Friday Fictioneers- Diversity

Rochelle has offered us another great photo prompt. I enjoy them and hope you’ll check them all out. Follow the link at the end to her page. Happy Friday … April Fools. I jumped the gun. 😉

PHOTO PROMPT © Jennifer Pendergast

“Are you selling those?”
“Yes. Want one?”
“They’re not very diverse.”
“A dog, a cat, and a person is quite diverse. Are you actually talking racial diversity?”
“We need to keep that in mind.”
“I could burn a few and leave a few raw. Or how about I charge different prices?”
“C’mon this is important.”
“They’re cookies for cryin’ out loud. I’ll bet not everyone will think they’re delicious. How’s that for diversity?”
“Now, you’re being ridiculous.”
“Individuals are all different. It doesn’t get more diverse than that.”
“I’ll take those big ones.”
“The man and woman?”
“Ugh… never mind.”

(100 words)
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