and had shaved it completely to pink skin. They now convinced everyone that it was a human child. Even, I ,was unable to discern if it was a child but was convinced it was still a bear. I felt along the lower spine and discovered an extended naked tail bone…I was right, but no one would listen. I felt an ominous anxiety enough to wake me from the dream…


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Wishes, Expectations and Perceptions

I was sitting at my kitchen table with three friends. We were snacking on potato chips. A lull in the conversation inspired me to examine my chip.

“Is this a chip or a crumb?” I asked the group. They all responded, “Chip”.

Then I took a bite of it. “Well?” The group had a variety of responses and the discussion came to life.

We sat and pondered the criteria that each individual used to reach a conclusion. One member insisted that in order to be called a potato chip it had to have a roundness. I suggested that a chip was anything that could withstand dipping beyond my clasped forefinger and thumb. We all then agreed immediately that dipping rules can vary and it depended whether  the dipping were at home or in public. Everyone knows that “home dipping” allows the fingers to touch the dip and “public dipping” does not.

There are so many ways to consider things that it amazes me how people have such a close idea of undefined measurements. Society and experiences must be out training ground.

If you ask a four-year old about porcupines, they all tell you that the sharp quills are called “porks”. No exceptions! Their grasp of language rules and concepts is greater than their understanding of the world itself.

Our book club got together this month to discuss “The Next Thing on My List” by Jill Smolinski. It is about a woman who becomes the custodian of a list of accomplishments another woman has written and hopes to complete. The creator of the list is killed and the woman who feels responsible for her death, decides to complete it for her. Although the book is comical and enjoyable, the idea of keeping a list of “hopeful things” made our discussion personal. We each took turns reciting 5 things from our own list of hopefuls. While listening to others, I realized that hopes and wishes have a blurred, overlapping territory. I hoped to one day learn how to operate a backhoe. Another member dreamed of knowing that her kids were comfortable,settled and happy.

Our lists proved so very interesting, we learned about each other in ways we hadn’t imagined. Even after the meeting, people paired off to compare notes on specific items brought up from our lists.

This whole piece is dedicated to the varied and communal sides of our human experience. How we somehow know when a rock is a boulder not a stone and a chip is a crumb.