d’Verse Haibun Monday- 1-2-23- Birth

This week, I would like you to write about your feelings towards this New Year and/or what you do in the first few days of January. Aim to write no more than three short, tight paragraphs, followed by a traditional haiku that includes reference to the season.

On New Year’s Day we celebrated my firstborn’s 43rd birthday. She was the New Year’s baby in our area in 1980. What a fine distraction I have had since that wonderous day! The traditional drumbeat of regrets and fearful anticipation that seems to permeate New Year’s Day had always made it my least favorite holiday. A perfect baby girl changed my whole outlook, and, for that, I am eternally grateful.
Any baby’s birth holds endless promise and possibilities and encompasses the true meaning of a beginning. Now, I choose to turn inward embracing gratitude all through the dark cold month of January not the least bit concerned with future ‘what ifs.’. This identical spirit to Christmas continues warming me all through the winter months.

January first
A perfect message of hope
Comes from your own heart


E.M.’s RWP~# 232 before and after- Rebirth

In one convulsive second, when the crying infant still tethered to her by an umbilical cord was placed on her stomach, all her ‘befores‘ dissolved.
The child catching grasshoppers in the tall grass at her grandmother’s farm, the teenager with a crush on one of her teachers, and the woman picking flowers for centerpieces on her wedding day, were gone.

When her brand-new daughter was brought to her, all clean, perfect, and ready to nurse, their eyes met.
“Hello, Ellen. I can’t wait to get to know you.” she whispered.
She had no doubt that a blessed transformation had taken place and her life, from that moment forward, would wholly be defined by ‘afters‘.

Family Life ~ Big Sister

  My granddaughter Katherine knows she’ll become a big sister right after her 7th birthday this September. Just last week, she found out that her new sibling will be a sister. This has all been exciting.

At 6 1/2, Katherine has been able to wrap her head around the idea and consider it more than if she were younger.

Last evening, she had a sensitive moment while contemplating the prospect of sharing her mother’s heart with anyone else. It was the first time that the BIG SISTER role was not entirely appealing to her. Luckily, Katherine shares her feelings freely. Her mother (my daughter) was able to discuss how there is plenty of room in all of our hearts for both girls.

Today Kat was as cheerful as ever. I had been too young to consider all those feelings when I became a big sister many years ago. So glad that Kat could share her emotions. Certainly, we all will be aware of those feelings when little Evelyn comes to town.

It is sure to be life changing for us all!

National Daughters Week

Facebook alerted me to National Daughters Week. There’s an old saying,”A son is a son ’til he takes a wife but a daughter is yours all of her life.” In my world,this is true. My daughter is my best friend and a woman of whom I am extremely proud.

Ellen has a special gift of acceptance. She has worked with and befriended people who were labeled “hard to get along with”. She rolls with the punches and always lands on her feet. As a child, and to this day, she is the “sparkle” in every room she enters. She lacks any shyness when communicating and can talk your ear off. In a word, she is genuine. The first to cry AND smile. The last to let go with the helping hand she so easily offers to everyone.

We can giggle the night away if left with a few “teas” and full seasons of Frazier.

Words cannot express how much she means to me. I am pleased that she has her own daughter who can fill her heart with happiness too one day!

We were on vacation and had been giggling…can you tell?  XOXO

Watching them grow…

My Granddaughter and Daughter

Kids are the quintessential shape shifters! Even when I see them almost every day, “BANG” on any given morning, they are bigger than the day before.

I’ve concluded that growth is not at all gradual. My day care babies go home on Fridays and come back a “clothes size” larger the next Monday.

I look at my granddaughter (now 5). When did she become a little girl? I’ll never forget the time, her mother, went to bed a little girl and came to breakfast, a young woman. It was literally overnight! You’d think this kind of change would be visible as it takes place.

For goodness sake, treasure those days of childhood or you’ll blink and they’ll be gone.