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Reena’s Xploration Challenge #178-Conscience Before Comfort

I’ve chosen a few unusual words to serve as a fillip to your imagination.


Adjective: hating endings; someone who prolongs saying goodbye for as long as possible.


Adjective: to do something with soul, passion, or love. 


Verb: to turn into a star. 


Noun: a person who reads in bed.


Adjective: whirling around the universe. 

It may be a good idea to invent a word of your own on similar lines and use it in your piece. Mention the word that you have chosen as a prompt.

Or you could choose to write something on etymology or how authors choose their language to suit the theme.
I chose to make up my own word for this challenge.
Survoward – A person who perpetuates falsehoods in order to preserve his/her standard of living, to feel accepted by society, or to ensure their own personal safety.

Bonnie was told to introduce gender fluidity to her Kindergarten class. It was part of the new curriculum. There was also an implied urgency to this morning’s memo.
She’d been thrilled to get the teaching position and excited to engage with her favorite age group of kids. Her generous starting pay would mean she’d finally be able to save AND pay off her college debt simultaneously.
Bonnie was instructed to use this book with kid friendly illustrations:

When she read the book, her gut bothered her. Bonnie could see her 4 1/2-year-old niece who’d be a kindergardener next school year. Her innocence was always the greatest part of playing with her. She’d never even think about introducing this topic to her!

Suddenly, Bonnie had a flashback to her ‘tomboy’ period at age 15. She had tucked back her hair while staring in the bathroom mirror and imagined herself as a boy. Would she had been a handsome boy instead of a rather plain girl? That was her momentary question at the time. She went easily from there to excelling on her softball team and forgot the question as quickly as it had occurred to her. What if? What if someone had told her to BE a boy?
Bonnie shuddered while recalling a recent video made by a child psychologist. The psychologist had said that she’d had only one child with gender dysphoria in her entire 20 years of practice until 2018. Her much older colleagues had had none in their longer practices. But starting in 2018, she had gotten a progressively larger gender confused clientele. So many that she could not in clear conscience say that this change was organic. It was, in her opinion, a conditioned response. It was real in the genuine suffering but there was ‘something’ environmental obviously inspiring it.

On the next school day, Bonnie held back tears and told her kids she had been hired someplace new. Then she handed in her resignation letter. She had chosen not to be a survoward by choosing her human dignity and conscience over her financial comfort. Her financial situation ultimately did become difficult again, but she also found that she was sleeping better than she had in a while.

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Morning Dawdler 2-23-23 According to Conscience

Rory has more questions today. Let’s play:

Are you quiet or vocal when watching television, a movie, or a film? Can you sit there with others and watch silently, or are you filled with oohs, ahhs, and other gesture forms?

Surprise! I am extremely vocal. LOL
I most often watch movies and TV alone or with only one or two people who do the same. I realize that doing so is rude in mixed company, so I refrain from being vocal when that situation happens, but my enjoyment becomes limited if I need to be silent.

How many rolls of toilet paper does your household use monthly on average?

I’ve never counted. While I offered childcare in my home, the volume was larger than most households. I bought cheaper brands with lower ply counts during my daycare years to avoid plugged plumbing from kids using it too generously.

Do you believe that if a person takes a life, they destroy a part of themselves – what are your views on this?

What a loaded question!
Cutting down a tree and murdering one’s neighbor each fit the description of “taking a life”.
If someone has no conscience, the taking of a life wouldn’t matter to him.
If the ‘taking of life’ was not foreseen or planned by the ‘destroyer’ (an accident), it might not be diminishing to that person, but people often blame themselves for events that they have no power to change so it’s a personal choice. The human capacity for ‘guilt’ drives many positive and negative outcomes. That ‘feeling’ destroys life as often as it saves it. Exploring human guilt would take volumes. Extremely interesting but too time consuming in this format.

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RDP Saturday: Without Question

The prompt word for today, 10th December 2022, is “Question”.

Without Question

You’re always questioning my motives.

Do I?

Yes, every time I say anything!

How so?

I told you I wasn’t coming to the party because I have a headache and then you were silent.

Why does that bother you?

Because I felt you didn’t believe I have a headache.

What does that matter?

You can’t possibly know whether I do or don’t have a headache.

Wasn’t all I needed to know is whether you were coming or not?


How might I have eased your worry?

You could have said that you’d miss me, and you hoped I’d feel better soon.

Okay, I will, and I do. Is that better?


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Friday Fictioneers 10-1-21~ Critical Surroundings

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Upon exiting the pitch-black darkened forest, an odd edifice leapt into our view.
A welcomed reprieve, was the fading daylight, from our haunted disoriented wandering. It felt like the relief from removing of a blindfold.
The vacant manicured grounds shouted, “TRESSPASSERS!”.
Desperate to get back to camp, we left a note, and borrowed a small rowboat docked on the lake beyond.
The boat complained, “THIEVES!”
The lights of the campground grew brighter as we approached the opposite shore.
We looked at each other feeling foolish about forgetting our flashlights.
At last, the full moon rose and uttered, “Follow me, MORONS!”.

(100 words)

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