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SoCS-April 22,2023-What is Seen

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “scene.” Use it any way you like. Have fun!

At first, I thought, “What the heck can I do with this prompt?”
So, I just let the word simmer on a back burner for a moment. And suddenly my post came into view. You may say, “The scene had been set.”
I first imagined a crime scene and then the scene of an accident. Then a meme from this morning.
<Excuse me… my dog just vomited on the carpet.>
Where was I?… The meme I saw this morning found its way back onto the scene.

And this made me aware of how many ways a scene is perceived. Some people see colors and others notice lines and patterns. Some fixate on single objects while others scan the scene in grids.
This is precisely why I tend to reread paragraphs, sometimes chapters, in books or listen to podcasts more than once. Instinctively I know there’s more that I’ve missed than I’ve seen. My sense that there’s a greater depth present in scenes, ideas, and people than I can comprehend in a single dose, makes me question everything… especially my own perception.
I’ve come to realize that many people either don’t recognize that those extra clues exist or just don’t find them useful. Certainly, life would feel less complex experienced in glimpses, and I don’t see that as an unpleasant attitude so, as the meme suggests, that’s purely their prerogative… their view.
But for me to trust anyone’s advice or perception, I need to feel confident that they do question themselves and have an understanding of the depth and scope of the scenes we observe because that lets me know how important truth is to them.

Happy Saturday Friends! Hope all your scenes are beautiful ones this weekend.

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Weekend Writing Prompt #299- A Confident Sunrise

Woman walking on seashore, waves. Girl outdoors at sunrise. Stock Video ...

Her saturnine mood descended for preservation.
She was verbally assaulted by online ‘eggheads’ over controversial topics that she bravely dared to address.
Now, guarded and silent, no one would ruin her day!
Not until she stopped giving ‘eggheads’ that power did her mood brighten like a sunrise.


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E.M.’s RWP-#266- stanchion- What I Learned from Cows

Children never recognize that their lives have blessings. There are experiences that we have that seem ordinary until we’re grown and reflect upon them.
As a child, I had the tremendous opportunity to hang around on my grandparent’s farm.
“Doesn’t everyone?”
Not until later on, I realized, “No, Susan. Most have no idea about your experiences.”
One especially cool experience was observing old-fashioned milking time.
The cattle would wait beyond the barn door as they knew it was milking time. The doors were flung open, and they’d file in finding their own assigned spot among many. There was an open stanchion that they would stick their head through finding a measured amount of grain waiting. One of the chores was for someone to walk along beyond and snap each stanchion shut. This kept each cow still until the milking machine could be placed on her.
It was a while before I was tall enough and responsible enough to be the stanchion closer but when that happened, it was a rite of passage and confidence booster for this kid. Walking among 1200-pound beasts is alone a big deal so snapping that stanchion shut and patting each on the head like I owned the place was a super big deal.
None of the kids that I went to elementary school with had any idea about those extraordinary life experiences and watching them squeal at spiders or run from puppies soon made me appreciate my life.
My escapades with those cows were many. Some were smarter than others and tried to intimidate me. I learned a lot about asserting myself, hiding fear, and, of course, connecting with animals.

Someday, I’ll tell you about Suzette. She became my nemesis and her daughter Bambi carried on her legacy! But that’s another story…

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Life Advice: You have Superpower

In 1984, a wonderful TV series debuted. It was Punky Brewster and I enjoyed the message that it portrayed.
No matter what the troubles the main character faced, she remained hopeful, confident, and empowered to prevail by staying true to her own instincts.
Punky often met challenges with her “Punky Power” attitude.
I was happy that my young kids watched the show because that had been my life motto and hoped they would absorb the message.
We often hear “you cannot control others but you can control your reaction to them”.
This is one of the soundest bits of advice.
I witness people frequently frustrated and angered by the behavior of others. I adopted a reliable philosophy somewhere along my journey. I try extremely hard never to give others, especially strangers, the “power” to make me angry or bitter. I don’t believe everyone realizes that they have that power.
The first step in the development of one’s personal power for calm and self-preservation is to understand how differently individuals ‘see the world’.
Our personalities are, by far, our most diverse assets.
The second step, is to study people a bit and understand when you are not being understood. Don’t dwell once you know this.
Thirdly, the best realization is that you do not control anyone else and there may be a point when talking, complaining, and explaining, just won’t work. It’s okay and it doesn’t have a thing to do with anyone’s ‘goodness’.
From there, learning not to accept anyone’s critique of you as an ‘expert’ level guideline. You are not made up of the opinions of others! You define who you are and must live your ‘good’ life.
Humility and honesty are a must when you maintain a critique of yourself. It is an evolution that will lead to wisdom and contentment when you question yourself along the way. When how you behave feels wrong, you can work on it. Also, pay close attention to people who impress you and seem decent. You can learn much about their motivations and character strengths and use those things for improving yourself.
Finally, always remember NOBODY’S PERFECT so forgive yourself and others generously. Don’t forget to laugh at yourself. Everyone is a goober now and then. Every day starts anew. You’ve got this.
When all else fails, fall back on these powerful and wise childhood sayings and you’ll be fine:


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Eugi’s Weekly Prompt-3/29/22- Splashy- Own it!

A task’s not worth a single minute
Lest you put your feet both in it.
Get all wet and step right in,
The odds are better for a win.
Egos seek the false and flashy,
Spirit turns what’s plain all ‘splashy’.
So, don’t avoid a puddle’s space,
Jump right in and ‘own’ the place!
Give your all and do your best,
A life well-lived is filled with zest.

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Tale Weaver- Fear

To My Granddaughters- FEAR NOT

If ever you are anxious,
Or frozen stiff with fear,
Remember that you have a brain,
Reason makes things clear.

There’s not a perfect answer.
You don’t need all the facts.
But using what God gave you
Uncomplicates most acts.

Think of worst scenarios.
Count your blessings too.
And manage your reaction
To weigh what’s best for you.

You have the tools to function,
Safety’s not assured.
Look inward for your power.
Trust Truth not what you’ve ‘heard’.

Success looks not like winning.
Struggles aren’t assigned.
Instincts solve no problems
Lest they’re filtered through your mind.

Your courage and your confidence,
Most prized tenacious gear,
Allows no one to shame you.
Relinquish not to fear.