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Unanswered Question: What are negative thoughts?

I’m seeing a lot of memes declaring that we need to be getting rid of negative thoughts. What are negative thoughts?

I’m truly confused when subjective terms are thrown around. Some others that confuse me are “kind”, “poor”, “rich”, and “hate”.
What’s extra confounding is the frequent nodding of heads in unison when these terms are used as if everybody knows what they mean but me.

I’d agree that any thoughts we tell ourselves that offer crippling doubt about our own worthiness to pursue happiness are negative. Self-destructive thoughts aren’t good for us.

But I sense there’s some other measure of “What’s negative?” floating around. It seems to be connected to anything contradictory to the thoughts of others or any notice of problematic things. In fact, sometimes it has been used to describe all thoughts that would take someone away from a “mellow comfortably numb” state of mind. That is a great place to visit but who’d want to live there? It’s even been suggested that your life will improve if you spend more time there AND it’s also suggested that our lives actually improve when we try not to recognize and address our problems because “It’s not so bad”.
DUH… I don’t think so. Am I on the wrong planet? lol

Well, that odd mindset explains the increasing volume of recreational drug use in our country in a nutshell, doesn’t it? People actively stripping our individual freedoms from us love when we spend a large amount of time sweeping all those troublesome questions and concerns from our thoughts. If I listen closely, I can hear them, “Comfortably numb minds for all. Just relax, we’ve got this.”

I guess not wanting to know about or having to deal with problems is the new-age kind of “freedom”.
Excuse me, I just had a dizzy spell…because THAT “thought” is the most frightening and “negative” one I’ve had all day. 😦

I want to know who the creator of the meme below is and ask him, “What IS a negative thought?” and “How long have you worked for the communists?” 😉