E.M.’s RWP~#304- Something in a Name

Today’s Random Word is: changeling

Telesphore had always been an unusual child… even more unusual than his name. His Mom called him her “little changeling” and told him stories about faeries leaving him in place of a mortal boy. His Grandma, on his father’s side, was the only grandparent he ever knew. She took many opportunities to whisper, “God has very special plans for you.” in his ear. Both explanations came from his ability to predict the future.
The first inkling of his gift was his announcement that the family car had a “tummy ache” at the age of 3. He cried and gripped his own tummy as his parents packed for a road trip ignoring their little guy’s already emerging vivid imagination. When the fuel pump gave up 40 miles down the road stranding them and delaying their trip for days, Tel’s parents started paying attention to his predictions.
When he was 11, Tel asked about the origin of his name. It was only then that he was told about his great-grandfather Mearle Telesphore Jackson who had sacrificed himself to save his company in WWII. He had had a premonition of an ambush and betrayed his own position shouting out a warning. During the discussion, his mom claimed that Tel had inherited his “fortunetelling gift” from him.
Years later, Tel and his college wrestling team went on a Rocky Mountain hiking trip. Suddenly, a grizzly bear pounced on his teammate and began tearing at his flesh. Tel didn’t hesitate for a second jumping on the bear while grabbing its ears in an unselfish effort to help. The bear immediately turned its wrath on him, knocking him to the ground, tearing him up, and puncturing many of his limbs. Tel played dead until the bear wandered off leaving the two young men bleeding from critical wounds. Somehow, they managed to hike far enough back down the trail to receive help.
The next day, Tel was heralded a hero! His Mom, once relieved he would make it, asked him why he hadn’t foreseen the attack since the pattern of his premonitions had always been about events that would involve him directly.
He claimed to have wondered that too in the earliest moments of his recovery, while his life was in question. Then, Telesphore Merle Jackson gave her a most profound answer:
“Mom, I think my premonitions weren’t actually anything more than ‘lucky guesses’, or perhaps, they may have been subliminal messages from God. I happened to look up the definition for my name this morning. It means “puts others before himself”. It wasn’t a gift of foretelling the future that was most meaningful to my life after all, but the name Great Grandad and I share.”

I heard a about this real-life story of heroism yesterday and was so impressed that I wanted to weave it into a fictional tale.
Here’s the REAL Hero!


Eugi’s Weekly Prompt-3/29/22- Splashy- Own it!

A task’s not worth a single minute
Lest you put your feet both in it.
Get all wet and step right in,
The odds are better for a win.
Egos seek the false and flashy,
Spirit turns what’s plain all ‘splashy’.
So, don’t avoid a puddle’s space,
Jump right in and ‘own’ the place!
Give your all and do your best,
A life well-lived is filled with zest.

Tale Weaver- Fear

To My Granddaughters- FEAR NOT

If ever you are anxious,
Or frozen stiff with fear,
Remember that you have a brain,
Reason makes things clear.

There’s not a perfect answer.
You don’t need all the facts.
But using what God gave you
Uncomplicates most acts.

Think of worst scenarios.
Count your blessings too.
And manage your reaction
To weigh what’s best for you.

You have the tools to function,
Safety’s not assured.
Look inward for your power.
Trust Truth not what you’ve ‘heard’.

Success looks not like winning.
Struggles aren’t assigned.
Instincts solve no problems
Lest they’re filtered through your mind.

Your courage and your confidence,
Most prized tenacious gear,
Allows no one to shame you.
Relinquish not to fear.

Once upon a time…

Nugget 2

I happened upon a vendor, at the flea market, this weekend. She was selling old beaten, yet still useful, metal trucks. My heart was happy at the memories stirred by these relics. Days spent riding them over the grass hills of my backyard with my brother. Tumbling and laughing …oblivious of their sharp edges and lead paint…we used them in the unintended ways kids do with toys.
Out of nowhere, I remembered Halloween and the fun we had roaming our neighborhood until 10:00 pm! I reminisced for a moment with the vendor. We shared a happy talk of pillowcases filled with candy and the knowing we were safe because we knew our neighbors.
“Now, Halloween is limited to an hour and a half .” I sighed. “Oh well, the kids won’t miss what they never had, I guess.”  I walked away with a heavy heart.

The next vendor had a metal Popgun for sale. He wanted $20.00 for memory’s sake and I held the toy, not daring to buy, but allowing myself the memories of me, as Annie Oakley once again. Jamming the barrel with dirt that would go off, with a pop and a puff, was not the intended use, of course. Such happy times…

I’d just had a birthday so reminiscing was near, anyway. The rest of the morning held flashbacks to the happiest times riding in the back of pick-up trucks and on top of hay wagons, with the breeze and treetops at my cheek.
Building campfires on an old dirt road and learning to swim without life vests in the ponds and creeks, came back. Using a wood-burning set without incident and at an “inappropriate” age and the “Thing Maker” with molten goop producing plastic bugs. Riding an, at least 1000 lb horse, bareback at the age of 6 and wandering about the cows, who weighed the same, without fear nor injury because I had been taught about caution. Oh yes, and building bows with arrows of sharpened sticks with the Barlow pocketknife grandpa bought for me. Building jumps for my spider bike and riding with no hands…feet upon the handles…producing some scrapes and bruises, but what a ride! Climbing to the tops of trees and silos and getting scared but holding tight and cheering “like a gold medalist” when I, once again, found the ground.
These things are dangerous and won’t happen any more…why? Because no modern child would attempt them. They haven’t any way to test themselves…to learn caution as they grow by “uping” the ante of self-reliance. All they know is “You mustn’t try. You mustn’t risk. Your judgement is flawed.Don’t get hurt.”
Kids are taught to fear, now.  A fine beginning to taming them…self-reliance is dangerous, you know.
Wild colts can turn into sheep.

Kids won’t miss, what they never had…