When the Lights Go Out

Let’s get real…


Power outages and snowstorms are my favorites.

Grabbing the candles …I know where they are even in the dark.

(I am assuming it’s night time.)

Even though the power will probably be back on within the hour, everyone is instructed NOT to open the refrigerator= Conservation of the cold food.

Then we watch the light show from the storm. Keeping your hands away from the metal doors and storm window casings is a good idea and staying off the land line telephone too. I once watched a phone receiver knocked off of it’s base from a lightening strike.

Of course, thunderstorms are short lived but the adventure in the dark is just beginning.

The shadow play with candlelight is our first sport. Hopefully, some of us have practiced our techniques and have new talent to share.

Next, word games…I’m Going on a Trip and Charades are very popular.

Hopefully, the power is STILL off. This is the point at which we talk…to each other. At first, it’s similar to Plinky prompts but eventually it becomes a real sharing of feelings and ideas.

Certainly, the campfire chats of days-gone-by must have resembled this.

Kinda makes me pine for the simple times…


Lights on…computer rebooting,phone ringing,and searching for the TV remote. Back to reality!

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